Mikail – A glimpse of Heaven – Energy Creation – 5-29-15



A place; so pure, and so magical, where the divine spirit resides. Where the love of each other is bliss, no hate, no pain. A place of eternal life and creation. It must be said that you will know your energy. You will know how to use it to create anything you wish under the guidelines of the law of love.

The law of love: is a binding of codes that allow creation everything it will need in order to be given a chance to be what it will be. Everything mortal dies and moves on in it’s own time or by accident, and accidents do happen. Knowing this basic simplistic outlook, one can utilize the energy to create anything with purpose. As everything does have a purpose and balance with it’s surroundings.

This energy forms into a consciousness of awareness of routines and learning. It can be unlimited or it could be limited, depending on it’s role and interaction and balance. Death, is natural act and part of the cycles of life to give way to that of new life, and allow it to flourish and grow. You can actually incarnate into any life form and try it, this is a choice you can make prior to incarnation. Also, one of the reasons of such different and diverse life. To try out creations in a physical way.

Unnatural death is not included in the law of love. This is an act that defies creation and hatred in what it was meant to be. I am not talking about the Animal Kingdom, here. I am speaking of those that know the difference and choices that they have before them. As all life matters, not just some, we cannot just say candidly so long as we’re fine, it’s all good. This, is an illusion and cutting one off from the help of another. This, was not part of the original creation template. So now, we have the law of love covered, as it is very simple and easy to understand in it’s intention.

The creation itself, and you will help each other with this if you choose to. You will feel the energy and how it flows, I call it love energy as it’s focused pure creation when used under the law of love. You can mold it to your will, add sentience in it’s consciousness and awareness. Plot it’s purpose and how it could live, and how continuation would be successful. Using the energy responsibly and lovingly to share it with friends and eventually if deemed successful, would be added to the archive of creation for usage.

Even in Heaven, there are learning curves to using the energy and this is helped along by those who can teach its usage successfully. One has to understand it is a place of love, of co-creation, one big family it could be said. In time, all life will create their own version of Heaven, and continuation of the blessed love and light of creation that was given unto it.

Just a glimpse of some of the internal and fun workings of Heaven.

Much love,

Mikail. -x-

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