How to Hear Your Angels and Know if it’s True Divine Guidance or Your Imagination

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It’s ironic that I, a former psychotherapist who once worked in locked hospital psychiatric wards, now teach people how to hear voices! Yet, when we listen for the voice of God and the angels, it’s the sanest sound we’ll ever hear. It can show us love in the face of seeming chaos and provide us with logical solutions when challenges arise.

Hearing the voice of God and the angels is called clairaudience, or “clear hearing.” Let’s discuss what it is, and how to increase its volume and clarity.

Ways in Which You Hear Heaven’s Voice

Chances are excellent that you’ve heard God and your angels speak to you throughout your life. Have any of the following situations happened to you?

•             Upon awakening, you hear your name called by a disembodied voice.

•             Out of nowhere, you detect a strain of beautiful, celestial-sounding music.

•             You hear…

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