Suzanne Baker Hogan – Congratulations 3D Graduates! – 5-22-15

Suzanne Baker HoganMay is a month of graduations. It is a time when many celebrate the completion of their academic requirements. These graduates are applauded for accomplishing what they set out to achieve. They are ready to leave their familiar surroundings and set sail for new horizons. And so, courageously, with a mixture of excitement and sadness, they say goodbye to the past and reach for the unknown.

It strikes me that this is exactly what lightworkers are doing right now too. We are graduating from this old school of 3 D, after years of tireless study. We have pushed ourselves through the toughest courseloads imaginable and endured lifetimes of homework. Boy was the curriculum hard and hands on. And longer than we ever planned. We got sidetracked from getting our degree so many times that we became perpetual students. It seemed like we were never going to leave campus.

But now, we are. We have passed our final exams, no matter how gut-wrenching some were, and we are ready to finally move on. Yes, there were times when we thought we would never survive the darkness. But the light of graduation day is here. And guess what we’re receiving: masters degrees, everyone of us. Because, yes, we are masters simply remembering this about ourselves. We are experts in our field and don’t have to prove a thing. We decide what we want from now on, and we are graduating from 3 D.

Looking back, what stands out most is how we learned to forgive others so that we could finally forgive ourselves. We healed our past grievances together and felt our oneness in full. What a joyous surprise this was! Looking back, we were guided perfectly to remember the love within ourselves. And what awesome, infinite love it is. We had no idea on that first day of school.

Now is our time to graduate from the old world of conditional love and limitation, no matter how comfortable it seemed. And yes, most likely we will get nostalgic. Maybe we’ll attend a few alumni dinners or go back to mentor younger classes. We might even choose to become teachers at our old school.

And perhaps the future will look a lot more familiar than we think. It may take more time to actualize. Perhaps it will take us a while to settle into our new life. But there is no more time to re-hash that paper that wasn’t perfect or examine the failures along the way. Because it is official. We are graduating, ready or not.

We are finished. Done. Completed. And it’s not possible to go back. We are done hooking back into negativity and all the stories of pain. We are through doubting ourselves with fear. Because we have had enough, and we don’t need this paradigm any more. We are the class of 2015, and we are ready for the fifth dimension.

“Congratulations 3 D Graduates!” by Suzanne Baker Hogan, May 20, 2015

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