By American Kabuki
May 9, 2015

I thought I’d post some exercises I have been playing with over the past few months.  They are relatively simple compared to the post I made about “spinning the light” in someone to raise their level of light coming from Source.

The first one is one given to me by Heather Tucci-Jarraf… which simple involves laying down somewhere comfortable and quiet where you won’t be disturbed.  You might want to meditate and clear your mind of distractions. 

If your mind is really distracted just sit down at a table, write down your worst concerns in little sheets of paper, and put them in a box on a book shelf somewhere.  We all have daily concerns, and the exercise of putting in a box seems to just set them aside for the time being, as silly as it sounds, it does work.  Try to avoid watching the major news networks, or fighting with family just prior to doing this… you don’t need your mind filled with concocted terrorist fear programming or the latest Ebola plague hysteria… or family troubles… This is a time for a call mind.

Lay down and just FEEEEEEELLLLL the energies surrounding you…  Feel the pure love energies caress your body, feel them move over your skin… we are in a very energetic time of change and most of you are already noticing the odd sensations on your skin that may vary as to the time of day in intensity. For me its usually strongest in the morning and late evening… I can’t say that will be your experience, it could be highly individual.  This energies are like filaments of light and the move and dance about as you move through or interact with them.  Move you arms or legs slightly and notice how the sensations change.  Be at peace with all around you.  Accept that you are Pure Love consciousness in-body and that the Universe is preparing you for a major body upgrade as it interacts with your body energy, the cells and DNA.

I’ve created an image of roughly what I sense when I feel the energies moving around my body and interacting with my body.  The purpose here is SIMPLY TO FEEL, minus the filtering of the mind that is so easily distracted by so much.

Your mileage may vary, this is an exercise you may want to do daily. 

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