Karen Dover – Truth Just Is – 4-15-15

Karen Dover

Many people at this time will be faced with choice, I have long blogged and stated that TRUTH JUST IS and that we do not need to believe it for it to exist.  Often we are faced with beliefs that are not TRUTH and we then seek to try to validate said belief, if something is TRUTH then it will validate, if not it will remain in place until the illusion is seen and the frequency that is manifesting it reveals itself.

Many of you reading my blog know me personally and have seen my personal journey. You will know that my walk has been always into TRUTH and that in this journey I have challenged every single part of this my human life experience.  This has seen me able to validate ONLY TRUTH. At all times I have walked with GOD and GOD has shown me TRUTH over and over again.

Often it can take some linear time to understand what is being shown and why something is not moving or altering, when something remains apparently “solid” like a “closed” sign in the middle of the road then it can be frustrating to feel the distortion but be unable to see it.

I am about to upload my personal testament to my FAITH in GOD. For some it may be shocking to see what this involves but I can only work with TRUTH.  Just because something is believed and followed by a large portion of the human race does not make it TRUTH, it simply reflects the belief that many have within said human race.

My walk from this moment forward will be under the full guidance and protection of GOD.  I have walked where I have walked in order to experience first hand and therefore validate only my connection to GOD.  I have had experiences that many people simply would not believe, I have encountered energies that have made it very clear that they will do their utmost to put a stop to both my work and at times my personal life experience here on this planet.  I know I am not the only one who walks in TRUTH to have had these experiences.

Spiritual warfare is REAL, it happens at all moments and many are so bound in the illusion of what is presented as “love” and the accompanying “pink fluffiness” that they cannot see said war.  At this time and for the coming two linear years this spiritual war will intensify and will become very, very obvious to those in the general public which is why many are now preparing spiritually and physically to move into position to help the human race at this level.

I can only live and work in TRUTH, anything else is simply illusion. For those who are now triggered I ask you to look at the emotional response that has been triggered and ask you to understand that the old 3D earth created construct seeks to blind you by said emotions.

There is only ONE GOD in HEAVEN, creator of the human race, creator of the entire universe and he is calling his children home. Many of his children have strayed deliberately in order to understand exactly what the human race are subject to within this spiritual warfare.  For those who now feel the call and are unsure of what to do then my guidance would be to call to GOD and ask to be shown.

If we thought the world was chaotic up until this moment then its going to get even more chaotic, things that the human race have never seen before are going to start becoming regular news items. There is no longer any hiding place for any energy that is not TRUTH and this will play out on the physical level within the outer waking life experience.

“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”.  LOVE in TRUTH created us through the hand of GOD for he created us from LOVE, LOVE is our protection in this spiritual warfare and only LOVE in TRUTH can dissolve the lower dimensional frequencies that now make their presence very known on ALL levels of the human life experience.

TRUTH JUST IS and LOVE is the answer.

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