Caroline Oceana Ryan – A Message to Lightworkers – Pick up your tools: your Visualizations, Declarations, Evocations – 5-8-15

A Message to Lightworkers – May 8, 2015

Caroline Oceana Ryan

The latest guidance for Lightworkers, from our friends, the fifth and sixth dimensional beings known as the Collective:


We bring the perhaps difficult-to-believe news that all is moving forward as it must, in order for Divine government and human sovereignty to once more reign upon the Earth.

It may appear often that nothing new is happening—certainly, you will not see it in your news stories and television reports, except in a difficult to recognize way

And yet, major obstacles are being dissolved, and new agreements and structures being put into place, so that the provisions of NESARA law may become a reality, and not merely a “someday” pipe dream.

Understand that when you dream—when you envision something, long enough or with enough emphasis, joy, and expectation—that you are not merely “dreaming” in the sense that so many mean it.

You are not wasting your time, nor is it true that because you picture and desire something that has not yet outwardly appeared, it is very unlikely to occur.

Visualizing a thing joyfully or with great certainty is, in fact, how all things occur.

That is how you create constantly, beautifully, powerfully—and often, unconsciously.

This is why we say so often, that if you wish NESARA and all its provisions to be fully enacted, including complete debt dissolution, the end of banking fraud, Divine government built on equality and justice, free energy and replicator devices, travel throughout the Universe, abundance for all (need we go on?), that you must believe it already to be yours, and to rejoice and give thanks for it, every day.

Certainly it will occur now—all the “players” are doing their part, some quite bravely and positively, and others reluctantly.

But “when” depends on several things.

It in part depends on the astrological movements in the sky. In part it depends upon the new structures being put into place, so that the old structures can no longer function (and because they can no longer function).

Disclosure of our Galactic presence is also a part of the plan.

Opening Leading to Inner Earth as Viewed from Space Station

A great deal also depends up your own creation of that moment when humankind establishes its own freedom, once and for all.

No free will planet can be guided fully to one place or another, without the compliance and willing participation of its majority.

Your planet has cried out for aid, and it has been answered. Humanity’s soul has likewise cried out, and that has been answered.

In part it was answered several hundred years ago, when St Germain attempted to bring forth a New Atlantis on the shores of what is now the United States.

But we wish you to realize fully that you have been taught an utterly disempowering amount of passivity, in your schools, homes, workplaces, governments, hospitals, businesses.

Life is too often considered something that happens to you, rather than something you consciously create.

And so we come to you in these Messages to beg you to remember that you are co-Creators with this Universe, no less than the powerful higher beings who have created suns and stars, and brought forth miracles such as your ancient texts speak of.

Grandmother & the Cosmos

We are aware of all that weighs upon you. We are aware of the escalating violence in some parts of the world, and the seeming miracles occurring in other parts.

We are aware that much sadness, fear, belief in lack, illness, humanmade and natural disaster, and violence is now erupting on your streets and in your towns and villages.

We know you struggle to release not only the reactions to these events, but to release the energy of eons of these lower vibrations, as your planet Herself expels them from her aura and from Her very fiber.

And yet, yes—we would ask you to remember that you are powerful, that you are Gods and Goddesses.

That you had a sacred desire to come to this Earth now, to assist in the very creations that you shrink back from.

And that those creations are a great part of your soul mission for this Earth life.

Crop Circle

Therefore, Lightworkers: Pick up your tools—your visualizations, your declarations and evocations.

Declare I AM, and mean it. For you are.

You are creating new communities, new modes of work, new projects that will heal the Earth, or Her children, or Her crops, or Her schools.

You are creating new forms of living that are utterly sustainable and utterly respectful of the planet and of your fellow creatures.

You are here to do what in the past would be considered a miracle—to birth your highest intention, and not merely to react and to live as you have been instructed to.

This is the essence of NESARA.

It is not your “ticket to freedom” at all, friends!

It is the expression of that freedom which you have already created.

It is the outcome of your I AM declaration, drawing you constantly into that higher dimension that you so desire to be part of, and that you clearly remember, in your heart of hearts.

And so we would say, begin now to recall your power and your soul identity, merely by declaring that you are doing so.

Tell your guides and Angelic guardians that you desire to know what your mission is for the New Earth.

And begin to create it now, however you are able, with joy, fully knowing that whatever resources you require to complete that project, task, or community are already on their way to you.

For they are. Behold! All is made new again.

Namaste, Creators! All of us here in the Galactic and higher realms salute your presence, and your invaluable creations within the New Earth.

Copyright 2015, Caroline Oceana Ryan

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