Karen Dover – Opening of Wounds to Heal in Truth – 3-23-15

Karen DoverKaren Dover

For many at this time the energies of the past few linear days may have felt intense. At human conscious waking level the explanation is given as “solar flares” and these must be seen in the context they appear. All is frequency in the universe and these bursts of energy work to move the human vehicle out of the dense patterning that has been taught for eternity within the old 3d earth created construct. As I have blogged repeatedly there are various aspects of the evolution process, there is the upgrading and expansion of our human vehicles at cellular level, the expansion of our spirit which sits within the human vehicle and the wider planet earth which we live upon. All is coming into alignment with the wider universe so at any particular moment we are expanding on any/all of these levels. As these are hidden to the naked human eye this alignment is often filtered out.

At this time the heightened energies are bringing the lower dimensional frequencies that exist within us to the surface. These manifest as emotions and “memories” which drive said emotions. The human race have been taught repeatedly that “love hurts” and this is not TRUTH. At this time various scenarios and “past issues” will arise in order to be released through healing.

These may bring up intense pain and may bring up the question of why the scenario has to be revisited again. This is to allow the healing which can only be reached by letting go and allowing the higher dimensional energies to flow through us, around us and within us.

As I have blogged we are asked to accept that our human will is only part of the bigger picture called human life. By accepting and surrendering to the process that our spirit presents to us we can accept miracles. The “wounds” cannot be taken into the New Earth frequency realities as they are not TRUTH, at any moment we seek to defend ourselves through the belief that if we do not we will be hurt. Life through the lens of this belief is distorted and healing cannot occur whilst this belief is held tightly on to. So now we are presented with a window to clear our vision and to have love and compassion for ALL. To understand that in defending our heart space we actually cause pain to ourselves and those around us. As we were taught to do this repeatedly in the old 3d earth created construct we must first of all have compassion for ourselves. Hindsight and regret are tools of the old 3d earth construct. Forgiveness of SELF precedes all healing and we are asked to allow these “wounds” to heal fully.

As a child my mother used to tell me that the quickest way for a cut to heal was to let fresh air into it. Yes you could put on a bandage or plaster but this actually delayed the natural process of healing. The old 3d earth encouraged us to put bandages over our wounds and then to leave alone but like the analogy presented this delays the actual healing. Many believe that the pain of revisiting will be so great it will be unbearable but this filters out the changes and growth that have already taken place. We are not the same people we were yesterday for example. We are contually shifting and growing. Therefore the fear of the pain will be much greater than that which we are being asked to allow to heal.

Embracing the LOVE that IS and accepting that in our human form we are not and never can be perfect allows for this healing to take place. Indeed without allowing this healing we will be held in place as only TRUTH can manifest in the New Earth frequency realities.

I bogged recently about connecting to Christ to reach God. The symbolism of the cross is pivotal in the release of pain. “Wounds” are also ancestral and run within families. We are being asked to hand over this cross and realize we have merely been TAUGHT that it was ours to bear. Many will attempt to hold on believing there can be no healing but that is filtering out the force of the LOVE that IS. “LOVE is the answer no matter the question”, but not the definition of love that is taught within the old 3d earth created construct. To feel the full force of the LOVE that IS we must accept that we only have a fraction of a much bigger picture at this our human conscious level.

God walks with us always and we need only open our heart to allow the flow of the LOVE that IS to flow fully. That is all that is required and then the situation will begin to resolve. Many in human form will remain trying to control this flow as the old 3d earth created construct taught us not only to keep hold of the pain but also define ourselves through it. This is not TRUTH and is not supported in the New Earth frequency realities.

Who would you be without the pain of X? This question seems unanswerable until we accept that the answer will unfold as we let go of X. We are never shown the answer prior to the letting go.

At this time we are fully supported in this process and we are asked to step towards what for many will be their greatest fears. Only by doing this can we show ourselves that the fear is the illusion, placed before us to contain and suppress us. The “wound” is the self created prison we were taught to create and live within in the old 3d earth reality. Expansion and growth are therefore beyond these self created prison walls. To dissolve them we need only walk towards them with an open heart and FAITH and TRUST in the process.

“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”.



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