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Suzanne Baker Hogan

Graham Dewyea: Suzy shares a three part contribution inspired from the January 22, 2015 An Hour with an Angel show on Creation, Abundance and Nova Earth.

I’m seeing a vital role that Golden Age of Gaia is playing beyond serving as a lifeline for New Earth insights and information. You are sharing your own journey around abundance, and this is inspiring us to look at ours.

Like most of us, you aren’t being handed financial solutions on a silver platter (understatement!), but rather you’ve had to go through the process and share it publicly. This is what Ascension is all about – empowerment from the inside out, with total transparency.

These last few years, so many of us have been pushed to become empowered and to stop hiding any lack within ourselves. We have lived through intense personal initiations to this end. These initiations have illuminated our shadows, purged our pain, shed our conditioning, and loved our fears away – all in a very exposed manner. Now, it’s becoming clear that ridding lack has prepared us to accept abundance.

If we’d simply been handed abundance, we would have missed this vital healing and not known how to create it for ourselves. We would have ended up exactly as we began. You see, we had to face, own and release all the ways we have kept ourselves down because this limits what we can create. And it turns out that separation has kept us down the most.

As our Divine Mother teaches, separation has kept us from abundance. Because separation is the ultimate lack. It is separation from the love that we are made of. If you consider that the human experience has been one giant experiment in separation, then no wonder we’re still grappling with abundance. It can’t flow into our lives until we give separation up.

This realization has shifted something for me dramatically. I realize that when I end my feelings of distance from others, I end the distance within myself. I heal the parts of me that have felt rejected, alone, and unloved. Finally, I get that I am an essential part of creation, and that creation is limitless. I stop closing myself off from everyone and become open to our infinite truth.

But dissolving the illusion of separation is challenging, to say the least. One must truly live through this purification, not just get it as an idea. This explains why we have to go through individual Ascension in order to become fully empowered human beings. That is why the process is so personal.

We have to shatter the illusion from within, where it is projected from, and realize how detrimental it’s been. We have to feel just how much separation has sabotaged our creativity and kept us from following our hearts. Because when we believe that we have to survive alone as disconnected and limited people, this seeps into everything that we create. If you consider that living is creating, this means that we are all artists, and when we separate ourselves from the collective, we sabotage our daily lives.

The task is to deeply remember the feeling that we are all interconnected as ONE and to live from this place always. Because there is no us and them; there is only one love-consciousness. You are this consciousness, awakening to a different perspective of your Godself. If you focus on the light within you right now, you can feel this deep love wanting to expand. This is the peace that waits patiently in everyONE to remind us who we are.

Oneness is everywhere when you start to look, and it is essential to creation. This is revolutionary to me as an artist. I come from a family of painters, where each painting, no matter how joyous to make, inevitably succumbs to separation. After you make the painting, you get recognized, or not, and this spurs external validation or rejection. You sell something, you’re making money! You get some press, you’re pumped up, and so you are promoted and the gallery takes a cut.

And then you hit a dry spell. Fear sets in concerning worth and livelihood. You start to doubt yourself in a kind of paralysis. This is classic writer’s block, and it is all ego based. It is the suffering that comes from separation. It comes from being disengaged from the collective and thinking only about yourself.

But the moments in the studio when passion takes hold and creation sings on the canvas, well that is not ego at all. That is a channeling from ALL OF US for the sheer joy of creating, not for personal benefit. This is what I tend to forget once the painting is done – that I AM the universal always, not just when I’m painting. When I don’t cut myself off from this fact after the artwork’s finished, I get to continually partake in the flow of abundance.

This is why true art is made purely for the bliss of making it. It is then shared purely for the joy of sharing it. True art is divinity brought to life. The artist is the instrument. The music is Godsource.

Continued in Part 2.

Continued from Part 1

We are artists of creation, but we are living in a dense reality that separates us from realizing this. Now, we are remembering that separation is not real, and we are ready to manifest consciously. And it turns out that ending separation is the missing ingredient to manifestation that few ever talk about.

Most manifestation techniques involve one person drawing one desire to themselves, with little thought about the collective. This is a linear method masquerading as limitless. That is why it will never truly work or work for long. This is where the artist dooms their creations. Without oneness, they are destined to be limited.

Remembering our inherent oneness is the key to abundance. And it takes some adjustment to truly embrace it. All ideas of limitation must be removed, and once again, they start within. We must feel worthy as co-creators and stop separating ourselves from love. We must free ourselves from deep conditioning that says otherwise and cease looking for permission. Only then can we create with authenticity and shine.

But of course, we have been conditioned to not believe in ourselves. And although we are natural creators, our God given abilities have been denied. Indeed, the entire idea of being creative has been tainted from the start. This is intentional to keep us powerless.

We must remember that the “starving artist” is part of our conditioning, devised to keep us separate. In many ways, this is the ultimate image of separation – alone, suffering, and unequipped to make money without patronage or celebrity. This image scares us from doing what we really want to do – from doing what helps our earth. It discourages us from tapping into our natural creativity and keeps us in “safe” jobs. Money becomes paramount, as does answering to the boss in charge.

What’s worse, artists who really make it get put on a pedestal that is unreachable and certainly has nothing to do with us. They become big ego players in the land of personal gain. Art becomes commodity.

Of course, no one experiences separation more than New Earth Builders. We are continually labeled as cuckoo to scare us from challenging the status quo. We tend to filter our truth to reach loved ones, even if we are still treated like fools. We might even feel distance from fellow lightworkers because Ascension is so excruciating. And with atrocious darkness to tame, well it’s so hard not to feel us and them.

But maybe this is part of being pioneers of healing. We feel separation so deeply that we are pushed to heal it and light the way. When we do, we see that separating ourselves from love is what must end, and that we aren’t outcasts – we are leaders making this known. And once we really get that we are never alone, a new confidence begins to build. Passions intersect to join hands. Lone endeavors become movements to change the world. What seemed insurmountable becomes a dream unfolding. And we make quantum leaps into the infinite unknown.

After so much healing, we are seeing that our greatest strength is togetherness because this is us. We are beginning to understand how united we already are. At last, we are beginning to embrace how much abundance we deserve, and to limit it in any way is to defy ourselves.

Abundance and creation are inseparable, and it turns out that anything really is possible. We thought we knew this, but we didn’t really get it before. Now, we feel it with all of our being. In separation we suffered, but together we shine at last.

Continued in Part 3

Suzanne Baker HoganContinued From Part 2

It can feel scary to leave separation behind because it has been so familiar. But separation must be discarded on all levels, and passionate purpose leads the way. It carries us forward into territory our souls have already aced. Our minds tend to forget this and revert to limitation, but our hearts are so very brave! Now is the time to use them.

Now is the time to change our world, together. We didn’t come here to shuffle along in mediocrity. We came here to empower all human beings. We came here to express our Godselves with joy! We can no longer put off what makes us feel so. We must honor ourselves with the genuine bliss that is our make up.

We cannot leave this for another day, but must create when inspired instead of waiting until circumstances are “perfect.” Because we are forming those very circumstances with every procrastination!

Our Divine Mother puts it perfectly, “Are you ready to get into action tomorrow if your funding is there?” Acting now is the answer. We have to each join in and not wait to begin. And we are doing this! It is such a sight to behold. This is faith in action.

Thankfully, blissfully, each heart-led step feels exhilarating and builds! And it feels so liberating to no longer create with fear, even in uncharted lands. Our Divine Mother shares, “What you are demonstrating is the power, the capacity, to translate the desire for creation, the dream, from something that you do not fully know or understand, into reality.”

Your heart knows how. Trust it, and leave mental lack behind. Embrace the limitless that inspires every courageous move. Know that when you enact this in your life, you help tip the balance for all.

This is hitting home for me big time. In my personal life, I am leaving security behind in order to be with my Twin Flame. So I’m taking a leap where I must enter the abundant flow and do so as an artist, writer, and mother. Frankly, it feels terrifying, but I know that I’m going to succeed. I know this with absolute certainty because I’ve prepared myself to accept my own abundance. Most of all, I know that remaining in my familiar, comfortable past was never going to bring my dreams to life, nor allow me to fully thrive.

What I’ve found is that I must stay in a higher vibration, above everything I was conditioned to believe. I must let others go who bring me away from my dreams, no matter how much I want to help them. Because I can do more by going ahead than staying conflicted between two realities. I can lead by lighting the way instead of trying to explain or defend myself to a dying world.

A new way of creating is here, and I can feel it in my bones. It is a glorious celebration of the Divine, enjoyed by all in loving service. And it is purpose that drives our art: to create our New Earth with the talents we have come to share.

Sharing is our true nature, not getting all we can for ourselves. The truth is that we already share everything, whether we deny it or not. When we admit this, no one is left with lack. All of us benefit because we have finally remembered the obvious.

Every creation that you see is an extension of yourself. It is an expression of God reaching through the depths of you to show you your very self. Own this grandeur and accept it, for you are here to remind us who we are. You are so very talented, and you are forever in demand. You are an artist of creation, and abundance is waiting for you.

Suzanne Baker Hogan is the author of Share the Spiritual and Twin Flame Help

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