Steve Beckow – The Divine Plan: Hidden in Plain Sight – 5-19-15

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Steve Beckow

The Divine Plan is visible in everything natural around us.

Here’s one illustration of it in action. This is a single element of it.

Males and females are rewarded with orgasm for the propagation of the species.

I think if we were honest about it, most people would say that nothing on Earth is more pleasurable than orgasm.  If we can get past our self-righteous posturing and be plain spoken.

A moment of bliss, a whisper of the Divine.

Whole industries cater to it.  Other industries revolve around it. The media seldom pass by an opportunity to play it up.  Relationships can stand or fall on the basis of satisfaction with it.

I think the angels programmed it into the procreative process to keep human beings giving birth.

Other features of the Divine Plan are built into the structure of our lives.

For instance, the male deposits a sperm in the womb of the female, who conceives a baby, building its body within her.

God the Father deposits a divine spark in the womb of God the Mother (mater, matter), who conceives the human, building its body within her.

The Mother/Wisdom hath built her temple with its seven pillars. (1)

Here’s an example of the Divine Plan being mirrored in action.

Moses left the children of Israel and their animals at the base of the mountain and went up.

When he reached the top, he received the tablets of the Law from the Lord.Male Female 1

By the same token, we cannot take our thoughts (the children of Israel) or desires (the animals) past the base of the mountain, the fourth chakra. Once the kundalini reaches the heart chakra, worldly thoughts and desires must be left behind if the seeker is to go further.

When the kundalini climbs the mountain of our body and reaches the seventh or crown chakra, God-realization is achieved, the correlate of Moses getting the laws.

Thus the story of Moses burns certain images and lessons into our minds. The Ark of the Covenant is like the human body. The fire always burning on the altar is the Self (Christ, Atman) in the heart. The firebrand plucked from the burning is the Self, only child of the All Self.

Here’s another variant on Moses getting the law.

Fourth-chakra enlightenment is what Jesus was referring to when he said a man hath found a treasure in a field, which he then buried again. He’s had a glimpse of the treasure (the vision of the Self, Christ or Atman) in fourth-chakra enlightenment. It then disappears.

But he hasn’t climbed to the top of the mountain yet (which is a permanent heart opening in sahaja samadhi, but, in Jesus’s image, seventh-chakra enlightenment or Brahmajnana).

The man goes and sells all that he hath – that is, he divests himself of all other desires than to have the treasure as his own, permanently.  With what he gains, he buys the field – that is, by concentrating his attention (meditating) on the treasure, it gradually expands until it is the Light that transcends creation in seventh-chakra enlightenment. The man has now bought the field.

Enlightenment 9812Whatever the Bible’s faults may be, so many depictions of enlightenment and inspiring word-pictures come out of it that I’ll never lay it aside. Perhaps put on the cover: “19 and over. Reader discretion is advised.”

When we put our books aside and go outside, we see the same clues about the Divine Plan in the nature of the life around us.

Just look at a tree: its leaves fall off but the tree doesn’t die. The soul drops its bodies but the soul doesn’t die. And how the trees stretch their branches upwards, as if in adoration of God! Much of nature is carrying a message for us about the Divine.

The Divine Plan is visible all around us, hidden in plain sight, waiting to be decoded.

Or we could take the short cut and just lose ourselves in love.  Then all else would follow. And nothing else would matter.

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