Momentous Change Taking Place – Sananda, Lady Nada, Ascended Masters, One Who Serves, Ashira – Ancient Awakenings – 3-31-15

Buddhas robed in yellow by Raphael Bick on FlickrIMAGE : Buddhas robed in yellow ~ by Raphael Bick on Flickr


“You Are All A Part Of This Momentous Change Taking Place” –
Sananda, Lady Nada, (Ascended Masters) One Who Serves and Ashira

Sananda and One Who Serves channeled by James McConnell
Lady Nada and Ashira channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco

(Note: These messages were given during our weekly Prepare For Change group in Glendale, AZ on March 29,2015)


“One Who Serves”
Greetings to you. This is “One Who Serves” and we are only preparing the way for the next ones to come. Be back here shortly.


This is “Sananda”. And yes, it is true that there are times when I would be with you and then there are other times that I am unable to be with you. Because as you may understand or may be aware, there are many things happening, what you would call behind the scenes. There are many councils that are meeting even at this moment now that are preparing, planning for all the many changes that are happening, not only to this planet but to the solar system, to the galaxy. And these planning meetings are being held at what you would call, all hours of the day and the night.

There are so many things that need to be addressed and are being addressed. You, yourselves, are a part of these meetings in the evenings, in the times when you find yourselves in your sleep state. Yes, in your dreams. And it is from your point of view, unfortunately, that you are not able to remember these times. But I tell you now, that there are those times to come when you will remember; where you will be aware at these meetings and at these councils. You will have the memories and you will know how you are participating and what you bring to the table you might say.

We have spoken about the Twelve of the Twelve. We have spoken about the twelve tables and the twelve at each of those tables. And this is certainly still in the works here. It has not been forgotten. It is in the planning stages. You, yourselves, are planning for these types of gatherings and council meetings and all of this. We know that you have wondered to yourselves, “How can I be a part of this when I am not part of the government or not part of the secret societies. I am not in the know.”

And that is exactly who we want to be a part of this. Ones who are not in the leadership position now but have that leadership ability. Have that desire. Even more important than leadership ability is the desire to assist and to be of service. And those in this group and many who read these words are the ones we are speaking to now.

I, myself, as Sananda, am conducting many of these council meetings and you are sitting at my side at these meetings. So, know, please all of you, my friends, my brothers and my sisters, that you are indeed a great part of all of the happenings, all of these gatherings, all of this momentous change that IS taking place now.

In this following week, when you come together again, I, as Yeshua, will be with you to assist in understanding the meaning of this particular moment of time that you find yourselves in.
I am Sananda. My peace and love be with you always.


“Lady Nada”
And I am “Lady Nada”, the one who stands by his side.
I come this week with the message that I bring to you is that it is time for you to become aware of that name of your Higher Self. That aspect of your Higher Self that is accompanying us on many journeys, many meetings, many activities outside of the realm in which you have your 3D experience. For it is time for you to know yourselves, more deeply, more widely and more thoroughly.

This name will come to you when you are brushing your teeth! Perhaps it will come to when you are driving down the road! It is not something that you need to have great angst about. This is something that will come to you from your inside self when you are awake or from your inside self when you are asleep. We promise you, loved ones, that knowing this name of that Higher Being, that Higher Self of your own will help you come into greater alignment with those things that my beloved speaks of as well as those things that you are being called to as this change continues forth in your world.

You will continue to find more and more every day that you do not come into understanding of situations in your world through polarity because that is not the way of the New World. As your consciousness continues to shift and to mold and to change with the energies that are flooding upon your planet, it becomes easier and easier for you to understand, to call forth and to be that Unity that was spoken of this day.

You are called to be that Unity Consciousness. You are not to be mired in what seems to be going on in the world because it is not the truth. Do not be delayed or distracted by stories that you read. You will find yourselves more and more spending time in meditation, prayer and quiet contemplation. You will feel more and more that it is time to share with friends and family in laughter and loving activities.

You will find that it is no longer attractive to you to see the separation. It is no longer attractive to you to see the polarity or to call it forth. What now fits comfortably within the heart of your being is unity. What feels comfortable are those things that you can touch, feel, and be a part of unity.
That is why we have been called to this group and you have been called to us. That is why we have walked with you previously upon the planet in other lives. This is why we call you forth now into the new dimension and the new state of mind on the planet. We call you forth into unity and we know that as you come into contact and understanding with that that is your name of your Highest Being you will have more understanding about those things which don’t make sense now.

We laugh a little and we giggle a little with your conversations earlier. The one who had the pictures printed and in a nice neat pile, you have done this for yourself! It is not that there are others around you doing this for you.

This is a gift for yourself. To help you to see that you are active and conscious on so many levels and in so many times and ways. And yes, it may seem lf like a dream but it was an aspect of yourself that was preparing these papers for you to muse over and to understand now that is what you are doing for yourself.

All of you are active in different ways throughout the night. Some of that crosses over into dreams. Some of that crosses over into musings that happen during the day when you think back on a dream or an activity that takes you back to that moment in time. There are SO many things that you are doing at this moment in time.

And one of those keys that will help you turn the dial is to understand that you are multiple beings from multiple places having multiple lives all of the time. And even though we speak of this each week it is confusing because you only see that which you see and which you allow yourself to see in this body in which you exist on this plane now.

We have told you so many times in the past weeks that the veil is gone. And that energy that is coming into your body is changing your abilities to see into other dimensions, into inter-galaxies, inter-worlds. And that those who attempt to share their experiences with this group of those things which they are seeing, they share these experiences to encourage you to have that same faith and follow that same path. Let something that is within your mind stimulate you in a way that you have not felt before and follow it! Follow where the story leads you! Follow where the tale takes you!

All of you are awakening beings! We are so excited to have you by our sides day and night, and one after another. So we leave you with this message today. Sananda and I love you, cherish you and have walked with you before. And we walk with you now.
We bless you. We love you. Great peace to you.

“One Who Serves”
Yes. Would there be any questions here now for “One Who Serves” and “Ashira”?

Question: I have a question about the sphere, the Blue Avians that are coming into our atmosphere that David Wilcock has been speaking about? Can you tell us about them?

(OWS): As you have found in your reading and experiencing of this one who speaks of this, there are many differences and understandings that are coming forth on this.

You will read one area you will come to an understanding of this in one way. You read another or another speaks from another source, you have a different understanding. So, to say exactly what this is would be very difficult because you are not there yet. But know that these ones that Wilcock is speaking of, is very much as he is saying in many respects.

There are those beings coming into the planet to experience at many different levels now that have not been here before. There are those that have been here before but have been gone for a long time. This is what is being experienced now and they are here to help in many different aspects to help in many different ways. So, to say this one particular group of beings to do this and this one is here to do that, is not going to assist you at this point. Know that they are all here synergistically to bring about the great many changes that are about to befall you.

Question: In previous readings you have recommended that I work with candles and light. I have been working with this is that good enough for me or should I do something else now?

(Ashira): I will take this. You have been practicing new talents and new experiences. We would encourage you to expand now. Working with light, with candles has been a good start but there are new opportunities for you as you walk down the path that is opening in front of you. You will have memories opening to you to work with crystals and also with sound.
Sounds that you have not yet experienced. You will have sounds of the crystal bowls, Tibetan (brass) bowls, sounds of tuning forks. With these sounds that help to bring a more harmonious resonance with people and their bodies, yourself first, with those in your family who would allow you to share this experience.

The knowledge that you are “learning” comes from within you. Not from reading books, not from listening to lectures. Do not seek it from elsewhere. But allow it to flow and grow like a flower bud that is opening to you. As that bud opens more and more and you have more sensations you are moving beyond that which you just “see” but also open to those things which can be heard, which can be smelled as well as your extra-sensory perceptions that are opening to you.

As you have passed through this time of physical changes that you called sickness, we shared not to do that because it is all part of that many, many, many upon the planet are experiencing. And as you moved through these you have moved to a higher level or higher frequency and so it is time, as you are so moved, to allow new thoughts to come into your mind and new toys to play with, to experiment with so that you are ready with these harmonizing elements to be called into assistance for humanity.
Does that make sense, loved one? Yes.

Question: I don’t understand how my energy printed the pictures out and how I can use that energy again?

(Ashira): I am happy to answer that. Actually it was “Lady Nada” who shared that.​ ​So what she was explaining is that it was an aspect of you. Basically, you can think of it as climbing out of bed and placing your hands on the printer and have it produce for you what it needed to produce to create in you and understanding that you are a being beyond this 3D world that has rules of regulations, and polarities and rights and wrongs and does or does not work.

Move outside of that understanding. Move beyond that understanding. Know that the part of you that understands wholeness and the Unity Consciousness of the next dimension.

Make things move through this 3D way and know that everything responds in the Unity Consciousness. This is to help you understand the way and power of manifestation. To help you understand that the next step you take will not even need a printer; you will make whatever you want in your hands and your own way.
Does that make sense to you, Dear One?

Comment: It is pretty awesome!

Question: I am wondering if I can use this power to expand the “Forever” book?

What we would say to you is to place your full understanding and trust and belief in the production of this. And we would share with you that as things move forward, much of that which has been produced in the old way and in the old times is no longer to have the same effect.

Allow your imagination to create in your mind and for the future this particular book and activities in new ways. Ways to enjoy the book in holodecks for people. Ways to see this as a visionary tool for people. See as this begins to flow in a whole new way for you as your understanding continues to expand.
Thank you

(Ashira) It is our desire, all of us who are here in this room, all of those who are with “One Who Serves” and all of those who are here to continue to move you beyond your thought processes, beyond your understanding of this 3D world into this new life, this new world that is being created. You are creating it.

All of those who read these words, all of those who hear these words, you are creating the New World. You are creating the New World from your dreams, from your imaginations. From all of those things that are beyond that which you see today. That is why so many in this room are science fiction aficionados. All of you enjoy the science fiction because it is helping you to create this New World.

Every day you read stories about vehicles that are new for transportations, transporters and all of these things that are new. Why? Just like the whistleblowers who tell you about things that have been hidden, you see these new inventions to enable you to create those in the consciousness so that they may all manifest in the New World.

(OWS): We wish to add something here. What is being experienced here is also what we have been saying for some time now is that you would be having the glimpses. This is another example of the glimpses of the various changes that are going on both within you and outside of yourself. To be able to look at the sky and see the formations in the clouds that are being presented by the Guardians, as was spoken of earlier. That one can look there and see this. And see beyond what the 3D illusion is presenting there.

This is very important that you allow for this process to continue. This is what these groups and all of these groups around the planet are working toward. So that when the time comes and things open more fully to the masses that you will be the ones there that will be ones they will be reaching out to help understand what is happening here. You are the Way Showers. You are the ones who come before and are preparing the way. Such as “John the Baptist” prepared the way for the “Yeshua” to come at that time. You are all “John the Baptists” here, you see?

Question: When “Lady Nada” started to speak about the name for the Higher Self, all of a sudden “Galagher” came into my mind. Can you explain why a name like “Galagher” would come into my mind?

(OWS): To be able to assist you in this way is to step in for yourself here. And as you know, we tend to not want to do that; to spoil the surprise for you. The fact that you are reaching within yourself and receive a name such as thus, there is certainly meaning here. And you must allow for this process to continue. The more that you experience this name, work with it, feel it and see whether or not it resonates for you will give you your answer, you see?

It is not for us to say whether or not this name is for you. It must come from deep within you. So we are not going to say whether it is or it is not.

Question: The subject of disclosure is very prominent it seems right now. I can look at the group and I can see all of us and our past, present and future extra-terrestrial beings are assisting us in our own personal disclosure. Could we pursue this and is it beneficial for each of us?

(OWS): Whenever you have a question such as this, when you are searching within, it is the answer itself that is important. It is something you are reaching out for in your own personal disclosure. There are many types of disclosures that are in the process now both internal and external within the illusion itself. And moving outside of the illusion into, in many respects, what is the reality. And you, each one, are moving to this very disclosure yourself of the true awareness within that is bringing out all of the changes that are about to unfold here.

But as has been said many times, the journey is within, that is what is so important here. Not so much the destination. Yes, you will reach destinations but as you reach those destinations you will find that there will be more and more and more after that. There is never one final destination to reach.

And you are correct in many aspects that you are created by these many beings and such but we would add to this that you are the Creator too, not so much the Created. That is the new way of looking at things. That you are gods and goddesses. You are the ones who created yourselves. It is a higher aspect of you. As “Lady Nada” said, it is time to come to know the Higher Self of you. And when you are given the name, it becomes even more real to you. This is why it is very important for this to happen and allow this process to continue.
Does this answer your question?

Question: It presents a bigger dilemma. Is pursuing the line of thought that we must pursue our Higher Selves versus the ancestry? Is one more important than the other?

(OWS) It is not so much that one is more important than another. It is more on your own viewpoint and your own truth. But we would say from a “higher” point of view that yes, you want to pursue your own Higher Self and that connection to your Higher Self. And then, once you have done that, all your other selves, your progenitors, would take care of themselves. (It is like a stepping stone?) Yes.

Question: I asked a question last week to see if I was connecting with my Higher Self or if it was another being or an alien. Just as my mind was about to give up I received a quick flash of a Mantis. At first it was shocking and there is a little bit of fear there. How can we connect without fear?


We can say here and “Ashira” ​can​ add to this. To have any connection with an extra-terrestrial being is not important here because there are many that you are connected to. In terms of this one sense, in terms of a Mantis Being, there could be another time when you have a sense of a Syrian connection or a Pleidian connection. So it is not so much that it is one and only one you see? You all come from many different civilizations and many different backgrounds. And they have all come together in many aspects to create what you are now. You see?

Do not become bogged down by any particular one being and certainly not if it brings a sense of fear in you! The only reason there is a sense of fear here is because you have an unknown about this. You see a being that is not a human type of being and it becomes somewhat scary to you. But look at those in the media, the movies, your “Star Wars”. In particular in the cantina there. They were purposely put in this particular movie to allow for this process to happen within you so that you could be accustomed to these various different types of beings.

Now please understand that when disclosure first happens and First Contact, you will first see only those who will be known to you and comfortable to you that will be present here. It will not be those who are more of the non-human type of civilizations. They are there! They will be coming to you and the time will happen when you will be on a ship and there will be one who shows up and you will look at him or her and not even flinch. You see?

This is what is coming. This is what is here. Don’t be concerned.
Any more questions? Than we want to say that we are very pleased with your continuing movements in various directions here that we have been working on with you and yes, we have been working on these things with you! This is not that you come for Happy Hour every Sunday (laughter).

We are here to assist you in preparing for those times that you will be called into service. We are being of service to you now and you will be of service to many others that are coming. To those coming to this group and to those you will be assisting in many different ways in your families and your friendships and your acquaintances and all of these things that you continue to develop. And as you are looked at as the crazy one now, people will turn to you and look at you as the wise one.
Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.

And I would just close with this as well. Thank you for the opportunity to be with you again today. The working that we do with you, the times that you are not in the group, the times that you are, the times that you are far away and listening to us or reading our words, know that there are many, many, many from all dimensions, from all places, from all parts of the Galaxy as well as all parts of this planet; there are so many of us here to assist with this beautiful Ascension. We assist with the movement into the next dimensions and assist you in knowing that you are a student who is walking upon the path but you are also an important part of the entire plan for you shine your light so brightly and without fear.
We bless. We thank you and we will be with you again. Namaste.


Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco
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Buddhas robed in yellow by Raphael Bick on Flickr

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