Heavenletter #5261 – Out of the Forest into the Meadow – 4-21-15

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God said:

You are not your past. You are not your future. You are not even your present as you experience it. You think so many outer events accrue to you. It is the inner realizations that accrue to you. I am within you, and I accrue to you now. I look upon you with favor which simply means that I see the Truth of you.

Whatever I see, you can also see. You can be blind and see. You can be the biggest roué in the world according to the world’s appraisal, and, still, you accrue to Me. You are Mine. There is no one who is not Mine. That you are Mine means I hold you dear, and I hold you close to Me, so close that indeed, on the level from which I speak, We are One and the same. You are Mine, and you possess all the faculties that are Mine. You may rather like to pretend that you are not worth very much and you go so far as to want to lead others astray as well. What you imagine to be true and actual Truth are not always the same.

The more you see Our resemblance, the closer to Truth you are. You are not a book only kept in mind and never written. You are published, yet you haven’t read your own autobiography. You blank out the Truth of you. You simply don’t see what is in front of you. I am in front of you as you play your game of Peek-a-boo with yourself. Come out of hiding.

Of course, you likely have wandered from the Truth of you. You wandered off somewhere in a daze. When you wander off, you have the opportunity to wander back. You can find your way back to the Reality of Who You Are. You are wandering now.

Wandering isn’t an unruly thing. Wandering is okay. Regardless, no matter how many false starts you make, you will find yourself coming out of the forest into the meadow you were born to.

Beautiful Desires of My Heart, how lovely are you in My eyes. How lovely are you in My heart. It is from My heart that I see you and see you clearly. I see the Truth of you in My heart. It is you who scavenge around looking for yourself outside you somewhere, in this or in that, here and there. You are overflowing within, and, yet, you look askance.

It’s like when you wake up. While you are asleep, you are not aware that you are asleep, for you are asleep. When you become aware that you fell asleep, that’s when you are awake. You are aware when you are awake. If you were fully aware that you were asleep while you slept, you would know how deep in My heart you are and have ever been and how off-track you go.

You have been asleep most of your life. Will you admit this?

Now you are removing coverings from yourself. You rub away layers of illusion from your skin, as it were. The layers of illusion go downstream. Once gone, they are gone. Poof. Meanwhile, you are swimming upstream to find out Who you really are, as if to give birth to yourself in another kingdom.

What a discovery you are about to make. Disheveled as you thought you were, now you shake your head, and your golden curls fall into place, and you begin to see the stature that you truly are. My beloveds, you rise above the Earth. Now you see so clearly. What a joke you have perpetuated upon yourself, and now a laugh rises from your throat and you are like a laughing Buddha. You are laughing all because you began to see Truth instead of all the trouble you used to see while you were still asleep or half asleep.

The sun is rising in you now. You are the dawn that has come.

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