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“I Am Lord Melchizedek, and I welcome you with the Love of Universal Christ Consciousness. I invite you now to enter our group merkaba body of Light & join me as we translocate to my etheric retreat on the multi-universal level of the Creator. We immediately enter a beautiful ascension chamber filled with Golden Universal Christ Light….and, as you look around the ascension chamber, you may recognize or sense some Beings of Light that you always work with, for joining us are many ascended masters, angels, Archangels, Chohans of the Rays, & Elohim…and you are welcome to invite any other Divine guides. In our Sacred Ascension chamber, we will be enhancing & expanding the Presence of the Universal Christ Consciousness within you…helping expand your awakening & alignment with the Light of God’s Presence within your heart….and we will be increasing your Light quotient & helping you release everything blocking your ascension to live every moment in God’s Peace, Joy & abundance within you !

And now we invite you to allow your God Presence within you to merge, heart to heart with me, Lord Melchizedek, and with all the beautiful Beings that are here now to help us….so we begin by relaxing thru taking deep rhythmic breaths, bringing our awareness within our heart, letting go of all thoughts & concerns of our life… following our breathing, we simply allow ourselves to experience God’s peace & joy within our heart.

And now we affirm that we are grounded, centered, & protected. Simply repeat out loud after me:

“I call forth from Source in the Great Central Sun a Golden Cord of the Creator’s Light empowered to keep me grounded & Centered in every moment…and I call forth from Gaia a Platinum Net of Protection. This Golden Cord extends from Mother/Father/God thru all of my chakras to the heart of Gaia (Mother Earth). And I affirm, Thru my Golden Cord of the Creator’s Light, I Am simultaneously grounded in every moment in the Divine Heart & Body of Mother/Father/God, in the Three Fold Flame within my own heart & throughout my whole Being, and also in the Divine Heart & Body of Gaia.

And thru my Golden Cord of the Creator’s Light, I Am also in every moment simultaneously merged with the heart, mind, & body of the Creator, with my own heart & physical & energetic bodies…and with the heart, mind & body of Gaia.

Now imagine a luminescent silvery White Light surrounding your physicle & energetic bodies as we affirm, “The Platinum Net of Protection enfolds my whole Being & repels from my aura & body of Light in every moment all discordant thoughts & influences, all lower astral vibration & lower astral entities, & all dark ones. Now I also call forth from Gaia a 5th dimensional field of Divine Energy within my aura & body of Light that aids in my ascension and makes me invisible to all engaged in violence & robbery.

Thank you God for this ongoing Divine Grounding, Emergence, & Protection as I’ve affirmed it or better. And So Be It ! ! ! ”

And now, as we begin our Invocation, we invite you to breathe in the words, letting them resonate in your heart & mind & whole being:

“I AM my I AM Presence and I AM One with the I AM Presence of ALL Humanity. In the name of my “I Am Presence”, and by & thru the magnetic power of the Sacred Fire invested in me – I now call forth from the heart chakra of Mother/Father/God the Immaculate Twelve-Fold Flame of the Creator’s Perfection for the ascension of human beings to continually bathe my whole being during this meditation. And I allow each of the twelve rays to perform its intelligent functions within my whole being in every moment…and as each ray enters my crown chakra & spirals throughout my whole being….my vibrations and Light quotient are continually being raised….and my experience of the Universal Christ Consciousness & the qualities of the Creator’s Perfection are also continually being enhanced & expanded.

And we affirm together, I Am the Universal Christ Consciousness being enhanced & expanded within me in every moment.

Thank You God ! And So It is !”

Personal Note: The last 10-12 minutes of the video is a very special healing sound track embedded with the healing power of the heavenly host (angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Elohim, Gaia, & the elemental kingdom that I’m delighted to invite everyone to take advantage of.
Blessings of Love & Light to all,


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