5 Ways to Heal Yourself in Sleep

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Article by Haripriya Suraj, Reiki Master, Reiki Rays

All of us know of varied ways in which we can heal ourselves when awake. We give ourselves Reiki. We meditate. We work with crystals and angels. We spend time in nature. We read, write and do innumerable things, all of which have powerful healing effects. But do you know that it is possible for tremendous healing to occur even when we are asleep?

Our logical mind shuts down during sleep and we are more open and receptive. Therefore, the sleep state is fertile ground for powerful healings of all kinds.

Here are some ways that you can heal yourself during sleep

1. Reiki Cocoon- Before you fall asleep, request Reiki to form a cocoon of energy around you. Visualise yourself resting in this cocoon. Draw the symbols of your choice on it. Intend that this cocoon helps you heal anything that…

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