Max and Lana At in5D – Are You Unknowingly Part of the Cosmic Call to Action? First Wavers are the next step in human evolution, in mindset and frequencies – First Wavers constitute the revolution for our Evolution

Part II: Are You Unknowingly Part of the “Cosmic Call to Action?” in5d in 5d

Are You Unknowingly Part of the Cosmic Call to Action?

First Wavers are the next step in human evolution, in mindset and frequencies. First Wavers constitute the revolution for the evolution of our species and planet.

Universal to First Wavers in everything that they do:

  1. “Service to Others” is your mantra or motto, which helps dictate the decisions that you make and all that you are and do. You know that what you do to and for others will affect you and your loved ones sooner or later—because we are all connected by frequencies, energy, our planet, and karma.
  2. You see our earth and the human experience as a smaller part of a bigger picture. You feel almost like we humans are the experiment, playground, or “school” for spirits, entities, or forces from other dimensions, including some of your own soul’s energy source.
  3. You understand that it usually takes dire situations to open people’s minds. You so want to be genuine in your interactions with others in your daily life, but feel more like you have to be a metaphysical Clark Kent and keep your Superman thoughts and talents in your back pocket. You find that it’s not until you come to the rescue of others in dire straits that they can look past your cape and how you helped them. They are finally more open and just grateful to be helped.
  4. You believe that happiness may or may not be the goal of this incarnation, but that living a life that is consistent with your purpose will produce all of the happiness you could ever want. It’s not about imitating what others call a “successful life.” It’s about feeling like you are on your own best path to your destiny.
  5. You believe that your destiny is set and is great, but that free will and frequency can and will change the timing, ease, and efficiency of fulfilling that destiny. You look to strengthen your frequencies and awareness level.
  6. You follow your heart, recognizing what science has finally proven. The heart senses and reacts to an event before it ever happens and even before the brain can process it. The heart really knows best, and first.
  7. You despise that money is the focus and basis of our current world. You prefer to see people for how they are and what they feel, and not for what they have or whom they know. You prefer to exchange services and talents rather than money. For you, sharing your art, time, and expertise tends to reflect more of what’s in the heart than any other currency ever could.
  8. You love and honor our planet and the natural universe. You feel the pains physically and emotionally when Mother Earth is ailing or rumbling. You may also feel the pull or mental and physical disruption during events like the moon’s cycles, solar flares, planetary alignment, etc. It sickens you that humans have prioritized greed rather than sustainability and kindness to the living things around us.
  9. You recognize that each person has a different part in our global community. Regardless of rank, role, or training, each person is valued and crucial to the greater picture. The student is as important to the teacher as the teacher is to the student, as are the construction crews that build their school and the maintenance crews that keep it beautiful.

First Wavers know that the planet and our current governing paradigms are finally ready to shift because of the following reasons:

  1. The earth, its resources, and climate can no longer sustain the destruction that humans have caused because of greed, overpopulation, and failure to think of long-term consequences. Unprecedented natural disasters are just one indication of the planet’s unrest, as well as the trigger or domino-effect that will cause more in the coming year or two.
  2. Political governments are being challenged, overthrown, and forced to prepare for end-of-the-world or end-of-status-quo scenarios. Political upheaval is gaining momentum, not just locally or regionally, but globally. Governments are no longer completely immune to the public’s outcry and wisdom.
  3. Galactic events are influencing our actions and emotions. Rare alignments, solar flares, asteroid proximity, etc. affect our technology, our bodies, and our capacities. We are forced to re-evaluate our technology systems, as well as consider how our own minds and bodies are being strengthened, activated, or otherwise impacted.
  4. Quantum physics and other sciences are demonstrating that everything we see and can’t see is frequency– and those frequencies can reach for miles and affect every aspect of our experience. Because the sciences are proving what First Wavers have sensed along, the general population must now consider greater possibilities about who we are, where we are from, why we are here, and what we can really do with our hearts and energies. We are finally approaching the time when it is acceptable and even preferable NOT to fit in, but to “fit out.”

By Max and Lana At in5D…


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3 thoughts on “Max and Lana At in5D – Are You Unknowingly Part of the Cosmic Call to Action? First Wavers are the next step in human evolution, in mindset and frequencies – First Wavers constitute the revolution for our Evolution”

  1. I appreciate that there is natural medicine information on this blog. I am also interested in natural medicine. I just thought that I should say that I do not believe in evolution for the following reasons.

    Darwinian evolution involves macro-evolution, which has never been observed.

    Diagrams which depict common ancestors only really show that different living organisms have genetic similarities and differences. They do not prove that the different kinds of organisms had common ancestors with the involvement of macro-evolution (i.e. one kind of living thing evolving into another kind, such as monkey to man). The genetic similarities could equally be perceived as evidence for a common Creator, as opposed to a common ancestor. I believe that Adam and Eve are the ancestors of all the humans who ever lived. I do not believe that we evolved from monkeys. Adam and Eve must have had a very large gene pool.

    The theory of evolution is unscientific. Macro-evolution is not scientific and it is only believed by faith. ‘Micro-evolution’ is a term which just means natural selection (i.e. variation or changes within kinds, such as the cat kind or the dog kind, which is observable and scientific). Natural selection does not prove that we all evolved from a rock over millions of years and it does not make me doubt the accuracy of the Bible at all. To illustrate what I mean, a puma and a panther are different species but the same kind of animal (i.e. felines). I believe that pumas and panthers would have had a common ancestor (they would have both descended from two felines, a male and a female, on Noah’s ark). However I do not believe that cats and dogs have a common ancestor and there is no evidence that they do.

    I believe that the evidence for creation and a worldwide flood is overwhelming, but it tends to be suppressed.
    The following videos are very informative and they shred the theory of evolution to pieces.

    Kent Hovind…. Bible flood evidence

    Age of the Earth – Creation Science – Dr Kent Hovind

    In the video in the following link, scientists from prestigious universities were unable to give even one example of evidence for macro-evolution.

    I am happy to agree to disagree with your belief in evolution.


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