Commander Valiant Thor – A chat about th e CERN Situation – 3-14-15

Commander Valiant Thor

He wants to alleviate some fear about this situation in the minds of the public as fear only increases the danger. This is an informal talk with the Supreme Commander not an official message but should be taken as one. He’s saying some interesting things.

“Alright you are exactly right. Now I’m going to explain something and of course you cannot verify it and they certainly will never tell it.  They won’t find what they call “the God particle”.  Of course it was first named the “Godless particle” and they felt need of changing that for the broad religious element. You have not only Christians in America but Muslims, Jews elsehere and other religions that would be offended by that.

“What this particle actually is, they are out to get through all of it,  they believe will give them the key to how the universe was created thus making them literally creators as well as destroyers of any Star they might have reason to destroy. This placing control of the universe in the hands of a few mad scientists.

And no they have not yet found it and they won’t as it won’t be allowed. We cannot allow that.  This is not a particle like the atom or parts of the atom. And I’m doing this in layman’s terms so all can understand it, we don’t need any great scientists to channel me you do fine as I want to explain things so all can understand.

They actually have to go into another dimension to find it and that’s why they want to experiment with the dimensions. Now I need to take a little caution here as I don’t want to give them any hints on how to find it but our doubts are that they will.  But there are scientists there and not all birthed on your planet, that do have some knowledge of what it will do.

With this knowledge they could literally control the universe now we’re not to let that happen so all cease to worry in that way. With this knowledge they could specify a far off target for instance Beti Reticuli or Altair  for that matter now this target would be the star not a planet. In this way they feel they can control the universe of course it’s explained as protecting planet Earth from us bad guys up here in the sky which they don’t need protection from not all of us anyway. But they think they do.

This dates back to 52 when they made a deal with the wrong group and they are on the planet holed in underground and almost controlling the world. And some of their scientists have a big part in these experiments as they know more than the Earthian scientists and know what power this would give and of course they will control it.

Now I’m not going to say your Earthian Scientists are fully knowledgeable about what is going on.They may be deceived that they are doing something else but this is the basic goal is to find this “God particle”and learn how to use it so as to have control of the universe.

The mystical saying we are all ONE is more fact than fiction as we all are. We are all inner connected by the light fabric that I might liken to a piece of knitting that you knit into it different patterns or pictures and all knitted together with only knotting between the pictures. So if you clip a piece of the yarn at any part then you can unravel that section between the knots. Most can understand that.

The universe is the same way, it’s possible to do this to the light fabric that’s why we have so much protection at the nodes and also  portals of the dimensions. My group is more involved with the portals and light fabric than the specific 3-d level problems.

We are not ETs by the way.  We are a highly evolved group of beings very similar to those of you on the planet in body but much more evolved.  I prefer the word Alien as it denotes someone from a foreign place and that’s exactly who we are. It could be a foreign dignitary and does not imply any insult to us however we are not classed with what is generally called ET on your planet and that to me is very derogatory word to use in speaking of the Protection Fleets, again, we are not ETs.

Now it’s quite possible the actual scientists working on this have not been informed what it is they are exactly doing or looking for.  The primary control is the off world beings now on your planet that were allowed on and then turned on the Government. 

The Governnemt does not know what to do and to share that with the public they are not about to do. You are literally controlled by an underground alien group that right now gets what they want as the Government doesn’t know how to say no to them and stay safe.

Now if we could get down there in peace we could take them out but they don’t trust us because they have been told some very weird things about us. And I do not want you to blame yourself in any way as it was not your fault but what happened back in 1950 didn’t help my reputation with them at all in fact they’re afraid of me that’s why they have done what I’ve asked in the past. But I mean them no harm nor does my group. We are trying to help out.

And of course the underground group do not want them to trust us and would like to target Altair sun and be rid of us all. Another reason some have passed around information that we are Reptilian here is to frighten people of us.

We are what you might call a dark Nordic race. I use the term Nordic in that it means similar to the Earthian body and I would estimate about eighty (80) percent of the civilizations elsewhere in your universe are Nordic.  We may have a few Reptilian colonies that are peaceful on one of the Altair planets  but we control them don’t control us.  I really am not sure why some of people differentiate from Nordic and what they term Humanoids.  I know of no such division we are all creations of the ONE Infinite Mind that created all and in whom all exist including the stars and planets. Some of you call it Father-Mother God and that’s fine but the creator of ALL is not a person but Spirit in which you live and which lives in each created being in the likeness, not any physical likeness but you are not physical beings;  all are Light Beings living in physical body.

 However, the body is not evil either it’s just as evil as the mind that indwells it. The body is the Temple of God as you are part of God, maybe a tiny speck but still some part as there’s nothing but God, and I’m getting a bit into metaphysics here and off my topic but I wanted to explain that. The Creator is not a person and certainly not on that speck of rock you call Earth. That’s blasphemy gone to seed.

So that’s your situation there in a nut shell.  And you are right about it being very similar to invading the throne Room and taking over the power of the Creator which of course will not happen without destruction there, which is regrettable because  it’s not the fault of the general public.

But we will do what we have to do to protect the Universe which is business as usual. And we will evacuate as many as possible and our ships are now on location though cloaked and ready to descend at any given moment so all I can tell anyone to do is hop on if you see one and ask questions later.

Now I know this sounds like Sci-Fi to you and you hesitate to write it but it’s pure science, maybe not all understood there as yet but I’ve never been wrong yet so trust me a little further.

There’s a sub plot to the story. 


>>>>Are you finished, Val?


No, I was just showing you that you were channeling me and when I stopped the words stopped flowing.  For the sub plot we go to your own Earthian financiers that control the money that see riches beyond their fondest dreams in this fusion energy search.

Then you have the control freaks that see themselves writing orders to destruct certain civilizations by destructing their suns more or less just to play a glorified shoot down the aliens game.  Of course their explanation for this is for the protection of Planet earth as they cannot stop alien powers when they get there so they will stop them at their home base before started but that’s not really the basic motive.

Universal control is the basic motive behind it all as that’s a natural inclination of the Earthian mind, to control.

Now I want to make this very clear in closing, I don’t give this type communication to frighten any on the planet, in fact let me say this.  There is nothing to fear as we have it in control and we intend to keep that control.  My basic reason for that type message, that you share with the public now, is not actually for the public – but to put some fear of God or science into some there before they do place the planet in danger.

Now hang with me now as I pause at times as I’m thinking, I have a notion to say something and really should not perhaps as I know you will hesitate to post this whole message.  if I do so I’m damned, and damned if I don’t – but it could be the right thing to say, to stop a lot of unnecessary problems, and I have no one higher to advise me here whether to say it or not.

Alright I’ll say it. We have what they are looking for and we have no intent to allow any planet to find it, as we have the control of the universe – and we’ve had it a very long time. That’s why we are called the Protection Fleets and well respected by the advanced civilizations.

We have the God particle and more, we know how to use it and we don’t plan for anyone else to have it. That should make some of your scientists stop and think. Of course they could toss this off as science fiction but I think we’ve proven over the years to the ones that matter as far as control there, that when I speak it’s so.

All I have baby now get some rest tonight and stop getting upset at stupidity gone to seed those that believe in me know I’m real and the rest don’t count. I’m read by those that do count that I’m directing my writing to so just post it and get you some rest and look over ignorance gone to seed. And listen to me, stop trying to give me away, you’ve written for me too long and some in high places do not know any signature but Terese Thor and when you leave the internet that’s the end of my messages to the planet. Ask me before you tell someone they can take over my work. No one but Terese Thor can get my messages where I want them to go so stop that. Val


Universal Supreme Cmdr Val Thor

Universal Protection Fleets

Telepathic transmission  by:

V. Terese Thor

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