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Lisa GawlesWell happy post eclipse, man oh man what a conglomeration of energy that was (still is.)  For the first time ever in all my years of reading, everyone who showed up on the field on April 4th looked exactly the same and in the same position.  I created a most humble image of what I seen to help explain it all the best I could:

eclipse energy releasing today

The black circle in the upper area is what spirit keeps saying a removal of the veil itself, I kept wanting to call it a portal and they insisted it is not a portal at all.  The explained it as an opening between the lower and upper atmospheres, or the earth realm and the spirit realm.  It was about 20 feet above the earth (going with my scale of vision) and draped underneath it reminded me of curtain pull back ties.  There were two of them, one strung from south to north, one west to east and created a sag like visual beneath this opening, both were a dirty white color.  The coloring, as always, purposeful, representing the energies we are already using spiritually in all four quadrants of our lives.  The place it crossed over created a wide beam of energy directly down into the crown, into the core and will continue to spread out into the cellular body thru the first week of April.

Each person was suspended about 2 feet beneath this black circle/opening… just hovering there while 4 sections of black energy (shown as lines, but they were all about 2-3 feet thick) came down and surrounded their immediate space and connected into the skin itself.  There was texture to this black energy, kinda reminds me of the text one might feel if you could touch clouds, only deep black with contrast.  What spirit said it was the “deep unknown” (or at least unknowable to us incarnates) coming thru in four sections: left side (physical life) right side (emotional side) front side (present to future path) and back side (past and the choices of what is being let go of and what is moving forward.)  Altho I seen it as sections, caused by the swag ties beneath the opening, spirit said if you stepped back and looked at the person, it would be one whole circle of energy surrounding them.

What really frustrated me was, after I got the understanding of what I am seeing and tried to go deeper into what it means personally to the person on the field, I have never heard spirit repeat the phrase “that’s all” so many damn times.  Thats all we get to know for that day.  I rescheduled everyone!!  How frustrating it is to be able to hear and see and spirit is saying nope, ain’t getting anything other than this!!  Sheez!!!

I tipped toed into the field yesterday… thru one of the conversations on the 4th, spirit did say it was a three-day event, started on friday culminating on Sunday.  I don’t want another day of reschedulings…..

It was a little weird, but became personal yesterday.  Phew!!  The information tho, holy heavens… exciting.

My day started off with an ongoing ET session and I want to share the core of her information before I get into the information released thru the readings.

Her ET is teaching her how to work with the combination of light, sound and color to affect the various dimensions that surround us.  Of course, light, sound and color are all one energy, separated into three categories for learning and experiencing to harness as one as we get more intimately familiar with it as a single construct.

Once again, her ET showed us how the many many dimensions we exist within look like, using the book analogy I created a visual:


To keep this simple (because it is actually more complex) If we can look at the book cover itself as the main dimensions of lets just say our world and the universe just outside of ours (again, this is an analogy, it is more complex than I have the ability to understand and share… as of yet.)  The pages of the book would represent what many ETs are now calling sub-dimensions.  For today, we can look at these subdimension where our past and future lives exists.  One of those sheets represents where we are currently incarnated.  We may think it is all on the same version of earth, but it is not.  Those sub dimensions represent frequencies as well.  We can even use the play of light on this image as the denser and lighter realities.

Once we “wake up” (if you will) we actually start moving in and out of many of these dimensions, what we call “healing” (in earnest, not superficially) goes to other dimensions where the core of issues may be, and work with that part of ourselves to help him/her along which affects the energy of what we consider our self here in this timeline.

We also have the ability to move into future lives and bring back wisdom and skills from that life(s) but ONLY once we free up space within our bodies and consciousness.  Meaning, gotta clear the density before light can be added.

For those choosing to focus on the new earth abilities, (as opposed to those staying back to help others coming up the pike) we are going to focus our energetic abilities as facilitating the light of wisdom for those who come to our energy sessions.  The new earth is vibrant and unneeded of any repair.  But we can focus on connecting people/clients to their soul in higher frequencies.  The way this was shown to me for my precious lady was a lady laying on a massage like table and then my ET lady taking her right hand, placing it on a very particular frequency on the lady on the table (visually for me it was on her left side just beneath her left breast) and opening what looked like a 2 foot portal of energy from the body to one of these sub dimensions.  It was soooo flipping kewl looking.  Especially when her ET said, our soul (obviously) resides in all of these subdimensions at once and even gave the analogy of playing an accordion:


Each tone on the body connects to a particular frequency and experience within the sub dimensions.  Of course, I was left hearing the song “mamas got a squeeze box she wears on her chest…” lol

There is so much more to this, but I want to get to one more thing as my morning (slept freakin in again) is disappearing already… Lets just quickly say, each one of us is using this influx of energy in unique ways, some weaving new lives, some pimping out their already employed skills and life experiences… so much and so vast, yet very interconnected thru it all.

Sadly tho, it’s all going to have to wait til tomorrow.  I have 15 minutes before my day of readings start.  There are a million things I want to share… damn sleep!!!

Many of you have asked about the teaser I put out a week or so ago, about the new package, well seems spirit has a bigger agenda at hand and it is going to be more than just introducing you to your new guides and helping you understand the new abilities now available.  We will incorporate a weekly soul gym to share together, also a hypnosis session to allow you to enter 3-5 future lives to bring back a focal point of where you may want to take yourself in this version of you.  Trust me, as soon as spirit says… ready, I will get it together!!!  Soon… very soon!!!

I love you all soul very very much.  See you on the field and in my heart!!

(((((HUGZ))))) of boundless opportunities to ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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