David Dye: The Measure of a Life Well-Lived

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David Dye Leadership Speaker HeadshotNicolae Tanase: David, what is the meaning of life?

David Dye: As a young man I loved camping in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains.

Whenever we completed a camping trip, my leaders would have all of us line up, arms outstretched so that our finger tips just touched the finger tips of the person next to us. We then walked in a straight line, eyes on the ground, searching for any trash we might find.

Anything we found, we picked up and discarded properly.

It did not matter if we had produced the trash or it had been carelessly left behind by an earlier camper. Our motto was: “Leave it better than you found it.”

Whenever I contemplate the meaning of life, this simple maxim comes to mind. In the time I have, I want to live, to love, to laugh… and ultimately, to leave this world — and all its people…

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