THE LIBERTINE CHRONICLES – Intentional Manifestation – by unASLEEP

DUANE:  I offer thanks to – Lite Being .com   –   and her article  Introducing Libertine Chronicles



1. The Libertine Chronicles ~ ‘Intentional Manifestation’ is now ready and offered ‘for your consideration’. (Note: This is just the first segment of The Libertine Chronicles …. more on the way, but these first 4 videos should get you going. 🙂

In this series, I have offered you some insight and tools that will help you get a better grip on your manifesting, as well as have a better understanding of yourself and your world.

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3 thoughts on “THE LIBERTINE CHRONICLES – Intentional Manifestation – by unASLEEP”

  1. I just posted the 1st video yesterday on my blog. Huge synchronicity, especially since my blog is called litebeing chronicles 😉


  2. You are welcome. You only need give me attribution of you found the material via my blog. I do enjoy her material but do not endorse all of her ideas. However her intent is positive and inspiring and rather informative. Yea to synchronicity for all 🙂


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