Kim Mary – Higher Dimensional Frequencies – Unicorns Channeled Message – Light Codes, Soul Connection – 3-17-15

Higher dimensional frequencies channeled in from the Unicorns

Light Codes and Soul Connection

Greetings Dear Ones we come with much love in our hearts for our brethren living in our beloved planet Earth, fondly known to us as Gaia. We come from the South of your equator where a portal has been open up to allow a stream of high frequency energies to be downloaded onto Gaia for the support and growth of all who reside on Gaia in these times of great change and enlightenment.

We honour all the brave souls who have chosen to help with the current transformation both personally and globally, to transform the heavier and discordant energies of the past still lingering in your energy fields and of others who have forgotten their own light.

The light frequencies that are now infiltrating your daily lives, are full of pockets of codes. These codes when one knows how to access them and incorporate and merge into your aura and auric layers, will enhance the transformation of discordant energies that are being held from the past and others who are less aware.

This transformation will occur, even if one does not work consciously to do so. However, to work consciously will increase the rate at which you transform into your higher selves, your soul body, and thus will quicken your abilities to follow your soul’s purpose. In order to consciously work with your soul, we will discuss a method of advancement:

Sit quietly with no distractions. Allow all thoughts to flow away, allow your breath to slow down and become deeper. Call in the blue flame of protection, as you create your intention to connect with your soul and our energies, the Unicorns of the 9th dimension. We will assist you in raising your vibration, upon your request.

As we assist you in raising your vibration, you may become aware of thoughts raising into your consciousness of the past or present situations that are not aligned to the light, simply observe as these thoughts flow away.

Chose to let go and heal and forgive all that no longer serves you in connecting with the light of your soul. Allow us to assist in cleansing your aura. As you allow this process to continue you will feel yourself becoming lighter, you will feel the peace and the joy of your soul and the connection with who you truly are becoming stronger.

You may shed tears of joy at this reunion and be able to breathe more freely, feeling the freedom as the shackles are released from you daily sojourns. As this connection becomes stronger with each breathe, you may start to ask questions of your soul and become aware of how you receive answers.

These answers may come in pictures, or thoughts or feelings or a knowing, and a combination of any of these communications from your soul. This is the ability to commune with your soul. Write down your answers, so that you can come back at a later time and reflect.

Practice this daily, and the connection becomes stronger. Ask your soul to help you accept, access and integrate the light codes that are streaming down onto Gaia, ask for the process to be under ease and grace for your highest good.

Ask for help in grounding the new energies and for clear sight. Ask for help in healing and opening your heart centres. For if you do not ask Dear Ones we are not able to assist, it is against Universal Law to interfere with out your permission.

We love you greatly and understand the difficulties that you are faced with in this transformation, as this transformation is not spoken of in mainstream media. There are too many that wish to halt this and keep souls in the dark.

As you connect to the light, there are many realisations that occur. The most relevant is that you are not helpless, instead you are wonderful beings who are very powerful, you have the ability to create what ever you wish.

Many have forgotten their innate power, their abilities to create joyful lives full of abundance, peace and happiness. As you connect with you soul and open your heart centres and intend to remember who you truly are, you will remember that you have choice at every given moment, in every situation.

You can change anything that you wish, from love and in alignment with your souls. This is a time to remember your soul and all that makes your soul sing. Follow your souls path and you will feel freedom that is your natural state.

Ground this, your soul into your everyday life and all interactions with others. As each soul does this, Gaia will transform into a high frequency habitat for all souls to enjoy the songs of your souls and hearts.

Please ask us to assist, it is our great honour to assist the reconnections and remembrance of our beloved brethren, we love you deeply and eternally, for we are all one.

We are your brothers and sisters, living in higher dimensions, we are known as the Unicorns, Council of the Eternal Way of the Light, 9th dimension and beyond.

Call upon us for assistance at any time.

With much love, gratitude and peace the Unicorns.


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