Revisiting Butterflies, Transformation, Journaling, & Mandalas

Through the Peacock's Eyes

In honor of Mercury Retrograde, which occurs from May 18 to June 11, Sindy at BlueButterfliesAndMe is hosting a Let’s Go Retro challenge to repost, re-blog, re-visit an old post. Inspired by Sue’s post Mandala ~ In Retro, I am reposting the following journal entry from my first year-long round of posting my Butterfly Journal entries:

Tibetan Sand Mandala Tibetan Sand Mandala

In the last journal entry I discussed how breathing, Pranayama practices, and other yoga practices help me when I am challenged to be patient and calm. Another practice that I have recently returned to is art. Art is a wonderful meditative practice or activity because it is when we remove the mind from the process, when we are being mind-less, we become fully open channels of inspiration, intuition, and divine love. When we allow ourselves to be mind-less, we are in full acceptance of the present moment (mindfulness), and patience…

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