Channeler Kathryn May – Temple of Light Update – 5 Million Dark Souls Transitioning to the Light – Transcription of Sananda’s Dark Cell Removal – Pillar Portal of Peace with Archangel Michael – 3-23-15

Channeler / Host:  Kathryn E. May
Co-Host: Meg Davis
Guests: Sananda, Archangel Michael

Part 3 – Dark Cell Removal & The Pillar of Peace with AA Michael


Notes: Kathryn begins this remarkable show by describing what is happening in The Temple of Light, the higher dimensional place, where the Higher Selves of those who have been through the harshest dark programming on Earth are receiving loving assistance to return to the Light.

Before giving the history of the Sleeper Cell and leading us through the removal and ending of our own dark contract, Sananda also gives us an enthralling update from the Temple of Light. Sananda walks us through how to assist a small child with removing their Sleeper Cell.

The conclusion of the show has Archangel Michael leading the call to establish his Pillar Portals of Peace all across the Earth, along with the actual Pillar Portal of Peace Activation available for all.

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The Temple of Light

Kathryn: Okay. Well, I’m doing fine. I just want to reassure everybody. For those who hadn’t heard about it, we had an attack from the Cabal on a group of Lightworkers. And there were some injuries, but we’re all recovering. That was the ‘last straw’ that touched off the… command, really, from Source that all the darkest of the Cabal must be brought to the Light or dissolved.

And so, they (The Company of Heaven) created a Temple of Light, and on February 11th, our last show, they asked us to describe it – they planned to do it so that we could be there – to tell people on the show what we saw.

Five million beings, now these are the Higher Souls of all the darkest of the dark beings, were brought to the Temple, what we’re calling, “The Temple of Light.” The Temple of Light is like an enormous hospital where everyone who agreed to go to the Light is being given 24/7 care. The first phase was an intensive “Light Show” introduction to: who the Light Beings are, who Source is, an introduction to all the Angels, the Masters who were walking among all of the beings there, and really beginning the teaching to help them understand what ‘being in the Light’ is.

Now this is important. The reason I’m giving you this little primer about what’s happening there is because a lot of people have said, “Well, we didn’t see the Cabal all leaving or doing something dramatic.” So I’m going to explain to you why that is and what you can expect to see in our dimension.

What has been explained to us during this week, is that this is not a one-time event. People got the impression – and I can understand why – that all the Cabal were going to be removed and that would be the end of the darkness. Well, it’s not quite that simple.

All of the Souls of the Cabal have been taken to the Temple of Light, and they are beings raised up, literally. They’re being retrained, reintroduced to God, given special training, so that they can understand what happened to them, where they have been, and so that they can understand the programming they were subjected to and be able to recognize it. Because if you’ve lived inside the Matrix, of course you didn’t know you were living inside a Matrix. You just knew what you knew.

So they’re being introduced, little by little, so that they can recognize the Light and not be frightened by it, so that they can begin to raise their vibration. I’ll give you a little picture of how that’s done. They are surrounded by the Angels and the Masters. All are getting individual attention. All are being attended to and taught gently. That was the first phase, and then during the week, they broke up into groups, really almost like therapy groups. And then they were being worked with in groups, but each one, every single Soul has a whole team working with them.

Now, some people are saying, “Well, why are they getting so much attention, and I’m not?” You know, and, “How come the Lightworkers aren’t getting special attention?” Well, we are. First of all, this is FOR us. The work that they’re doing will raise the vibration on the planet. It already is beginning to. It will make things so much easier for those on the ground, and we know that a lot of people have been… the Lightworkers are tired, are exhausted from the work that has been ongoing now for several years, really at an upgraded speed, everybody chipping in.

But our friends in the Higher Dimensions are literally working non-stop, around the clock, around our clock. Of course they don’t have clocks, but you know, usually in the higher dimensions, they have time-out for a little rest, or some downtime, or some music, or a little trip, or a – whatever, you know, a ride on a cloud (Laughter).

Meg: They’ve been working hard to try to dispel that mess. (More laughter)

Kathryn: None of that. They are working non-stop. So they asked that we help them by sending our loving energy to them to help sustain them, to help keep them going. And when we do that, when you send love to your Higher Self and your Twin Flame and anyone else you want to send it to – you know they’re all there, and it helps them.

Every Master you ever heard of is working ’round-the-clock’ because they want to complete this process as quickly as possible. They’re not complete until they get all the Souls into the 5th dimension. If you think of what we’re familiar with, this would be like having all the Souls after death go back to God to do their review, to experience the kindness and the friendship and the warmth that we all experience when we end one lifetime and do our review to prepare for whatever we’re going to do after that.

None of these people – I’m not sure if that’s exactly correct, but I believe that no one in this group – would have been to the 5th dimension to rest and recover from this difficult life on Earth for many lifetimes, and maybe even many generations or hundreds of years. So some of them have recycled, as we sort of think of it, through the 4th dimension without ever doing their reviews or spending time with their group, their committee. They’re doing this now. They’re getting the help and the review and the upgrading that all of us get at the end of every lifetime.

So it’s not anything that we haven’t already done or haven’t already had the privilege of doing. It’s just that they haven’t done it for many lifetimes, and they need to do it now. And in order to do that, every single one needs to raise their vibration from the 4th dimension, where all have lived, into the 5th dimension, where they can go to God.

All of us need to send our prayers, our loving energy to help those who are… who have agreed to come to the Light to be transformed. And of course, they had no idea what that would mean, none at all, because they are not Lightworkers. They’re not used to what we understand. They haven’t felt the energy and the warmth and the comfort that we’ve felt being connected to our Higher Selves. So they’re learning from scratch. And the faster they can do this the better, because once the leaders, the darkest of the dark, are able to be raised up to the 5th dimension to go for their reviews, we will begin to feel the difference in their bodies that are still here.

So this is not death, and it’s not Ascension. As the rest of us are working towards Ascension, we’re going to take our bodies with us. This is neither of those. This is a very unique and very special event process. Never has it been done before, and I believe they said, “In the history of the Multiverse, this has never been done before.”

So for us on the ground, it’s really important that we not start saying, “Okay, so why aren’t we seeing results here?” We’re not in charge of this, but we certainly can help! And we need to trust that they’re doing this as quickly and as completely as they possibly can. We will see the results because it’s the best of all possible worlds, when you think about it, because the ones who are taken are the top of the Cabal, the ones in charge and the darkest of the dark. And when they come back, they’re going to be Lightworkers.

So the ones who have been in charge of the darkest activities on the planet will come back to the same position they left. It may take them a little while to orient, to acclimate to these new feelings that are coming through from their Higher Self, because they will be newly connecting with their Higher Selves and with God. And then little-by-little they’re going to start looking around and say, “Well this doesn’t makes sense, and this isn’t fair, and why should we be keeping all the money? And you know, why do we need to have these laws in place, and so on?” So watch the news.

But as you can see, the Lightworkers are already getting tremendous traction. If you read, not the media, not the regular news, but the internet – reliable internet sources, you will see everywhere in the world people are waking up. They’re seeing the dark actions for what they really are. They’re seeing that all the wars have been calculated and planned and foisted upon us, and people are just saying, “No.” Everywhere around the world, people are saying: “No, we’re not going to believe these lies anymore.”

It’s really double progress. Lightworkers continue to do what they’ve been doing all long, and they are making real progress. And now our beloved Masters and Angels in the higher dimensions really have our back – really have our back. They’ve said they were going to… well, this is it folks! And they are working so hard. You know, I’ve told people I talk to our friends in high places all day long, but lately they’re even too busy to talk (laughter). And they’ll give us ‘work’ answers you know: “Get back to you later.”

So I did check in with Sananda a few minutes ago, and he said, “Yep, I’ll be there for the show,” and then he was gone again.

Meg: Well Kathryn, you know what was brought to mind was the really moving (Blog Talk Radio) show, where Reginald came back to talk about what he experienced when he got his review, and when he was reconnected and healed by The Company of Heaven. It was a very moving program last year.

Kathryn: Oh yes.

Meg: And I thought about it. I thought about what that would mean when 5,000,000 Reginalds are planted back in their bodies. Not only in places of power and influence, which is a marvelous place to be to speed up the Light work for the planet, but with the level understanding of the darkest of the dark but as a Lightworker, like Reginald.

Kathryn: Right.

Meg: And what that means… what a dedication will be… I can’t even imagine the Light quotient that will be radiating from this planet, when we have that many advocates with that depth of experience, which was of course the choosing to come here to experience that. Oh I just was so excited and look forward to seeing that because they will be the biggest workers on behalf of the Light, joining with us. I think it is going to be so exciting.

Kathryn: Oh yes. I want to thank you for reminding us of that. That’s just wonderful.

Meg: I just feel Reginald with us. You know, and even though Reginald is in the higher dimensions, I just saw him right there, understanding these people he probably worked with, was part of. These were his peers in that respect. And with your work with Reginald, and how he transformed himself into being a part of that, and was the leader of the pack. And how he so humbly came back and said, “Oh I understand, and I am just so compassionate.” And you know… and having that type – even though it won’t be exactly the same thing because they will still be orienting in their new bodies, you know in their Light bodies, here. And it will take a second to work up the steam with the connection here on Earth. But that is going to be exciting, and it’s going to be immediate.

Kathryn: That is such a good point. We do have that show listed. I will get the date, and post it on our Facebook page, maybe with the next message I send out.

Meg: Oh that will be fun.

Kathryn: I’ll find the link to that show (Links to the three Reginald Blog Talk shows can be found below), because you’re right. That is so similar to what is happening right now, and it’s going to give people a really good picture of what happens when someone who has been a really dark, you know a leader, of a dark contingent, and what it’s like when they come back.

For people who don’t know who Reginald was, he was the leader of the Reptilians who were taken from the planet in a similar way. They were told they must come to the Light, or they would be dissolved. It was expected that when they (the Reptilians) left, things would really change. But instead what happen was that the Cabal stepped up and filled their places and then some. So it was not what we had expected to happen after the Reptilians left, but here we are – and this time, it’s not going to happen again.

Source has put rulings in place that it will never be permitted to rise to the level of darkness that we were experiencing in the last month.

So another little addition… of course I’m a psychologist, so I’m interested in how treatment programs are run. And it’s interesting – the progression they’ve used from the arena where they were introduced, since it’s now a week. The first few days, they were introduced in a large group. Then they went to smaller groups, and now they’ve been divided up individually. Each person has three or four Lightworkers with them: Archangels, Masters, Ancestors, whoever can help them.

There are beings from all over the Multiverse here, helping out. They came in droves to help out because with 5,000,000 dark ones being reprogramed/rehabilitated – that means about 20,000,000 in the treatment process all day, all night. So they’ve developed what they now call a “Zero Tolerance Policy.” Each individual is being surrounded by a group of loving, attentive Light beings and is being retrained so that no darkness is allowed to enter into their Light Pillar. And this way, they will be fully prepared then to raise their vibration to reach the 5th dimension.

But first they have to learn the concept of zero tolerance for darkness. Now this is really good thing, but it’s also something that all of us can learn from as well. That in order to Ascend, in order to really clear your whole system, you must have a zero tolerance approach where no hint of the old habits, the old thought forms will be allowed.

That brings us to what we are going to do in the next part, when we talk about the sleeper cell, because that’s the part that all of us need to be doing right now too: the deprogramming. So we can send our energy and our help to our Masters and our friends in higher dimensions, but we can also do it ourselves, and as we do that we will be raising the quotient of Light on the face of the planet. And if everyone who’s on this call follows along with this and does the meditation and the clearings that we’re suggesting, we are going to see a difference today.

So let’s call on Sananda, and let him come and walk us through the sleeper cell removal, so that everyone who hasn’t done this can do it now. And we are being told by Source, by Sananda and Archangel Michael, who’s also helped out with this, that every single person on the planet came here with what we’re calling a dark cell. Embedded usually in the center of our brain, it would interfere with our third eye. It helps to interfere, to make you feel like you’re even more behind the veil.

So everyone needs to remove this, every single human being. And along with it, we need to remove the contract that we agreed to. Sananda will say some more about this. We all agreed to this dark cell, and I’d like to ask Sananda what the circumstances were when this contract was created, and when we agreed to it because I’m not certain of the details.

And there’s another important element to this. You can go to a shaman or a Lightworker, who removes metal implants, different sorts of implants, but only we can remove our own dark cell. No one else can do it for you. So you have to be able to concentrate, work through this, remove your own cell, dark cell.

So let me call on Sananda, and you’re there Meg. I can hear you.

Meg: Yes. And Kathryn, one other thing – and I know Sananda listening – is, I know you mentioned last week that sometimes the people, the boots on the ground, may be feeling some things, some reverberations from the Temple of Light. They m

Kathryn: Oh yes. Thank you.

Meg: I know you said they might be picking up on some things, so maybe Sananda can talk about how it can be confusing, as we are removing the sleeper cell, and also we might be getting a little reverb from the Temple of Light, especially if our Higher Self is involved with part of the… you know it (The Temple of Light) is up there. And we’re connecting with that in the helping. So maybe Sananda can speak to that too. I think that might help some people who might be a little confused about this last week… of what they might be feeling when they were flying high and then all-of-a-sudden: “Wait. What’s that?!”

Kathryn: Right. Oh, I’m so glad you brought that up. Yeah, because right after everyone was taken, the next day what we felt was just waves of anguish and fear and upset. And then we realized, our Higher Selves are up there working, and that’s what they’re feeling because that’s what everyone there is feeling.

Those who had been brought to the Temple of Light had no idea what was going to happen to them. And of course because of their training, they thought they would be punished or tortured. You know, because that’s what’s been done to them. So there were a couple of days – I remember it as about a day and a half – when things were really in upheaval. Lots of dark kind of sick feelings anxiety, fear, just waves of dark feelings. And then that subsided. So we’re starting to feel a quiet phase. And then hopefully what we will be feeling is… you know… real lifting.

But it’s important to be aware, everybody, that if you’re feeling these intense really odd unusual feelings, don’t assume that you’re sick, or that there is something wrong with you or that you’re anxious because these days there are so many things happening on the planet that are so powerful. And so huge, that we’re going to be feeling all kinds of stuff. Hopefully, it’s going to get better and better.

Thank you Meg. Is there anything else you think we should ask Sananda about? Oh, I know.

We had a request here. We’ve been asked: what about small children? Can they have a sleeper cell? Can it be removed? So we’ll check with Sananda about that. I think at one point, I asked about that and was told: young children who are coming in now do not have it because we’ve removed the contract. But what that cut-off time is, I don’t know. So we’ll ask him that too.

Meg: That will be helpful. I think a lot of parent have been probably asking that question too. Thank you.

Kathryn: So anything else you can think of that we should be asking or covering?

Meg: No that feels good. If I think of something, I’ll interject.

Kathryn: Yes, feel free. Alright, so now I really am going to step aside.


Welcome and Update from the Temple of Light

Meg: Alright, thank you Kathryn. We’ll just give you a second to connect with our beloved brother (Sananda). I know he is very busy, and we are so grateful – very grateful – that he’s going to take some time out of his important work to come and be with us and let us know how to help them with their mission to help us all. Welcome Sananda. Good evening, how are you?

Sananda: (Warm laughter) Hello Meg. I’m sliding into home base (much laughter).

Meg: “Safe!”

Sananda: I am so glad to be here with you. Yes, I was listening of course, and things in the higher dimensions are cooking! We’ve never worked this hard. (Chuckling) I can tell you we’ve never worked this hard before, and everyone has just pulled together – just pulled together – and people have come from all over the Universe and even other Universes to help us. As you’ve just been told, this has never happened before. First of all, it’s very rare that so many souls would be coming to the higher dimensions all at once, but in need of treatment – this has never happened before. So, you heard a bit about the program that we’ve presented. I’ll give you a little feel for what we do there.

Of course when you introduce the Light to people who have lived in darkness always or for many many lifetimes, it’s quite a conundrum, you might say. It’s like trying to teach someone what chocolate ice cream tastes like. You can’t teach it. You have to show; you have to present it. And so we developed quite a program to present what the Light is, including what we called, “Shock & Awe,” as we presented in our last message. It was coming to all of them (the dark souls in the Temple of Light) in our Light bodies.

And of course Archangel Michael knows how to present himself in a way that is just magnificent and awe inspiring, and so we all did that at first, especially those of us who are familiar to people on the surface. Most people have heard of Archangel Michael and Raphael and Gabriel and me of course, so we presented ourselves and allowed them to see us, and then we came and walked among them speaking with them, reassuring them. And yes, they were awestruck but mostly in fear, and we had to prove to them that we genuinely are of the Light and what that means is that we do not harm. That we are there to help, to teach.

After about the first 72 hours of this “Light Show,” as you might call it, that went on 24/7, you can imagine that any old ideas they had about who we were… were being mightily challenged. And it was the kind of intense presentation that required that they be able to open their eyes and see things they’ve never seen before and feel things that they have not felt. It’s been a very dramatic time. And after the first 72 hours, there were a few who were the least dark of those who came, who really were able to grasp what we were showing them and who moved immediately on to more in-depth training.

So we are succeeding. But after the next couple of days of the group work, we were seeing that it was still possible for some to not move – to observe but not actually change. And so that is when we developed the next technique that we have been using: the “zero tolerance” private groups. It’s almost like a cell that the Light beings create around the person’s soul to block out all darkness and to really bombard them with Light. And encourage that they do the same. That they begin to absorb the Light. That they open their hearts, and that they begin to open their minds as well because that, you see, is the most difficult part.

When you have lived a life in which you have been tortured, manipulated and then aggrandized and even worshiped, it creates a kind of mindset that is very rigid and very difficult to break through. I won’t go into great detail about that because Kathryn has already written a book called, Who Needs Light? (link below). There’s an entire section in the book that describes to you what the dark beings feel, think, what their attitude is, what their ideas are and how they act on them. I recommend that you all read it, and you’ll see what we’re dealing with.

Many of you have dealt with people who were programmed and were rigidly entrenched in a dark system. It’s very difficult to break through, and so I want you to know, all of you, that it’s not that this process is not working. It’s not that it didn’t happen. And if you haven’t seen instant results, well, this is why… because it is not possible for someone who has spent lifetimes in the darkness to just shift.

They must be walked into the Light. They must be shown what it’s like. And even then, if they have not changed their mindset, they would call it something fake or something not real or something they couldn’t count on or just a temporary performance. There are all kinds of ways that they would see it and not accept that it could be their way of life or even that it is real. And so we must first convince them that it’s real, and that they can actually go to the Light and be welcomed by God. Just that idea alone is unbelievable to most of them.


How to Help a Child to Remove their Sleeper Cell

And so you asked about children and about the contract. First, yes the child may have a dark cell if they are older than about two years old, and the parents can actually help the child to do this. I will tell you how you can help your child to remove the cell.

You look deeply into their eyes; look all the way in to the center of their brain. And when you look the child will go to that place in their brain, will take up residence there and will look back at you from that place. And then you gently massage their temples and their forehead, and as you do move your hands upward on their heads all the way round their heads upward just as if your are helping them to push a splinter out through the crown. And as you do that look deeply into theirs eyes smiling with all the love in your heart for this dear little being who is your child. And as you do that the energy of the love in your gaze will help the child to simply push the dark cell out through the top of their brain.

In fact, it’s easier for children because they haven’t already developed a whole life around that emanations of that cell. They haven’t. Their brains have not formed to adapt to it. It hasn’t laid down tracks in their brains, and so helping a child to do this is very much easier than it is for most adults.

And just to be sure, you can do this several times. Your child will love it because a child thrives in having a parent look deeply into their eyes. And as you learn to do this with your child, make a note of it and know that this is the ultimate in parenting. This is the way you express love to a child – not by giving them something, not by telling them something. It’s by gazing deeply into their eyes, so they see the pleasure you experience by looking directly at them.

And there are going to be a lot of happy children when this is done. So I’m glad that question was asked, and I suggest that all of you do this exercise with your children frequently. You can choose to rub their shoulder… but all children love to have their heads rubbed. It feels wonderful doesn’t it? Around the back of your brain stem, by your neck, up around your temples, behind your ears – it feels wonderful and especially it your mother or your father are looking deeply into your eyes. What child wouldn’t thrive?


The History of the Dark Cell

So now let me answer your question and give you some of the history about this dark cell, and why everyone has one. Every single human – not the animals on the planet, but every human – has come to incarnate on Earth with this cell added to their being.

Now let me give you a sense of where this began. You are aware, especially from this recent challenge, that planet Earth is truly the territory on which the battle between the Light and dark is being acted out. For us, we don’t really think of it as a battle. The dark ones do. We think of it as simply bringing the Light to a difficult situation. As long as you continue to see it that way you will succeed because we cannot battle against the darkness because dark is nothing. It is no thing. It is an illusion, and when you bring Light, darkness disappears. It evaporates.

So, we came here, as I did when I incarnated here, as you have done. We came here with the agreement that this was what we were to experience here. And we formed a contract out of our sheer confidence and knowledge that Light is all, and our dedication to Source our Father. We agreed to incarnate here amongst the dark ones, and in doing that we would carry a dark cell, so that we would experience some of what the dark ones experience themselves. And in doing that we actually agreed to a kind of handicap. And this was this agreement was hammered out over many, many Council meetings between the heads of the dark races and our Masters. Many of you were there.

We thought long and hard in the Company of Heaven about the implications of what this challenge would be. But you see, this is not only about planet Earth. This is where the plot thickens. You know us as the Masters of planet Earth, but this is not our only job. We are also… all of us, those you know by name those you have sensed, we are all beings of this Universe. We have incarnated in many places.

We have worked with the dark to bring Light across many planets throughout the eons. It has been a long process, and one in which Lightworkers have always been called upon to help maintain and manage the dark ones, so that they could not take over. And so it has challenged our integrity, our commitment, our loyalty and our strength to increase, expand, to continue our creations, to expand our galaxies, to settle planets, to create – to create new ways of living, new civilizations and all the while being able to contain the dark ones.

Now as many of you know, the dark ones cannot rise above the upper fourth dimension and sometimes slightly into the fifth but just around the edges. They have high technologies, but they are not of the Light in any form. And so they have never experienced the high Earth dimensions that many of you have experienced. And so they do occasionally decide to make trouble for all of us, and when that happens, we have to join together. We have to be creative. We have to be resolute, and we find imaginative and creative ways to protect ourselves and our loved ones while maintaining the contract, the Universal Law that is Free Will.

You see, those who have decided to join with the dark ones have free will. They can come or go from the dark alignments, the loyalties that they have developed. Many don’t realize that, have not known that, but yet it is true, and Source would never permit that those of the Light simply wipe out their enemies. It is not possible. But those who are in the dark do not understand this. They think it is a weakness on our part that we don’t simply blow them up or eliminate them, but we would not do that. They have free will like us, and the time comes when some of them may come to the Light and join us.

And so that is always our hope that we will win – the Light will win because people turn and join us. That is how the Light expands. That is how we protect the areas of our Universes that we have designated to be our territory for Light. But as you may now be coming aware, planet Earth has been in contention. The dark ones hoped, especially after they were able to engineer the destruction of Atlantis, they hoped that they would come to the injured planet and simply take over. And this is when this program really began in full strength.

When Sanat Kumara said, “I will go to planet Earth and hold the Light, and I will remain as long as necessary,” I said, “I will come. I will walk the Earth, I will be in charge of what happens on planet Earth. I will help my beloved friends, Lightworkers, who will stand up for humankind, who will incarnate among the humans who are being subjected to the darkness, and we will encourage as many as possible to come back to the Light.” This has been the system. This has been what we have done for thousands of years.

And as some of you may know, our beloved Sanat Kumara and his twin flame have recently gone to the new Universe to take up very important positions there. So you see, our beloved Sanat, who came here to stay till the end, has now decided that he can go and move on to the exciting position of being Prime Creator, the two of them, of being the Prime Creators of the new Universe.

So our own beloved Masters will have the option to go to the new Universe, if we wish. We all will have the wonderful options, but first we will finish our job here. Our job here which is to bring the Light and to allow a new blossoming of the Golden Age on planet Earth.

Now, that gives you a bit of a picture of the history and of the importance of this. You know so many people say, “Oh I feel like a little grain of sand in this enormous Universe. How could I possibly be important?” Well, take the picture I’ve just given you and multiply it by a thousand. I cannot possibly tell you how important this is because this… this… you could call it “drama” that is being enacted here will reverberate through the entire Multiverse. And our triumph here will set a new standard.

And so planet Earth will never again be harassed by the dark ones. The energies are rising. As we break through these barriers of the swirling dark energies around the Earth that have stifled Mother Terra’s progress towards her Ascension and stifled the progress of all the humans on the planet… now we are clearing that away, and everything is possible. Terra will raise her vibration, will complete her Ascension, and all of you will be able to go with her. And when you do, there will be no more darkness on planet Earth because dimensionally it will not be possible. The cabal will not be able to sustain themselves in the Light of the new planet Earth.

I know many of you are tired. I know you’ve become discouraged at times. It seems to be taking forever, but you understand what a massive, massive undertaking this is and how important it is to Source, to The Company of Heaven, to the entire Multiverse. And so we must be thorough, we must be patient and we must be resolute. And we ask for your help.
When you send your love, when you send us your affection, your good feelings, your greetings, we feel it. We’re uplifted. We know that that’s you. We know that you’re helping us and we appreciate it.
Now we hear some beeping (the phone being used is beeping to indicate a low battery), but that should be no problem. We will continue.

Now let us continue to the removal of the sleeper cell.

I see we must have telephone issues (the sound fades out)…. that was the problem thank you dear (for fixing the problem).



Now let us go on to talk about the removal of the sleeper cell.

Now all of you join me. Sit quietly in your chair be comfortable. If you’re in the North or in the East, wrap a warm blanket around yourself and be cozy in your chair and let us begin.

First you must breathe deeply. Experience yourself whole. Feel your body. Feel the breath… gently. Feel yourself expanding to bring in plenty of oxygen and allow that to circulate through your brain. And as you do, move in your brain into the center position to the place that Kathryn has taught you to go, when you do the Visual Centering, right back there near your pineal gland, not inside it but right near it.

That is your Soul position. It’s the place in your brain where all of your intuition, reflexes, memory, reasoning, creativity… everything comes together. That is where you feel you are most YOU. Now take the oxygen to that place in your brain where you experience yourself as you, the soul that you are. The one who has been observing this life, keeping track all along. Now breathe to that place in your brain and then shine your Light through your brain. Feel each part of your brain, and those of you who have already done this exercise, by all means, come along with me and do it again because you’ll learn something more about your brain as you do so.

Shine the Light around in your brain, especially forward in the part of your brain they call the pre-frontal cortex. See where the line of your third eye would go. Place your finger on your forehead and then point back from that point on your forehead to the center of your brain, where your soul stance is. Along that line is where the sleeper cell, the dark cell, was placed.

Now use your connections back there in the center of your brain, your connections to your Higher Self. Go straight up through the top of your head, and there you can feel your Higher Self and your Higher Self connected to God and to All That Is. Let yourself feel the warmth and the Light shining down on you, down through your channel, down through all your chakras and into the Earth, and anchor yourself there into the heart of Terra.

There, feel the power of that energy coursing through you. And you can, you can let it travel either way. You can open your crown chakra and let the Light just pour down through you and down into the Earth, or you can absorb from the Earth up into your body as well, and let those energies mix within you.

Now, with your Light, go to the place in your brain where, if you have not yet removed the sleeper cell, you will feel a headache or a little twinging or an ache, usually close to the center, close to where the two halves of your brain come together. It interferes with the exchange between right and left brain. That’s why so many of you have become “left brain people,” as you call it. Those who can do calculations, analysis, detailed work, but you have trouble with your emotions, understanding yourself, and so on. This is a sign of having carried the sleeper cell and having developed around it in a way that would allow you to continue to live, but handicapped because you haven’t had the full use of your entire brain operating in synchrony.

So just as you would see your body eject a splinter, let the energy come up from the Earth through your chakras, right up into your brain and right out – push it out. Right out through the top of your head and give it to your Higher Self. Your Higher Self, who is cheering you on and is delighted that you are doing this work. Give it to them. They will take it to God, put it into the great bowl with the collection of all the old sleeper cells, all the dark cells which will now be dissolved and returned to the ocean of molecules. And you, beloved ones, are free.

Now, include with this your firm intention: “I remove this dark cell from my own brain, and I declare at this moment, I declare that the contract I agreed to before I came here is null and void. I will carry no longer a dark cell within me. I will no longer be controlled by the thought forms that were created by that dark cell.”

Now I will tell you the primary thought form that emanated from that cell, which is what we agreed to before we came here, was the idea that you are separate from God. It was the dark ones who used that, very cleverly I might add, to create programming, propaganda that evolved into religions, political philosophies, social movements, all that use that to develop ideas feelings, thoughts that would create: anxiety, fear especially fear of lack, competition between and amongst you, depression, despair, the feelings that you’ll never be able to be enough. You’ll never be good enough. You’ll never be accepted. You’re always alone.

All of those feelings were emanations that either began with the sleeper cell or were trained into you, were the programming that was designed deliberately by the dark ones to control all of human kind. It was the plan of the cabal that all humans be enslaved. That all be put to work – those who were allowed to survive – in service to the dark ones. That was the “Master Plan,” and they used the feelings of being separate to play on all of us to create feelings of worthlessness – not just separate from God but unworthy of God, unworthy of love, unworthy of happiness. That beloved ones you must now learn to completely remove it from your thinking.

Now that you have removed the sleeper cell you must now deprogram your own brain. Now to do that you allow the Light to pour down through you. Feel it like like a wave of golden honey flowing through your brain, your body, your heart filling every space. Filling all those crevices that were so painful, where the dark thoughts were connected.

Now, be aware that for many of you there were deep connections from the dark cell to other areas in your body and your heart. For instance the brain stem. There was a direct line from the sleeper cell to your fight-or-flight response, and this is why when people would experience something, when strong emotions would be brought to the surface the first reaction would be fear. Now when you think of human life and when you think of your actual sensory abilities and your heart capacity, it makes no sense for anybody to say something like, “I have a fear of commitment.” That makes no sense whatsoever. We’re social, “social animals,” as they call you.

You’re fully able to love with your hearts, completely love. Humans are famously loyal, so it is not that there is something wrong with your human capabilities, not at all. All of these painful ideas were what you might think of as outcroppings from the dark cell and the dark programming. Now, that dark programming created habits, patterns, thoughts, actions that became what you thought was normal, what you thought of as just being human.

None of that… beloved ones hear me! Anxiety is not a normal state for a human being. Look at a happy baby. Look at how they look at a sun beam with joy. They kick their little legs. They wave their little arms. They laugh at the sight of an animal. This is how we’re made. This is what we are designed to feel. It is only the dark programming that has made us a race of foot-dragging, stooped, filled-with-worry, anxious, despairing beings.

Look to your thinking now, beloved ones. Examine every thought, every gesture, every eye blink even and root out any hint of that dark negative thinking. You are not lacking. You live on a planet of abundance in a Universe that is made of love. There is no lack. There is only the illusion that you will suffer want all your life. It is an illusion.

Every single human on this planet has an option if they reach out, if they look around, if they make a point of searching gently for that glimmer of Light. Anyone can find joy in their hearts – even one who is in solitary confinement, even one who is terminally ill can look inside to your heart to that center of your mind where you are joy. And the circumstances of your life don’t even matter because there is joy. You only need to breathe it. You only need to reach for it.

We who are here in the higher dimensions expressing joy and feeling great love for you, we truly wish for you to feel that. We celebrate now to see that at last humankind will shake off this cloak of despair and anxiety, for it is nothing but a program, and a program that’s designed out of dark thought forms.
And so now challenge yourself. Locate in yourself what that program is and search out the individual thought forms that make it up. When you can do that, you will truly walk with me into the Light.

I send you all my deepest love. The Company of Heaven is working so hard for you, our beloved ones.

We wish for you to be able to come with us to celebrate this wonderful, wonderful time that is the blooming of our beloved planet Earth and all of human kind.

And now, I will turn over the talking stick to my beloved friends here, who have more really important information for you. And my brother Michael is here. Well you think of him as Archangel Michael, don’t you? We sometimes tease him; we even call him, “Mike.” (Laughter) And so, I will turn this over to Meg and to our beautiful Christine and Eleanora, and they will continue the call for us.

Namaste all.


Pillars of Peace Burning Brightly

Meg: Namaste Sananda. Oh you got me on that one! Thank you, and I officially call forward a change: from Earth drama to Earth romantic comedy.

Kathryn: Romantic comedy! I like that! Oh yes! Woohoo!

Christine: Hi Meg. It’s Christine. We’re clapping and cheering here. We like that.

Meg: My beloved Christine, welcome! Thank you Kathryn for that, and I turn the talking stick over to you Christine to introduce the next portion of our show, thank you.

Christine: Thank you Meg. Thank you Sananda. Yes, we do have one more portion to go, and we’re very excited about it. About ten days ago, no it’s been longer than that, about a little over two weeks ago… it was time for me to follow my nudgings and pack-up the car and my cats and my sister and dearest dear friend Eleanora, who came from Georgia. We piled in the car with the U-Haul in tow to make our way to Kathryn’s, where I have now moved-in.

So what we didn’t realize was that on the trip we would have a special mission guided by Archangel Michael and the Company of Heaven. As we set out we were told that in each state, we would be opening Archangel Michael’s Pillar Portal of Peace, and we were very excited by that title, even though we weren’t quite sure what that meant. We set out on our way, and we were shown each step of the way. We were guided in the most clear and wonderful way as we learned to build these Portals of Peace.

So, it’s right in line with what Sananda just led us in: the removal of the sleeper cell in connection inside with the center of our brain and the center of our heart. So we’re going to tell you a little bit about the trip, briefly, and then Michael is here to explain more, and Eleanora and I will lead the opening of Pillar Portals of Peace. And you may join in – everywhere you are, with us, to open Archangel Michael’s Pillar Portal of Peace where you are. And it’s very exciting because it’s going to create a network, and that network is going to be used for something very special, which I think Michael is going to tell us about.

Okay, so first the states that we have done this in, where we have opened up this Pillar of Peace, this… now, it’s called a “Portal” because of what it will be used for, and it is a Pillar of Light that has now encompassed each and every state where we opened one. So the states that are now lit up are: Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Washington D.C., Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York. Yes, we stopped in each and every one and followed the guidance, and that is now creating a network.

So when you join with the area you are in, whether you are currently on the call live right now or joining on the archives, it doesn’t matter one bit. When you join the brief and powerful call to Light up the Pillar Portal of Peace, you will be activating your area permanently in the name of Peace.

So we will give this over to Archangel Michael and welcome him.


These Pillars of Light Emanate PEACE

Michael: Yes, hello. It is Archangel Michael, and I’m coming to you from the Temple of Light, and I bring with me the hello and embrace of all the Light Beings working here. We’re laughing at the moment, noticing that with this jam-packed call, you all are working as hard as we are at this moment: removing your sleeper cell, Lighting up my Portal Pillar of Peace… and we are so thrilled by it. Every time we are working together, we are as filled with joy and happiness as we can be.

So let me tell you a little bit about the Pillar of Light we will be activating. On standby right this moment, ready to engage and activate and join with us are: the Agarthans, our dear Earth, Ashtar and the Galactic Federation of Light, the Crystals that run throughout the Earth and most especially our dearest crystal Max, who is most known and used and a friend to us that runs starting in Arkansas and runs in many directions but primarily along the path that Christine has described, ending in New York where the crystal Max has his twin flame the crystal mountain Amala.

Also standing by is the Unified Grid of Christed Light and all the Grid Workers, the Earth Keepers, the Cetaceans, the many kingdoms – everyone is on deck for this exciting moment! All will join in, in Activating each and every Pillar of Light that you represent, that you call forth to be so from your heart. When activated, all of these Portals will form a network of Light that is to be used for many wonderful purposes, most especially the mass landings and the raising of Earth. The main emanation coming from these Portals of Light, these Pillars that you yourself will Activate now, is Peace.

Christine has asked a special favor that I gladly agreed to. In each portal… she noticed when she removed her own sleeper cell, the joy that followed, so she got to thinking and she noticed that indeed the emanation of, “I am separate; I am alone,” ceased in her. And her heart reached out and she wanted that signal to be… she asked that that signal be “dimmed.” Could we jam it? What could we do? So she asked that a diamond emanation be placed by me in each Pillar. And that that diamond emanation gives out the signal: “Remove your sleeper cell. Remove your dark cell. End your dark contract.” So that, instead of only the frequency: “You are separate; you are alone,” that the new frequency would also carry this embedded message. I thought this was very clever and immediately agreed. So in each and every Pillar of Light that you are activating into a Portal to be used as Peace on Earth, I will be inserting this diamond frequency.

Well, I feel we are ready to get on with the show. Get ready as Christine and Eleanora say to “Light it Up.” I will be passing the talking stick back to them, so they can take you through the Activation because, just like the sleeper cell, this must be done by you, our beloved and cherished “Boots on the Ground.” Aren’t we getting a lot done tonight, Family of Light? Anyway, it is time I get back to work as well. Of course I will be with you throughout this Activation and everyone is brimming with excitement and on deck, ready to: LIGHT IT UP!

So I pass the talking stick back to Christine and Eleanora.

I give you my love and my heart and my devotion.

I am your Archangel Michael.


Activation: Worldwide Pillar Portals of Peace

Christine: Thank you Michael. This is Christine. Thank you, we are very excited too. We noticed as we traveled, and we lit up the nineteen Pillar Portals of Peace – I think he made that name just so we could have a giggle every time we said it – as we traveled, we noticed a momentum building. And not only did each Activation include and brighten all the others, but we noticed a sort of tipping point was being reached. So what we are going to do tonight is Kathryn and Eleanora and I will be activating the United States. We have reached enough states to be able to do this.

Now, here is the exciting part: whatever state, territory, county, region you are in… is perfect. You are going to be claiming the name for that area, and YOU yourselves are actually going to BE the Pillar of Light. You are offering yourselves as a conduit that will allow this Pillar of Light to be permanently established in the region. So this is wonderful.

Yes now when we take you through, you will see that the channel that was just cleared and created by Sananda is the very channel we are going to be using to create an Activation Portal. So this is just right – fitting all together. Okay, we are going to start the Activation, and more will be explained just within it.

So when we get to, the final Activation itself, Eleanora will be giving the phrase that we are going to say four times (4x) each. We’ll all say it together. She’ll give the next phrase we’re to say four times each. We’ll all say it together and so on. You will know when we’ve hit IT because the final phrase is: LIGHT IT UP. And when she says that we’ll be saying it four times together, and we will all be Lighting It Up!



So take a deep breath, relax and get ready Family of Light to join together in this incredible Activation.

First sit straight in your chair take a deep breath. Breathe in the love that is pouring onto us. It is the golden honey that Sananda described. When you breathe out, just let everything go. Just let yourself be bathed in this Light.

Now bring your attention to the shiny clean center of your mind. See the Light that is shining there and follow that Light down the Pillar of Light within you to the center of your heart. Each and every one of us have an Ascension Pillar. Whether we’ve consciously known it or worked on it or not, we do. And they are Activated, and they are now filling with Light, as we allow ourselves to be bathed in this love.

As this Pillar of Light that runs through the center of our brain and the center of our heart begins to widen and brighten, you notice that from the center of Earth, our dear Earth is intentionally and lovingly sending us a Pillar of Light as well. Allow the loving Light and energies from Earth to connect with your own Pillar.

At the same time, from the center of The Great Central Sun, Source is sending us the most pristine, clear, loving Pillar of Light, and in this moment all of this Light becomes one. And we are the conduit for these beautiful energies.

In your heart call for your Higher Self and your Twin Flame. Now together we will call in everyone that is standing by. We say thank you and welcome our Earth. We welcome and say hello to the Earth Keepers. We humbly and gratefully welcome the Agarthans. We open our hearts wide to the Galactic Federation of Light and all Galactics fifth dimensional and higher, who are holding our Highest Good in their intentions and in their love for us.

We welcome Max and Amelia, who represent the Crystal Kingdom and the Crystals that are Awakening and brightening and Activating all across our beautiful Earth. We welcome the Angelics, the many Kingdoms of Earth seen and unseen, the Unified Grid of Christed Light and its wondrous Consciousness. And all the many Grid Workers in place now ready to help us Light It Up, now the Gate Keepers, the Cetaceans and our dear and cherished Source.

Everyone is ready and present, and we are ready to begin.

We are opening and Activating the Portal Pillar of Peace in our area. Please say aloud the area that you are activating right now. (Say area.) “We are Activating the United States of America.”

And please claim the area you are Activating. “We are Activating each of these areas in the name of Peace, for the Light, for Ascension, in the name of Love throughout all dimensions, all times, all timelines, all experiences, incarnations and existences. From this point forward, we claim these areas for the Light.”

Now we will begin the mantra and Eleanora will give us the first line, and we will say together will all our hearts, each line four times, finishing with: “Light it up!”

Eleanora (and group):

We Center
We Ground
Our Pillar
We Shine
We Expand
We Are Peace
We Ascend
Light It Up!
Christine: (All cheering) Yes, yes, wonderful and now Archangel Michael we ask you to come and place this diamond emanation of love that says: “Release the sleeper cell. Remove the dark cell. End the dark contract. End the dark thought forms. Be free.” We ask you graciously: please place this diamond Light within each pillar, as you have promised.

Oh! There’s cheering. There’s excitement. The Light is… blinding. It’s beautiful. It’s beautiful. I can hear… cheering from everywhere.

Thank you so much for your hearts, for your work, for your Light.

Eleanora: And I’ll just add this one thing: So Be It!

Christine: (Laughter) Thank you Eleanora. So Be It.

Transcribed by Faith, Jovine & Christine for Kathryn E. May, March 16, 2015

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