Lincoln Gergar – Higher Self Examines – What is Reality – What is Truth

Channel Higher Self

Channel Higher Self

What is Reality? What is Truth? Truth and Reality are 2 of the most common words used in spirituality. What are the Enlightened Ones teaching us? What are the false teachings and misunderstandings? Let the Higher Self channeled consciousness guide you to knowledge and authentic Self-realization.

Spiritual teachers are excellent at tossing around high lofty words and claims of permanent bliss. They speak of “the Truth” and how you must experience “the Truth” to be truly happy. They speak about “Reality” and how everything else is unreal or false. Teachings like this can be highly mysterious and even confusing.

This Higher Self video removes the veil of mystery and confusion by offering a clear, direct and simple to understand explanation of spiritual reality and spiritual truth.

Even the most well-read and experienced spiritual practitioners will benefit from the Higher Self’s unique explanation of these important spiritual concepts.

Remove the mystery. Drop the veil. Expose the illusion. Reveal the Truth.

Cut through the purposeful deception of false spiritual teachings and awaken to the simple truth of who you are and what Reality is.

Blessings and Love.

Author: Higher Density Blog

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