Full Moon in Sagittarius June 2, 2015

The New Divine Humanity


June 2, 2015 Full Moon in Sagittarius 1:19pm ADT. Full Moons are about Completions, and going deeper into your Subconscious Mind.  With the Sun Opposite the Moon during Full Moons, we experience the Light of Consciousness (from the Sun) shining its Light on that which is hidden in the Subconscious Mind. This is why for many, Full Moons are very emotional Experiences. Staying present with ALL that arises, is the conscious use of Your Free will, to stay in Harmony, to be at Peace, to learn more about the inner You. Sagittarius shows us the big picture, Look at the energy of your entire Being, your existence, all that you are Being. Everyone will feel this Full Moon, those with Strong Gemini or Sagittarius may feel this deeply.

The energies of Saturn, Neptune and Mercury Retrograde all play a role, during this intense Full Moon. Whatever has held you back as…

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