Message From Merlin – The Reawakening of Lemuria – Bob Fickes – 3-13-15


Before there was recorded history and long before Atlantis, there was a world of Pure Light. Your Inner Master was whole and complete. This is long before your mind today can understand. Your mind today is formed from physical reality and knows only how to exist within the field of Cause and Effect. But your True Nature is much more ancient, my friends! You have lived for millions of years before you became physical. Your True Nature is extraordinary!

Two million years ago in the time of Lemuria you were a being of Light, a True Master with all of the powers of a god and all of the radiance of an angel. But you have forgotten this time and can no longer understand what it was like to float in the air with your Light Body. You were Pure Love and Light without any physical identity and any physical limitation. Your world was also Pure Love and all living things were radiant with all the colors of the rainbow.

Most of you probably think that Lemuria was a world of Nature like Hawaii, beautiful in every way but still existing in the physical world that you know today. No, my friends, Lemuria existed in another dimension high above this Earth similar to what you would call Heaven. Even the Plants and Waterfalls were composed of radiant light more magnificent than any dream world you mind can imagine. You could visit a Waterfall and become one with it. Your soul energy would merge with the Waterfall of Light and be recharged with the Light of the Holy Spirit. Everything was Pure Love and nothing was beyond your ability to experience as your self. What is today called your Inner Master was once a divine being capable of changing form and experiencing any form of existence that you could imagine. This is the magical reality of your Inner Master.

Today your Inner Master is trapped inside this physical body/mind and sees life through the eyes of your past karmic memories. You cannot imagine the freedom that you once knew. But this is the time, after two million years, when the doors to your Inner Master Soul are opening and flashes of light and love are sparkling with memories that your conscious mind cannot understand. Every time you feel this surge of energy flashing through your body and your consciousness, the Infinite Inner Master is waking up. These surges of spiritual electricity are crashing through the walls of your body/mind and the Light of your Immortal Soul is shining through the darkness of millions of years of limitation and trauma. As you release these limitations, you will feel temporarily uncomfortable. You will feel much like the delicate flower trying to break through the hard skin of the bud that surrounds it and keeps it trapped inside. One day the bud will break and the flower of your Inner Master will break through.

I am here with many other Masters such as Saint Germain, Sanat Kumara, Kannon, and Sananda to help you break through and remember who you really are. As your Inner Master pops out from deep inside of you, we are here to teach you how to experience all of your hidden gifts and powers. You are the first generation in such a long time of physical history to awaken your hidden talents and show the world a New Life of Extraordinary Brilliance. You will be the first Masters to bring the reality of Heaven back to Earth and re-establish a world full of Love for all generations in the future to enjoy. You have already broken the wall!

Although you may be experiencing some traumas, you are already well on your way to the Immortal Life. Seek out your friends and be with them as much as possible. You must help each other during this time of trauma. If you remain around others who cannot understand this new spiritual reality, you will grow despondent and want to give up your spiritual gifts and live in the world that they live in. You cannot do this, my friends! You are the first ones to break down this wall and climb into the Spiritual Truths of your Inner Master. Be gentle with your self and seek the assistance of the ones you love and the new friends you are meeting on your journey. Together you can change the world and restore Heaven of Earth, even as it was foretold eons ago when your ancestors believed that the time would come to create Paradise on Earth. The Time has come! You are the first to break through. Never look back to the way the world has been. Look forward to the dream your Inner Master is creating for you. Bless you my friends! I am the Master of Spiritual Magic, and the Master of Spiritual Dreams! I am the Merlin at your service!


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