Leaving the Theater of Illusion

iridescent flame


The aspect of myself that I think of as my god-head is an Eagle Man I call Arak (or Ra-Arak), similar to the Sun God Ra. In the beginning of this particular meditation I asked him some questions (back on March 31st).

Who is Arak, really?

“I AM the love that you feel”
“I AM the butterfly that so gently touches your skin”
“I AM the Eye with which you see and the ears with which you hear”

“You may consider me a God, and in human terms of separation this is true, but I AM You. You are a God, and you are the small things, the subtle and sublime.”

“I have many names and Arak is the one you have chosen to use for yourself. It is a good choice of many.”

“We, all aspects of you, nudge you, communicate with you, and sometimes forcefully guide you on…

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