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Father TimeBy Lisa Gawlas, The Shift of Time and Energy, April 2, 2015

Well rock-a-my-world with the start of April!!  Holy super powers even!!!  But, before I get into all that, lets talk first about how the energies of April have shown up in every reading yesterday.  I was surprised to still see that platform, still 2 feet above March’s energy platform which is now visibly behind it/you/us.

What surprised me even more tho, the energies of April were still jogged off to the right, which at this moment still represents future energies.  

Thank goodness yesterday was one of those clear communication days from the field, cuz when I wondered why it was to the right, we were given the reason!!  These are my favorite days, no struggle, just communication!!!

What spirit had said is we are going to spend this first week of April, settling into the enormity that I am calling April (again, it isn’t a month, it is an energy system that coincides with the month.)  It was also stated, and dammit if I am not going to figure out a way to hold spirit to this statement… once we settle in, this energy will be constant thru the rest of the year.  I am taking that to mean, no more enormous energy systems like March had been, an acceleration here and there is ok… but man March was an energetic beast!!  Here’s hoping (that I’m correct lol.)

Everyone I had connected to yesterday was standing on that platform of April, engulfed in some sort of energy to work with, to expand as your initial super powers.  My first lady brought such joy to my heart.  I cut her first session in half, from 30 minutes to 15 so she could go do the homework that came thru for her and we can look again.

Her job was to really start to fire up her passion, connect with it, with her heart of desires… not in details but in feeling.  This is so important for everyone (and I am hearing this as I type) that spirit wants to expand on this thought.

So many of us, when we here the word passion, immediately we tend to think of what we do, or want to do… but it is sooooo much more than that.  It is a pure feeling that engulfs your heart, your whole body and often times can leave you weak in the knees and/or misty in the eyes.

For me personally, the sky does that for me so often.  The cloud formations, the sunsets and sunrises.  The birds and now returning bunny rabbit in the back yard, YOU.  OMG YOU.  When I see and feel that shift in you, I cannot tell you how you drop me to my knees in absolute reverence.

Lets take this even further (cuz my team is on a roll here lol.)  My Home fills me with passion.  I walk into my home and the gratitude I feel for Being Here, for the love that adorns my walls sent from your creative heart to my world… the landscape I drive around in called New Mexico, it is like every day I am experiencing it for the first time again.

These enormous feelings is what allows me to continue to expand and reach for (and attain) higher energies (to see and understand with.)  Kinda funny, someone just asked me how I am able to see the energies as they form on the cutting edge of life, until this moment, I had no flipping clue.  Who and what you surround yourself with every day is key!!

And so my beautiful lady had me jumping out of my skin with joy.  There she was, engulfed in the flames of passion that was surrounding her whole body.  Now all she had to do was use them, use that energy for her desires.  At the top of her head, it was a little weird (smile.)

There was this (not straight up) tubey thing made out of tons of red, white and blue dots, that connected to the pure source energy of life.  Her instruction was to focus on her passion, the flames surrounding her, breathe that in, it automatically goes upwards and the exhale is what ignites the creation process (for any given thing, a moment, an outcome… whatever.)

She mentioned that she finds it hard to be passionate in the living environment she is in… ok, gotta change that.  Focus on the desire, not the current entanglement.  Trust and follow the energy trail to your next great adventure.  I am giving her a super high five, cuz this morning she sent me an email that two hours after our session, she was offered a potential new place to live that comes with a job too!!  How is that for creational energy!!  You go girl!!!

One of my incredible lady’s was surrounded by this great big old serpent.  He was in a spiral from ground to head around her… her shambha-lini (think kundalini on steroids lol.)  Kundalini is the energy of your soul embodying your body, shambha-lini is your whole energy system, source, soul, physicality that is now your immediate outer energy field.

If we think about it, creation is a landscape event, so it started to make sense as I understood so much more thru her, that her serpent would be embedded around her in her thru the 2-3 foot immediate energy field around the body (just trying to be clear here that the snake was not on her body, but in a spiral form around her.)  She was also given homework that I do want to share here, for those of you who may feel resonate with this exercise.

We have talked many times that the heart itself is where the frequency of creation is emitted from, we talked about the various frequencies, tones and stuff… but thru her, we got some really good clarity and usable applications.  If you have tuning forks, or singing bowls, start with a single note, create that note at your heart level, feel the frequency and the emotion it creates within your heart.  Remember it, then go to a different note, do the same, remember it.  She had a super great idea, you can find these notes via youtube if you do not have tuning forks or singing bowls yourself.

The more you practice this, it becomes instantaneous to charm that serpent into creative energy and outcomes.

Forgive me for not remember where this tid-bit came from (her or someone else yesterday) but, it fits here.  When you get aligned with these creative energies that are naturally yours and how to invoke them, you can literally create an opening into the future, where that outcome may be laying 5 weeks, one year (whatever) down the road, and bring it forward to the present moment.

Which brings me to yet another lady on the field yesterday… OMG I was so ticked the way this information came thru.  She was a virgin on my field and like I do with every virgin, I was trying to tell her how I work a reading, really, giving her permission to be interactive within the session.  Well, her guide standing out on her field was having none of that… he was waving his hands like crazy and can I say, i am so easily distracted.

Screw the how I work a reading moment, we gotta look at this crazy, insistent guide.  He has been waiting and waiting to connect with her and was not letting a moment grow under our feet since there he was.  I had to ask her if she meditates, I am watching her crazy guide shake his head no and hearing her say yes… huh??

How can that be…  well, if I am understanding this all correctly, she does meditate, I think she called it mindful meditation, but has never connected to her spiritual team in meditation.  Funny,  I get an instant vision as I write this, you are either washing your car or you are getting in and driving it.  Your team wants you in the driver’s seat, exploring, moving to them!!

So with that thought, I want to change a word that we use that has gotten a bad rap thru our history.  Imagination.  So many people think of this amazing inner place as not real, made up by the mind… lets change the word to your Spiritual amphitheater.  If you went to a concert, wouldn’t you want to hear and experience the band… well, now lets hear and experience your spiritual team!!!

There was another  guide that showed up yesterday and dammit if I cannot remember whose reading it was in… my lady I just talked about??  The snake lady?  Geez, it gets jumbled in my memory sometimes, forgive me for that.  But I cannot shake him from my memory.  He was down the road about 2 weeks, old man with long flowing white hair, beard and mustache and surprisingly he gave her a name to call him.  Gerald.  Gerald???

What the hell kinda name is that, it didn’t seem to fit… or so I thought.  Of course for me, the first thing I think of is my father, that was his name.  In that, was one of the reasons he choose that name… father.  It boiled down to “father time.”

Dare I even say, god himself showed up to be her guide/teacher in relationship to time.  I think too, this is where the opening of the future and pulling events to our present moment was shown.  (Can I just say, yesterday was such an immense day of information and application that sometimes, I remember the details just not the full order of it all and I am really sorry about that.  I need some external hard drives to keep me straight lol.)

And I am running out of morning again, so let me get to one final thing that was so surprising to understand.  Gerald…. say that name without moving to the r part of the name, feel the vibration happening on the tongue… this is how our words, our sound emits energy frequency out into creation.

The D of the name stops the energy… to contrast that, her name is Linda my name is Lisa… the A itself represents the feminine part of god… the dreamer if you will, so when you say our names, the energy goes on and on, there is no stop point.  When you say Gerald, the d stops the energy, creation itself, completion of the energy vibration sent out.  (I hope you are understanding what I am trying to explain.)

Ohhh and with this all, I know it was my snake lady… going with the sound, vibration, frequency and stuff.  There is soooo much more than came thru yesterday, but I must end here as I prepare for another day of amazing connections!!!

Nope, I am gonna sneak this in… this is really a time to live outside of our comfort zones, to do and experience things you never thought you could before.  Without even realizing it (the date/time we are in) I attended one of my landlady’s art class called “Paint Your Vision.”  I am pretty sure all of you heard me grumble about my lack of artistic ability and I only went cuz my friend from the Caribbean wanted to go.  I personally cannot draw which made me equally feel, I cannot paint either.

My landlady is amazing, she can see in blobs of paint in a way that just left me breathless.  We didn’t have any intention of what we were going to paint, she just told us to choose three colors and smear the canvas with them… hey, I can do that!!  Minus the chalk outlines, this was my beginning:


Then she took the canvas and turned in around four ways… each way showing a different potential of creation.  I chose this way because I kept feeling the presence of an acorn and the more I felt that, the more tears welled up behind my eyes (who knew painting could be so emotion evoking.)

This was my outcome assisted by the amazing visionary of my landlady, who could see and feel what looked like blobs to me:


I have always said I have very little connection to earth, now I must stand back and disagree with myself.  Earth and spirit, emerging as One Being!!  Thank you Betsie for taking me so joyfully out of my comfort zone and helping me to realize what laid dormant within my heart.  Life itself!!!  Ok… I gotta go now.

Enjoy your new world, new heart, new light field of connections!!!!!   (((((HUGZ)))))) of ever-loving Bounty to All!!!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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