Heavenletter #5302 – Take God at His Word – 6-1-15

God Parting Sky

Heavenletter #5302 Take God at His Word, June 1, 2015


God said:

Beloveds, I am Omniscient and All Powerful, and, yet in the world, it is not always in your and the world’s best interest for Me to wave a wand. Does that sound like a pat excuse to you? Take Me at My Word, beloveds. I desire your happiness, and I desire you to grow. Life is not always a quick and easy. It is a long view I take. This is life. And through living, you come closer to My Will. According to your consciousness, you live life.

If you go to a betting establishment and play roulette, you don’t know the winning number ahead of time. Wheels are already in motion, yet you don’t know ahead of time. What you can know is trust in Me, even when trust seems bleak or even impossible. One way to look at this is that all you have to your name is trust. You do not yet have a decision to make. You are not conceding anything, dear ones. Success in the world is clearly not always a benchmark of how well you are doing.

The Great Spiritual Ones were more simple than you may be. You see green lights and red lights. And yet you may be looking in the wrong places. Sometimes life does not give you a choice based on your vision, yet you have consciousness. The Truth of you is not your wondering and worrying. This is nothing but a habit. You are accustomed to chewing your nails.

You work with what you have. You are greater than the human being you reside in. In moments of certainty or uncertainty, with strong courage or timid courage, you are My Appointed Servant and you are My Anointed, and you give what is yours to give. You are steadfast, or you would not ask the questions you are asking of Me and yourself even as you believe you do not know the answers to your well-worn questions.

The world and all the people in the world do not always see the value before them. Whatever their reasons may be or no reason at all but their so-called Will, they do not see as you do see, and that is their Free Will. You are not dependent upon their Will or their well-wishing. No one is the decider of you.

Of course, you can say that the Great Spiritual Ones you are familiar with lived in a simpler world. Yes, they did, and yet no less was asked of them than is asked of you. The Great Spiritual Ones put one foot after the other in their hearts and minds even as their arms and legs may have been nailed and stones thrown at them. They, too, were not always well thought of or adored. At some point, their personal clarity was not an issue any longer, and they did see more clearly. Sometimes you do not know your own will until the moment you are called on.

Let go of extraneous thoughts. You are not being tested now. You are dipping your toes into the water. You are doing what you have always been doing, and that is investigating ahead of time. You are being wary. You are habituated to worry. You are under its grip. You are under worry’s thumb, beloveds. What would your questions be if you were free from worry?

If you were Christopher Columbus before his voyage, you would not be saying: What if my ship springs a leak, where will my courage be then?

It is for you, beloveds, to overcome fear and doubt, the master agents of worry.

Here’s the thing: Doubt yourself if you must, yet do not accrue your doubts to Me. Trust in My confidence in you.

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