Earth-Keeper – A Metatronic Perspective of the Sasquatch Phenomena



Earth-Keeper 2015 – View in HD Settings-Hi Definition: Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn. Discussion of the Sasquatch Phenomena…The Conflict in Atlantis Between the Poseidon based ‘Spiritual Law of One’ and the power-driven, technically advanced ‘dark’ group, called the the ‘Sons of Belial’ of Aryan. This channel reviews the 2 issues that led to polarization between the two factions, the issues and moral and political division & separation over the use of Crystals and of the Aryan Genectic Engineering…which led to the experimentation of mixing animal and human DNA to form ‘ slave races’ and abominations of animals for heavy labor…remnants include the Yeti, Sasquatch & ‘Bigfoot’. Fascinating information. These issues led to the Fall of Atlantis.

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