Lauren @ Rumor Mill News – We are moving into a Momentum-Building Phase – Time to reBuild – Accessing your blueprint – 5-4-15

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Lauren @ Rumor Mill News

We have officially returned from our first eclipse voyage of the year, and with our soul’s way more intact than when we embarked upon this substantial soul-retrieving odyssey in late March…all innocent and wide eyed.

Regardless of where you find yourself at this moment, I am pretty certain that you are exiting in a very different state than you entered…even if you are not fully aware of it yet. Realistically speaking, we are moving into a whole. new. human. experience. and so we all need a minute to get our bearings and reorient to new life…this birthing was a b-i-g-g-y.

It’s no secret that time has all but evaporated (along with the 4th dimension) and even tho, technically speaking, this was a truncated portal…2 as opposed to 3 eclipses in a row…these r-evolutionary crusades can feel like the lonnngest days of our lives. At this advanced stage of the ascension game eclipses are like being in a vacuum, mostly because we have become so sensitive to energy and how to parlay its influence into our personal expansion that we need very little in the external world to reflect our individual process…in fact, the outside world can serve to detract from it.

And while it can be challenging & frustrating to be so Self consumed, these periods always prove to be so valuable because they force enable us to go deeper than we are able to with our conscious mind focused on business as usual. The success of any eclipse passage is always contingent on our ability and readiness to deepen…to open to more of our authentic nature and those people/places/things that align with our full truth. Needless to say, these can be very rearranging times…both in our DNA and in our physical lives.

The outcome is such that the deeper we go (the more truth we have the courage to recover) the higher we are able to fly when we get to the other side. And, according to the star folk…fly we must. As of the recent new moon in Aries, a brand new accelerated cycle begins and we will now be supported to utilize the momentum before us to not only take flight, but to learn to balance our wings in the blowing winds of change.

The divine King finally rejoins his sovereign Queen to rebuild a true partnership in co-creation.


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