Archangel Azrael via Julie Miller – Embracing Your Changes – 3-21-15

Archangel Azrael   –   Embracing Your Changes

Channeler:  Julie Miller   –   March 21, 2015


Every dear son and daughter of God will in their life time experience more than one major life changing event. Every transition you had to make also brought essential changes to your external life; you may had to move, had to change your career, dealt with uncertain job security; as well dealt with family issues that may have included births, deaths and marriages.

All such transitions may also have caused you to change on the inside as each transition you have to move through compels you to examine your faith, your beliefs as well as your relationship with God.

As the seasons change and new, fresh colours Spring from the Earth, be reminded Dear Hearts that seasons also change inside of you. Just as the seasons make their adjustment from one to the other, so do people.

When you experience any kind change you transition through it. If someone died you grieve and move through each passing emotion until you are able to get on with life. When you grow and change, a part of you also is lost and let go in order for you to transition into a newer and more capable you.

Any kind of loss is frightening and it can make one feel overwhelmed and helpless. The Dear Hearts that understand what it feels like to lose a job, a loved one, or even a part of an old belief system that was no longer useful, may go through feelings of sadness, confusion, melancholy and perhaps become a little anxious until they adapt to the new version of what life is to be like until the next change or transition occurs. It is important dear ones to not resist the changes, any time you resist, you only intensify your reactions that have been formed out of fear and distress.

Any time you face change, you are compelled to examine where you are in life, to reflect and find a new perspective. It is understandably that when you examine your life after dealing with change, especially when you are dealing with loss that you might contemplate what has occurred in the past and question your direction towards the future.

It is important to remember Dear Hearts that there is not a moment in your day that you are not making choices. From the moment you wake, you begin making choices until it is time to return to your bed.

Every decision you make, what is also happening is a tiny loss of the option or choice you didn’t take. But from that tiny loss you also have significant gain from the choice you did take.

Throughout your life you will experience numerous gains, losses, shifts and of course transitions as you work through them all, regardless of the size of their importance or insignificance.

Becoming flexible instead of resisting change will permit you to move forward no matter what transition you have just came out of. When you experience a great loss, such as a child or spouse, or parent or someone close to you, it is natural to feel frozen, until you deem yourself ready to move on a little each day, no longer ready to crumble.

Each change you have endured required you to give up something in order for you to gain something else.

Life is strangely paradoxically beautiful that way. It is in your nature to adapt to change. Some Dear Hearts take longer to adapt but they still do. How one heals and moves from one transition to another is irrelevant, what is relevant is that you are able to accept that life has its ups and downs, losses and gains and that you have the capacity to let go of the old in favour of the new.

You cannot control change. Even by resisting change, you cannot prevent change from happening. You are encouraged to honour each change as they come and embrace what each change means to you and rejoice in the direction each new change brings.

Congratulate yourself for being so strong and for persevering every hardship, every transition you have made. Look at how much you have learned as a result.

You will not only face changes that are perceived as negative, you will experience positive changes that will promote feelings of euphoria, hope and excited anticipation of what is forming from the positive changes.

You may feel motivated to try something new or have the courage to keep going, moving forward, trusting and accepting each experience is a new chapter along the course of life, one that is filled with learning meant for your growth and development.

Of course when facing a tragic change, it may be difficult to recognize that there are also positive changes happening. Just like in the seasons that occur around the globe, the earth continues to produce beautiful flowers and living things…as one season ends, a new season begins, and surrounding you with its splendor, the old season gives way for the new, fresh season.

It is important dear ones when transitioning, to find a pace you can handle. When you find yourself becoming stuck due to change, you may find yourself going in circles, becoming lost or wandering without knowing where you are going.

The best thing to do Dear Hearts is to keep going at the pace that is best for you, moving each step forward. Some steps you take may be uncomfortable, but through the discomfort you are learning, expanding and becoming more.

You may not have been aware of this fact, but it takes more effort to remain still than it does to keep going. If you stay still too long you may find yourself becoming paralyzed

Therefore, when you are facing change and you are transitioning through each step, remember to keep one foot in front of the other; and that it is okay to explore inwardly, to become aware of who you are and of the blossoming world around you. Get to know yourself more as you move through your changes.

Recognize the strong and capable person that you are, see that you have adapted to each new direction you have had to take, you accepted and moved on. Each of you are masterpieces, filled with God’s loving presence that has encouraged you with subtle whispers to keep trying and not to give up hope.

When you embrace each change and transition with an open heart, the process through will be much easier. Remember Dear Hearts you are strong and capable.

And so it is…

I AM Archangel Azrael through Julie Miller


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