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Lisa Gawles

There is one thing I am absolutely sure of this morning, you (excuse me, I) don’t realize the intense energy and sweat of the game until you are pulled out of it for 5 consecutive days.  Granted, I truly am a hands on learner, as we all are.  It’s one thing to hear about something and how something changes, it’s a whole other thing to be knee-deep in those changes yourself.

Since Tuesday of this past week, I have not done any readings nor homework (individual) sessions with the ongoing SuperPower Super Human’s (smile.)  On Saturday, I could hear myself say “hello” for the first time in days, granted, it sounded like something out of the exorcist, but hey, I am grateful to be slightly audible again.  I took my emerging voice for a test drive with my son, I ran out of voice after 5 minutes.  Dammit.  Ok, in the quiet zone one more day, but dammit I am going to hold group class on Sunday no matter what.  I miss you, I miss the flow of Light energy when we are together.  I miss talking dammit and sharing, and exchanging.

I started to feel like Baby from the movie dirty dancing and the physical aspect called Lisa came over to the corner table and simply said “no one puts baby in the corner,”  done with my time out!!!  lol

I fired up webex and waited for the amazing Super Humans to arrive.  Holy heavens… one by one they started chiming in and my solar plexus started going flipping crazy, like suddenly someone took the dial that says full blast and turned the spin up faster and faster to the point I thought I would puke.  Yikes!!!  Then we started talking, I started croaking out words lol, and the light spins in my head… holy shit, I thought i would fall out of my chair many times.  I even had to hold my head to get it rebalanced from their energy and all they did was show up.  Keep in mind, this is our fourth consecutive group class together, and other than this past week, I met with each one (24) individually thru each week to go over their homework.  I have fully realized, as you stand in the winds of the hurricane, you actually adjust to the power and force of the winds… step out into the eye for 5 days, then go back into the windstream… WOWZERS!!!!

A few weeks ago, as I was sitting pondering the enormity of whatever came thru the field that day, I heard my team say, “there will be strong earth changes as we go forward.”  Just like our personal bodies are changing and it seems like they are blowing up instead of getting stronger, so does the earth.  She quakes, she spews, she storms as the energies change intensely.  They gave me that familiar image of the chaos theory.  I found a wonderful website that explains the Chaos Theory in wonder and simple detail… not take the inner changes that many humans are purposely putting into play at this time as you read/understand their theory:

Principles of Chaos  creator beings

  • The Butterfly Effect: This effect grants the power to cause a hurricane in China to a butterfly flapping its wings in New Mexico. It may take a very long time, but the connection is real. If the butterfly had not flapped its wings at just the right point in space/time, the hurricane would not have happened. A more rigorous way to express this is that small changes in the initial conditions lead to drastic changes in the results. Our lives are an ongoing demonstration of this principle. Who knows what the long-term effects of teaching millions of kids about chaos and fractals will be?
  • Unpredictability: Because we can never know all the initial conditions of a complex system in sufficient (i.e. perfect) detail, we cannot hope to predict the ultimate fate of a complex system. Even slight errors in measuring the state of a system will be amplified dramatically, rendering any prediction useless. Since it is impossible to measure the effects of all the butterflies (etc) in the World, accurate long-range weather prediction will always remain impossible.
  • Order / Disorder Chaos is not simply disorder. Chaos explores the transitions between order and disorder, which often occur in surprising ways.
  • Mixing: Turbulence ensures that two adjacent points in a complex system will eventually end up in very different positions after some time has elapsed. Examples: Two neighboring water molecules may end up in different parts of the ocean or even in different oceans. A group of helium balloons that launch together will eventually land in drastically different places. Mixing is thorough because turbulence occurs at all scales. It is also nonlinear: fluids cannot be unmixed.

We can even say with simply two energy streams, that which is known as Light and Dark.  Dark is absorbed into the Light and is transformed into a higher state of Being.  Duality in change.  Chaos.  In a world of physicality, these changes MUST be experienced physically.

I was equally reminded of several meditations I had many many moons ago (2002-2003) the first one actually stopped me from purposely connected with the emotional field called mother earth.  I just came off of a week-long spiritual strike (no meditating for a week lol) after landing in the Salvation Army homeless shelter with my 11-year-old daughter.  I was soooo pissed off… until others helped me see it in a different light.  Instead of staying in the poor pitiful me mode, I sought someone I might be able to help and there was plenty to find.  My first day back to meditation, I was purposely connecting with mother earth, she placed me in a landscape I was not familiar with and I could see a lava flow head towards me from behind me.  Crazy ass me never moved a muscle in this meditation, instead, that lava ran between and around my feet and lower calf’s as it moved forward.  In meditation it didn’t hurt at all, until I came out of meditation with 3rd degree burns on ONLY my right (emotional side) foot and ankle.  What the hell???????  Hours later, I found out that a volcano blew in the Congo killing hundreds of people.

Fast forward to another unpleasant experience I had just going into meditation, I was in Vermont at the time and suddenly my whole body and home felt like it was in the midst of an earthquake… to the degree I got out of meditation to see if I really was… I wasn’t.  Again, I found out that around that time, there was a major earthquake in either Iraq or Iran (I forget which now.)  I never understood those experiences, but let me tell ya, I never rushed to meet mama top side ever again.  It’s turbulent there!!!

It is only this week, as I ponder all the massive earth happenings this month… that my team finally helped me realize that the changes within myself affected the earth in very particular ways and I was in the middle of the experience as it was happening topside.    Truly, one butterfly changes the world.  Now get a bunch of butterflies flapping their wings…

Here are a few headlines sent to me recently:


Mount Hanoke In Japan steaming after 800 years of sleeping:

5/25/2015 — Deep Asthenosphere earthquake below Japan / China border — Watch out at Nepal / China / India border

If you don’t think you are that powerful… THAT LIFE CHANGING… think again!!

If we take the saying “as above so below” we can also make it ‘as within so without” as well.  My last blog I put out, I shared about my nighttime portal visiting experiences.  That very day I was filled with so much amazing energy, I still couldn’t talk, but man the body was like firecracker.  Equally, I became utterly aware of something…. new.  I went outside twice in the morning to feed the birds and each time I walked thru my back door into the house, I stopped in my tracks because I could feel this new Presence.  Like the most loving heartbeat pulsing in my home.  The second time I reentered my home, I had a fleeting glimpse of seeing new strings sprawling out to form my “inner space of creation.”  My home is very much like my womb, nurturing, loving, evolving.

I realized today especially, sometimes you have to step out of your center, your usual doings… to fully realize the enormity of change underway.  It happened in my home and now… with the Super Humans I meet with every Sunday.

Change on enormous levels.

But I also got to glimpse what is actually happening in me, most especially that crazy thing called my voice box/larynx.  I had to breathe down deep to get some audibility happening thru our 2 hours together.  When i purposely forced more air up to become more audible… phew baby, i could feel the fire (yeah, it hurt, a lot, but I am a trooper lol or crazy one or the other) emerge from my throat, but equally, strands of multicolored metallic energy equally bounding off my larynx.  I suppose I can liken it to the japan volcano above, new energy seeping out thru force (my own inner force.)

I woke up at 2 minutes before 1 am (duality and new beginnings) this morning, with my team billowing this statement to me (which I heard most of yesterday too) “Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.”

Up until yesterday, the only thing that was in the garage  was my larynx.  I had no sore throat, no anything really… nighttime elephant squats on occasion, but I understood that energy exchange.  As soon as I closed out webex, the hell fires were burning in my throat, my throat itself swelled up to half closed.  I had a burning in my chest which made it really really hard to breathe and so I used my albuterol inhaler… nuttin.  For the first time this year, I took out my nebulizer to help me breathe, nope.  Hmmmmm…. it took me a while but I realized my larynx had swollen so much it was cutting off my air flow and I was back into the inaudible zone.  …and remain there today.  But at least today, everything went back to not swollen!!  Phew!!  But I was awake for an easy 10 minute lecture from my team.  Blah, blah, blah!! lol

I would do it again!! lol, well I won’t, but I am glad we did.  My whole path has been learning thru experience, especially in what not to do, but the insight and understanding is invaluable.  So,  I say all this to tell you, YOU are changing. Your biology is changing.  Your mother is changing.  And in the words of Neale Donald Walsch, “Change is ALWAYS for the better!!”

I am grateful today is actually a scheduled day off… I am taking my quiet butt to the Jemez Pueblo to enjoy their Pow Wow being held today.

I love you all so damn much, thank you for daring to be YOU!!!

((((HUGZ)))) of gratitude and change to ALL!!!!

isa Gawlas

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