Heavenletter #5274 – Closed Hearts Can Open – 5-4-15


Heavenletter #5274 Closed Hearts Can Open, May 4, 2015

God said:

When days are short and your temper is short, too, what do you blame your temper on? You can find many things, and, yet, you latch onto one or two, often other human beings who seem to thwart your perceived needs. Perhaps the real lack is that you perceive that you need and need desperately from other people who are not capable of filling your perceived needs. There is an expression: You can’t turn a stone into a turnip!

Yes, you can! The lame can walk. The sick can heal. And closed hearts can open.

Everyone wants deep true love and wants to feel this in his or her heart. It is common for My children to see that others block their love. You are the only one who can block your love. It seems otherwise to you, yet you are the blocker of your own love. It is your attachment that blocks the smooth-running of your love. Love without attachment, and you will be in a different ball game.

If you were not attached, you wouldn’t interfere with your own happiness. That may sound too simple. It is very simple. The hard part is for My children not to be attached. Unattached, you wouldn’t make the demands on others and yourself that you currently do. Unattached, people can do or not do as they do without your feeling offended and being on the defensive. If you were not so easily offended, where would difficulty lie? What would there be at stake for you?

Every personality leads his own life. If you take offense, it is you who takes offense. It’s your ego that takes offense.

Dear Ones, what someone says or does or doesn’t say and doesn’t do is not your ego’s responsibility. If you could be unattached and free, your ego wouldn’t mind someone else’s presumption. No one owes you anything. Attached, you and your ego see life differently. You are certain the ones who offend you are obligated to be kind and understanding and to be sensitive to your feelings.

The fact is that no one owes you anything. What another says to you belongs to him and not to you. Oneness does not apply to squabbles.

Consider the seeming other as someone who is running a race and doesn’t win. Are you angry with the runner because he couldn’t run faster? His winning or not winning the race has nothing to do with you. That he didn’t win doesn’t mean you lost. Because he doesn’t understand or can’t understand you means no more than that. Being misunderstood is a big deal to My children. Must it be such a big deal to you? Must you choose to focus on it when you could be focusing on something else? Why not focus on something else that can give you at least a glimmer of happiness?

Really, what has rocked your boat? You may be jumping up and down in upset when you could be looking at the Sun or the way the wind blows the leaves of trees. You could even be more like a choo-choo train that stays on a track of happiness. You could be stepping out with Me. Come alongside Me. Let’s see where I can take you.

I can take you out of your tizzy. I can take you out of the doldrums. You can take yourself out of the doldrums when you chose to. There is some satisfaction or justification you take out of being discontent, as though the world owes you and you are put upon.

You owe yourself a living. You owe yourself more than you are giving yourself. You owe yourself a lot more. Start paying up right now. Make nice to yourself and the world and, yes, the person who doesn’t know how to treat you right. Treat yourself right now. How about getting over your discontent and disconnectedness?

Get over here and smile. That’s better.

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