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Embracing “change” and altering “perception” in TRUTH*

Karen Dover

At this time there is much discussion about what is “real” and what is “unreal” and this debate will rage for eternity as there is no answer to the question other than “LOVE”. However our perception of what “LOVE” is will alter and continues to alter as we interact with the process  that is now fully underway. For many people “loving” means simply telling those around them that they love them, so to look out onto the world for these people will see them believe that they must simply just love people more and the world will change. For others “loving” people means standing up for those whom they love, these people will believe that unless the entire world stands up and takes action nothing will change.  Both of these scenarios are the opposite sides of the same coin, the belief requires everyone participating, what is filtered out by those in these two examples is that there is never a moment when everyone is NOT participating. It is not possible to be in human form and not participate with the rest of the human race.  A person can be sat upon a mountain top, completely “alone” but still participate with the human race for energy JUST IS and flows at all moments of all moments.

Focusing purely on either the “spiritual” and “unseen” element of the human life experience is the opposite side of the coin to focussing purely on the “human” and “physically seen” element of the human life experience.  It is not the masses en masse that will change the world around us it is our perception of what we understand the world is at a personal level and beyond.

At this time upon the planet there are many different ways of looking at the world, all of them are rooted in a belief system that is never questioned.  To change the world we need to understand what the “world” is, many are assuming without questioning or validating TRUTH. The transition process is designed to show us TRUTH, it is the human race coming back into harmony with ALL THAT IS in order to understand the wider human life experience.  In order to understand and to validate said human life experience we must interact and self validate it. As only you are in your human vehicle then no one else can come along and tell you that you are wrong for the way in which you live your life in TRUTH.  Each person on this planet is having a unique life experience but many people are assuming that in order to have any “control” over the human life experience they have to validate their personal life experience through those around them. This is not TRUTH and is not supported.

The only person who has a VALID opinion at human level over your human life experience is YOU. Many are still attempting to hide behind “commonly held beliefs”.  This is part of the release of the lower dimensional frequencies, frequencies create thoughts and beliefs, therefore those who run similar frequencies will find each other and will begin to “confirm” their thoughts and beliefs through those around them. But what is filtered out is that they all share a common frequency pattern therefore of course they will agree. This sees various “groups” of people all running the same belief systems and trying to “prove” that their belief is the way to go.  Each person alive on this planet has the ability to SELF VALIDATE their reality and it is this ability that is now unfolding.

This does not mean that we become selfish and that we only look out for ourselves, this is a belief system that is contained within many of the lower dimensional frequencies. As we move into self validation then we become stronger individually and therefore become stronger as a part of the human race. Many people defer to those around them believing that they will not be understood/heard/loved etc and this leads to the creation of waking realities that are less than supportive.  I have blogged previously about taking a stance and how the stance that is taken must be in TRUTH, therefore to validate your own reality you are taking a stance but not in the commonly held belief of the definition of said word.

Most reactions in the human race stem from a fear, this is how we were conditioned within the old 3d earth created construct. Many stay silent on issues due to the fear of ridicule either from family or friends or the wider waking world.  Each person alive on this planet has a responsibility for life, this responsibility is a personal one and yet many hide from this responsibility. Taking refuge in a belief system that allows them to separate what the human race is experiencing from their part in it. WE ALL TAKE PART IN THE CREATION OF THE OUTER WAKING REALITY.  We are never not taking part in it and yet many believe that they cannot influence anything that is at a society or world level.

Taking a stance is choosing whether or not to align with the reality that is placed before us. Many people will trigger with this statement, it is a human birthright to CHOOSE your own waking reality but what is asked of the human race is to VALIDATE said reality. It is one thing to believe a reality but quite another to validate it. How do we validate our reality? we LIVE IT, we interact with it. Many are choosing to try to remain on the sidelines and try to choose which group of people seem to have the best “reality”. This filters out that a waking reality is a PERSONAL experience, no one ever experiences anything the same way that you do, it is not possible. Only you inhabit your human vehicle.

At this time we are asked to look to SELF for VALIDATION and where we find that we are “sitting on a fence” remove the frequency and created belief that seeks to keep us there. Many are waiting for example for a complete reset of the world financial system, continually shifting their energetic response based on the APPEARANCE of the reality that is presented to them. This is a teaching of the old 3d earth created construct. Whilst you run the belief that a big bad man is running the world and DEFER to this belief then you can never experience the reality that is presented because the fear of the belief is running the experience.  Many people state they would love to be financially rich but have been brought up in families where money was less than abundant. To those who have not released the deep programming and frequencies then the fear is running of actually being financially rich, this is stronger than the statement they wish to be rich. So to keep this frequency in place (one of fear of being financially abundant) these people will “prove” to themselves that it is out with their control and will continually reference the big bad man who is control of the world. He is only in control if you ALLOW the frequency to run within you and continue to keep the belief.

This may seem completely back to front and this is how it was designed by the old 3d earth created construct. To fragment your energy is the no 1 tool of the old 3d earth created construct. To have population sitting pointing fingers at one another sees nothing manifest as the frequencies cancel each other out. So there is a lot of debate but not much physical movement due to the cancelling effect of the frequencies that seek to continually prove themselves. This is why simply debating what will happen in the world is irrelevant. We cannot “solve” anything at a world level when we have not done our own housekeeping and allowed ourselves to understand HOW we interact and HOW our energy is being fragmented. At all moments of all moments our energy signature is under our own control unless we have chosen to give it over to something else. Many are shouting for change in the outer waking world whilst allowing other energies to flow through their own energy signatures and defaulting to the words of other energies.

NO ENERGY CONTROLS THIS WORLD UNLESS YOU BELIEVE IT DOES.  No other “being” in this entire universe can control your human life experience unless you believe and allow it to.  This is frequency based and those who are triggered hugely by my statement are those who are running said frequency. To those who are triggered I ask you to FEEL how triggered you are, FEEL the fear that is rising within you and FEEL the need that you have to prove me wrong. THIS reaction is what is called the “barb” it is the self policing that is input into each lower dimensional frequency bandwidth in order to protect THE FREQUENCY. Why have the human race been kept contained is not so pertinent as HOW?

Many will debate for decades as to why without understanding that HOW is the more powerful question, for as you release the frequencies that we were taught to anchor and the associated beliefs and thoughts that are manifested by said frequencies then you move more fully into freedom. This is often perceived as freedom of the human race, in TRUTH it is freedom of SELF, for you are not living this human life experience as the human race you are living this experience as YOU.  It is not the human race who eat your cereal in the morning, it is YOU. Whilst you are part of the human race you are YOU and this is what is hidden in plain view.

You do not ask and get permission from the human race as a “collective” to eat your cereal but many will defer to the “collective” in relation to every other part of THEIR PERSONAL HUMAN LIFE experience.

We are asked at this time to understand the very personal and unique aspects of this human life experience, to understand that we are unique at a human level for a reason, we are not all the “same” at a human level for we are here to experience what we CHOOSE to experience. Human life is not something that is given to us as much as it is generated from within us. Just because we were born in a country does not mean we need to remain in said country and adhere to the unwritten rules of said country unless we believe this teaching.  Just because we are a certain “age” does not mean that we must stop doing X unless we choose to believe this.  The list is endless but many simply filter these frequencies out, the frequencies were designed to be blinding and many at this time are allowing the “masses” to control their everyday human life experience by allowing themselves to believe that “masses” can actually do this.  The frequency will teach you that this is what is happening but the only person stopping you from pouring your bran flakes into the bowl in the morning is YOU. The only person who is stopping you from experiencing the life that you wish to create is YOU and you do this by allowing the frequencies that you were taught as beliefs as a child to run your life experience.

How many of you when you go to experience something that is considered “out with” what is accepted in your immediate family can actually “hear” that family member in your head and can imagine the conversation that they will have with you about it?  How many of you then reinforce this by stepping back from said experience for fear of “ridicule”, “anger”, “non acceptance”? Many do and then try to validate this through their immediate family. They will validate your fear for they will be running the same frequency (frequency is taught within families, world views are taught within families, etc).  A similar frequency pattern will ALWAYS VALIDATE those around it which are similar this is how frequency works.

Those who appear to be wealthy in the outer waking world are not wealthy because they are somehow “special”, they are wealthy for they DO NOT run the frequency that repels finance. They are more than aware of how frequency works and they use this to their advantage.  The world is not run by people so much as run by FREQUENCIES, this is shown to us as people, places and events in order to reinforce the physical which of course then hides the frequency. To change the outer waking world we need to change the frequency that we run within our own human vehicles. It is this simple and it is because it is this simple that it has been hidden in plain view for aeons and is used against the human race as many are simply not aware of frequency and how it works in the universe.

EVERYTHING, every thought, every “object”, every scenario, every event is a manifestation of a frequency it is not the other way around and until this TRUTH is accepted then the world will continue to try to “fight” an enemy that does not exist except in the created construct that is presented to the human race as the outer waking reality.

At this time we are asked to understand our own frequency levels and to understand that fear can only ever be generated by a frequency that ALREADY runs within us. If you are in fear of anything at all no matter how small then you are running a frequency that creates this thought. Simply not thinking about the fear does nothing, the frequency will simply work to manifest itself through something else and persuade you it is valid. To validate anything in our life we need to self validate it through experience. Everything else is illusion. Therefore in order to validate anything in the outer waker world unless we personally have the experience to validate the belief the belief is an illusion. This is how to validate and live in TRUTH for only TRUTH can fully manifest and become an outer waking reality.

“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”.




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