Return of Krishna as the Kalki Avatara and the Mayan Calendar – 4-23-15

Many people in the spiritual community at large felt a great disappointment when the prophecies of the Mayan calendar end date of December 21, 2012 failed to deliver any great changes.  This date was high jacked in some ways by the spiritual community at large and many false things and predictions were made around it.  In fact, the entire community of channelers and first contact groups milked it for all it was worth.  Now it is time to release some real facts around this date and what its true meaning was.  This information has been withheld to the public in general because the watchers knew if the real date was given it would be twisted and abused for all the wrong purposes all over again by people that are simply trying to enrich themselves or become the next popular channel on the internet.

I am certain many reading this know that the Mayan Calendar started in 3114 BC and ended on Dec 21, 2012 AD.  What the entire new age community failed to releaise was that it never marked the end of time, but the return of Bolon Yokte or the white skin god from the sky.   Now many will wonder who is Bolon Yokte and why did nothing occur on this date and the answer is quite simple when you actually understand the entire story.  First, let us explore a few interesting facts around this date and why the entire new age community got it wrong.  The first glaring fact was the Mayan civilization never even started until 400-600 AD and it lasted less than 1000 years.  So logic would then ask why they had a calendar that started in 3114 BC in the first place.  The answer is fairly simple and I am sure most of you are aware they have found Hindu figures of Ganesh in Central America.  They also have found a rock carving of Shiva in California and a tribe in Mexico celebrate Rama and Sita in a festival every year.

If you understand vedic literature it clearly state Rama flew on a flying machine from Shamballa to the surface to defeat the dark forces in 5000 BC.   It is widely known and accepted that Rama was a previous incarnation of Krishna.  At the battle of Kurukshetra the Vimana flying machines were also present and this was the epic battle between the forces of light and darkness that Krishna fought 2000 year after the Ramayana war.  They even describe the fuel used in the Vimanas and some were for flying between continents and some were used to fly between planets and stars.  One fuel was called quicksilver and one was called Rasa.  We had this technology in our distant past and these groups brought the teachings to various groups all over the planet including the Mayans.  This was the hidden yoga that is going to be revealed once again on planet earth.

The ancients were also incredible astronomers and astrologers, but there were some errors in their methods of calculation.  This is where you really need to understand Hindu, Buddhist and Tibetan Buddhist literature to figure out the entire story.  There is a Vedic book called the Law of Manu that hlds part of the answer.  In this book they do not place the four yugas or cycles of time into one Maha Yuga lasting 4.32 million years.  This book clearly states that our solar system is a binary one and these two stars have orbit cycle of 24,000 years and the yugas actually fit into this time period with the same ratios clearly listed in the Vedas.  It is hard for any civilization new or old to monitor and record a time period this long.  Vedic astrologers also have a 12 zodiac system just like western astrologer do, but the west never even discovered the precession of the equinox until the Greeks recoded it.  It was not widely understood by Western Astrologers until about 400 years ago.  Now this is not a knock on Western astrology because all astrology is valuable and will play an even more important role in our lives in the coming golden age. They were simply just not looking at the larger cycles.

In more recent times, we have been able to use super computers to calculate the real time frame of one great year or the precession of the equinoxes.  The current time is now calculated to be 25, 625 years.  In Vedic literature it is believed human consciousness is tied to this cycle and when our sun and its twin is on the ascending journey out consciousness slowly falls until they reach the furthest point outwards.  Consciousness slowly increases through the Dwarpa and Tetra Yuga until it reaches a point where Satya Yugu or the golden age begins.  When the sun and its twin reaches the nearest point (Vishnu Nabhi) or seat of Brahma consciousness reaches its highest point.  Every solar system in the multiverse is a precision timepiece of the creator to aid in the evolution of consciousness for all sentient beings.  The great Kirya Yoga master Sri Yukteshwar fully describes this in the book the Holy Science.

Now Rama lived in the Tetra Yuga and we were on the descending arc at this time.  We slowly fell further and Krishna or the first Krist appeared in Dwarpa Yuga to usher in the darkest yuga of all which is the Kali Yuga.   It was at this point the ancients from Shamballa traveled all over the globe to leave the ancient teaching before we fell into utter darkness.  This is when some of the negative ETs came as well.  We also helped draw this energy here and have to own that.  It was much later when the Kali Yuga fully started when you saw the fall of many civilizations including the Mayans.  The dark forces were in full control by that point and that is why reptilian like beings started appearing in ancient artwork and human sacrifice became more common.  Now before the Nibiru prophets’ jump all over this please use your minds and understand the second sun will not be in our neighborhood until we are in the middle of the 10,000 year Golden age in several thousand years from now.  Many binary star systems have even longer time periods than this and some complete the journey in months.  The bigger the difference in mass lengthens the time period.

Now this is where the story gets interesting.  Certain avatars like Krishna are called a dasavtaras which means they can incarnate a planenary portion of themselves like a Sri Chaitanya Mahabrabu, or they can come as a full vestiv avatara like Krishna. Sri Chaityana was a planenary portion of Krishna, but not the full vestiv avatara.   Sometimes their avatara is conditioned to come and fulfill a specific duty like teaching dharma to some Tibetans and sometimes they come as a full vestiv avatara to deliver the holy and destroy the wicked.  Many Vedic astrologers think Krishna will not appear for another 427,000 years and this is simply not correct.  It says in the Vishnu Purana that Krishna will incarnate as the kalki avatara when the ruler of the world have turned into plunderers.  Now we all know we are in that season right now on planet earth and do not need to wait 427,000 years for this to occur.  The dark forces did everything possible to confuse all the faiths and our new age community is even more lost.

Now we need to get back to all the confusion around the real Mayan Calendar end date and how the calculation should have been made.   First, we have seen the markers in recent times around the Tetrad lunar eclipses that have occurred in 2014 and 2015.  These all land on Jewish high holidays and they are end time markers.  They actually tie into the teaching around the hidden Yuga, but that information will not be revealed at this point.  How can you deliver a higher teaching to a spiritual community that thinks higher worlds are going to deliver cash payouts and solve all our problems?  What is learnt spiritually from that?  The hidden yuga was contained in the original Kalachakra Tantra and we only have an abriged version on the surface world today.  This was the special teaching Shakyumini Buddha gave to the first kali King who was also Krishna. He took the teaching back to Shamballa and it became a society of enlightened beings.

If you divide one great year of 25,625 years by five you get a time period of 5125 years.  In one great year the juggernaut guru (Krishna) has appeared on this earth in his full vestiv avatara form five times.  The term Christ consciousness is actually Krist consciousness and Jesus was one of many planenary portions, but not a full vestiv avtara of Krishna.  Now remember when I told you the Mayan civilization never started until 400-600 AD, but there calendar started in 3114 BC.  Do the math and you will see the Mayan calendar was measuring a time period of 5126 years.   Now Krishna departed this earth on 3102 BC only a decade before the Mayan Calendar starts.   It was another 3600 years before the civilization even existed yet there calendar started at the same time Krishna departed earth. It is measuring the return of Bolon Yokte who is none other than Krishna himself.  They flew the vimanas all over the world.

Now we just need to do a little more math to complete this long lost story.  Now we know the ancients recorded the time period of on great year to be 24,000 years.  This is a clue to why the dates were wrong.  The Mayan long count records one year to equal 365 days.  They did not count the .245 days and if you multiply that over a 5125 year time period you get the Gregorian date of June 6, 2016.  Before the channelers latch onto this truth, I caution you to take a noble silence this time.  How did all these galactic contactees and new age gurus miss this?  I think you already know the answer to that if you use your own wisdom mind and heart.   Do you still think they have humanities interest at heart?   Have you noticed the world seems to be on the brink of disaster right now, yet the chanellers and contactees still claim NESERA money and the galactic rescue mission is going to occur imminently?  The dark want wars and chaos at this time.  If you still think some galactics are coming with cash, replicators and presents for you than enlightenment will never find a home within you as you are still giving your power away to falsehoods.

Krishna is going to return with 12 divisions of soldiers (144,000) from Shamballa to take the garbage out.  We are not on some new time line and the writings and visions of the wise ones are going to occur.  When you see the sacred mountain open and battle ships in the sky you will know the time is now.  There is also not going to be an instant dimensional change and that was all made up in the minds of a few channelers.  I suspect many will latch onto this information, but they should avoid confusing the innocent one more time.  It will not bode well for them if they continue on this path.  There is no greater crime in the spiritual world to hold others back with falsehoods and disinformation and it will not be forgiven this time.  All these sites are being watched by higher forces and you will be held accountable.  They know all your screen names and what you have done. The last kalki King is known as the wrathful wheel turner and his wrath will find you.  It takes time to transition between Yugas, but now you know the deeper meaning behind this date.  If you feel this is important for others feel free to post it wherever you want.  The truth needs no copyright protection

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  1. I had a Krishna book from the 1960/70’s ,there were many followers of this,all dressed like Buddhist monks, in beautiful yellows and oranges.they were all over our city of Philadelphia. How can you know who you are if you don’t know where you came from ?.


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