STEVE BECKOW – Applied Spirituality – Angels of Change – 5-31-15

Angel 11Steve Beckow

There are many ways one could look at this work of building Nova Earth. One could think of it as karma yoga, seva, the path of service. It’s the path of the hands and the feet. It’s down in the trenches, digging.

It’s serving the dharma, serving the Mother’s Divine Plan. It’s applied, hands-on spirituality.

And they’ve sent a special bunch of people … or should I say “angels”? … to carry out the mission of building Nova Earth. We’re known as lightworkers, waiters at the banquet of Ascension.

Of us Archangel Michael said on An Hour with an Angel:

“Now, why do I bring this forward as we begin yet again this conversation on the principalities, thrones, dominions and so on? Because it is important that you also realize that we do not merely speak about the bureaucracy of heaven, or the Company of Heaven.

“We speak about you, about who you are, and about this energy, this essence, this spark of light that took this form of angelic being once upon a time.

“And I would urge each of you to acknowledge, to embrace, and to dig and to bring forth your angelic self.” (1)

That very desire to dig into and bring forth my angelic self has been arising in me with some force lately.  I feel a draw to live up to what Archangel Michael is billing us as:  Angels of change.

Quite frankly, I’d like to leave the scene feeling satisfied with my life, fulfilled. And that requires me to live up to my part. The part I agreed on eons ago, according to Archangel Michael. In July 2013, he said to me:

“So when we told you [about Ascension] eons ago, you said, ‘Yes, I think I would like that. I think I will go forward and do that. I think I will help human beings reach a new level of awareness.

“‘I think I will expand their awareness of Ascension and what it means to be in the fullness of their being. I think I will act as a go between with the star brothers and sisters.’  This is your mission – to develop the platform for the discussion and sharing of accurate information in these matters.” (2)

There’s the full picture in a nutshell, minus a few funding projects.

In other lifetimes, my part was very meditative or contemplative. And in a few, it was very active. In this lifetime, I’m an introvert flung into a world of … well, quite a few other introverts, actually, wouldn’t you say?  Many, many lightworkers became introverts over the social disapproval we encountered for our beliefs.  Some of us are hiding in the closet still. At least in our minds.

I can only stand so much time outside the cave and then I need to retreat and, as my Mom would say, “recharge my batteries.”  I’m almost panting for breath from over-exposure at times.

However seva, karma yoga, the path of service is still the order of the day this lifetime, introvert or no introvert. There’s no escaping it.

We’re building a new society, a New Earth, and a new way of being. That calls for all hands on deck and all ideas as to how to get there.

Far from living in a cave, we signed on to lead the parade down Main Street, the Ground Crew and their marching band, through abundance to disclosure to Ascension. A very extroverted-looking introverted bunch we are this lifetime.

For some, it’ll look like leading a Fourth of July parade. For others, it’ll feel like emanating a silent influence, holding the world in their embrace. The rest of us will fall in between.

We are angels of change. That’s the role I choose to live up to.


(1) “Archangel Michael: You are God Having an Experience of You,” June 27, 2014, at

(2) Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow, through Linda Dillon, July 16, 2013. Used by permission.

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