Tips for Grounding and Connecting to Source

Originally posted on Celestial Realms of Light:

I am an ultra sensitive emphath and I would like to share with you all my own concoction of what I learned from some very reputable spiritual teachers whose teachings I love and follow. These particular visualisation and breathing techniques, when applied to yourself at any time, will help you be more grounded and give you a good idea as to whether you should work on your grounding or your connection with Source more at that point in time.

So what is this visualisation technique for Grounding? First imagine yourself stepping into a tree. Then imagine a trapdoor opening at the bottom of each of your feet. Then imagine the roots of the tree passing through your feet through the trapdoor, going further down and connecting with your earth star, then going further down and connecting with the crystal heart of Gaia. Then imagine it going as further down as possible…

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