The Event: A Compilation of What’s Been Said

Infinite Shift

In the past weeks, I’ve had some discussions with fellow Light Servers (I really like this term, thank you Sandra Walter!) about The Event ~ what, when, how, why and where ~ all this was explored. We were all non-experts in this field, and all I could do was to reference what I’ve read/heard about it. Also called The Pulse, Blue Pulse…I believe they all refer to the same occurrence.

I’ve decided to pull together all the references that I’m aware of into this one post. These are links to information that I’ve posted from various sources. If you know of others that I’ve not included here, it doesn’t mean that I don’t agree with their information….just that I don’t know of their existence!  🙂

So what does The Event mean to me? Well, I believe that it’s a Divinely orchestrated massive burst of Light that alters our consciousness fields…

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