Dr. Ellen Weber: How Our Minds Shape, Color and Play Meaning into Our Lives

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EllenBrain5Since I can remember I’ve been fascinated by the question, “What’s the meaning of life?” In graduate school I wrote a 75 page research paper to plummet its elusive depths. Lately though, I see life’s bare boned meaning linked more to deliberate mental filters we choose to walk through on any given day. How so?

Have you noticed how meaning shapes, colors and plays our lives differently — whenever we shift or adjust mental filters to take another look from a new angle? Ask what if questions, for example — and you dance into discovery that could be as small as a winning golf swing, or as grand as Thomas Edison’s lightbulb invention in 1880. Embrace meaning through faith’s filter and you’ll likely play yourself into a magical place where deep calls out and deep responds back with sheer mystery that only grace can orchestrate. And it does!

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