AMERICAN KABUKI – Pre-Ascension Exercise #2 – Connecting to Universal YOU via the Double Vortex – 5-9-15

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By American Kabuki   –   May 9, 2015


This next exercise is useful for getting a glimpse of your Higher or perhaps Highest aspect of SELF… The true YOU, most of which is not currently residing in full in your body. Until you see it, you don’t know what you don’t know right?  Again this one was suggested to me by Heather.

The goal here is to raise the body vibration so that you can get a glimpse of what is in store for you. Its more than you ever thought. It’s my belief the veil on consciousness is pretty much gone… but we have a number of internal veils and perceptual filters that have been programmed into our belief systems.    If you haven’t read Pre-Ascension Exercise #1, read it and do it before this exercise… You need to be familiar with how the energies feel and that they surround you and lovingly interact with you.

I, and some others I have taught this to, have noticed at least on the first successful go, we reached a stage where various entities watched us as if behind they were behind glass windows.  I am not saying this will happen to everyone, your mileage may vary,  but don’t be too surprised if the keepers of the planet earth human ant-farm become slight more apparent and they can be of several types of entities. They cannot harm you, and they don’t seem to interact.  This is a free-will planet. For me they had some shocked reactions as in “how is he doing what he is doing?”  It was not scary, more humorous than anything.

The technique is a visualizing tool.  Its somewhat similar to spinning the light in someone but much much easier…  Its just basic visualization.  You are not moving light, just picturing a vortex.

Lay down somewhere quiet and where you won’t be disturbed.

Visualize a vortex running the length of your body and you start in spinning in your mind’s eye. Then you introduce a second vortex inside that vortex an start it spinning.  The direction of spin doesn’t seem to matter all that much, and for simplicity sake I spin them both the same direction its not necessary to counter rotate the vortexes to notice the effect.  The principle seems to be that when you get two or more vortexes going it multiples the vibration rate you can access and become resonate with.

Below is rough image of what I am trying to describe, you don’t have to visualize them as double ended funnels, you can just make them tunnels or wormholes though your being it works just as well. Play with it and have fun with the process is the most important thing.  The colors are simply for illustration purposes you can make them any color you want or no color at all.  Have fun with this and do it in joy.  There’s no right and wrong way to do it.  It gets easier to do the more you do it.

I found an interesting diagram about vortexes today on Google.  This from the book “Living Energies”…. and it explains a bit WHY this vortex method works…


After you do this for a while you will notice your body vibrating at higher frequency….  now for the fun part, switch the process to your heart chakra… which is you connection to Source.

Its when I switch to the heart chakra vortex that I noticed the fun stuff.   I make no guarantees this works for everyone, you may find techniques that work better for you. If you do let me know.  I’ve also done a triple vortex but the vibration was so high it gave me a headache… but if you can try that if you want.  Each vortex seems to multiple the frequency.

PS:  This is what I saw when I did this the first time….  I cannot predict what you will see so I won’t attempt to do so.   All I know is it sure beats this current 58 year human body of mine!  LOL!!! have fun.  We are in for some interesting changes in the months ahead!

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