Dr. James R. Doty: What Is a Life of Meaning?

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JRD Milan (1)Nicolae Tanase: Dr. Doty, what is the meaning of life?

James R. Doty: I will rephrase the question to ask what is a life of meaning?

At the end of our days, one wishes that what we have done in our lives will live on beyond our existence, that our actions in sum will have benefitted others and by doing so will be remembered as an example to those we love and to humankind in general.

It is this desire for transcendence that defines the human species and it is the nature of transcendence that for such to occur one must recognize that we are not separate individuals but part of a whole… and that whole is humanity. It is when we see ourselves in this way that life truly has meaning because it is at that point when we act with complete selflessness.

~James R. Doty, M.D., FACS, FICS

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