One Who Serves and Ashira – Ignorance Is No Longer Bliss – 2-24-15

One Who Serves channeled by James McConnell and Ashira channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco

(Note: these messages were given during our weekly Prepare For Change group in Glendale, AZ on February 22, 2015)


One Who Serves:

Greetings.  Good to be here with you again in this way and we so enjoy when you play our song (referring to group “Ohm”. For as you probably are aware, we do this quite often, this “Ohm-ing” sound and many other things that we do that you are not quite ready for in this particular incarnation that you are in. But you all here in this group have all done this before in many aspects. You have found yourselves in monasteries and in caves and all of these things previously and found yourselves doing these practices. And they are somewhat foreign to you in this particular lifetime, not all of you but some of you here, have a difficult time with, say meditation and to quiet the mind. The mind is so chattering all the time, is it not? It is difficult to quiet it down and even to get to that point – we know there is one who has spoken here about the sleep issue and it is difficult to find the movement into the restfulness of the sleep because the mind is always working unless you quiet it down.  And it is important to do that so we would suggest to one who has difficulty with this, you may have already done this, but attempt to meditate during that time and we can assure you that as you are meditating it will assist you in the quieting of the mind and you will find yourself drifting off. And there will be times when you will be not quite sure if you have actually fallen asleep or not but you will feel more rested if you would do this.

Now for a message here to those rest of you here and those who would be reading and resonating to these words, it is always important that it is those who resonate to these words because this is not for everyone. These messages are not for everyone at this point because there are so many still that are slumbering along and have, in many respects, seemingly no cares in the world. But those of you that are in the awakening process, you know that as you become more and more aware of all of the things that are happening in the world it is difficult, in some respects, to find the blissfulness state. But there is a saying, you used to have a saying, that ignorance is bliss; but we will tell you now that “ignorance no longer bliss”.  Because if you are asleep and continue in that sleeping state then many things would be happening around you that you would not like the end result.

So it is important for more and more and more to awaken to who they are and what they are here for and the real reason for all of this. And those of you who are who are in this awakening process, it is up to you to do all you can as well. Whenever you get the opportunity don’t jump in, don’t go knocking on doors or this type of thing. But wherever there is the opportunity allow for the process to develop, if a question is asked then answer it in the respect that it is asked and not more. Do not give too much because they would not necessarily be ready for it. But when they are ready they will ask more questions and more, and continue to go in that process. And you will find that more and more and more will awaken across the entire planet as this is being done, as the Light is being spread in this respect. And also in the respect of mass meditations and this type of thing is very important.  And it is, from our point of view, from our vantage point and from those who are above us in terms of in the ships and these things they are seeing the Light spreading rapidly.

Now we know that it is perhaps not quite as rapid as you would like it to be, but it is what it is and it is important to know that you are having an effect. Each of you here in this room, and those again who are reading these words, are having an effect on the masses so that the truth is coming out more and more and being revealed more and more. And the more the truth is being revealed the more will awaken from their slumber. And the more that awaken from their slumber, they will awaken others and on and on and on. And this is how the Light continues to spread and the Love is shared. That would be our message. Would there be any questions for One Who Serves and Ashira who is also standing by here we believe?

Question: Yes I want to ask you, Ashira, some information about what kind of being are we trying to bring and what type of prep work do we need to do to get ready?


(Ashira): And you are talking about the one, the child that is coming to you? (Yes). This is an agreement that is made prior to your lives even, so there is no more preparation to “attract” the correct soul other than being open to know that this is indeed the time for you to call that soul forth. And for the two of you to move into the opportunity for the soul to make its way through you and with you for the new dispensation, let us say. The two of you have set up and established a practice of business and spiritual types of agreements with this soul and so, with this birth, you will be able to experience all those things that you have established prior to the arrival of the soul upon the earth.

And you have been brought together yourselves, have you not, with the intention whether or not it was constant at the time, at the top of your mind, with the intention of bringing forth this little one. And you can be proud for the future for this one will be teaching others at a very young age and will also be greeted by others so you may think you only have one chance at this, you will have many more chances to share your love and your philosophy and your Light with these little ones does that help? (Yes). Bless you.

(One Who Serves): Would there be other questions here?

Question: I have a question I’ve heard that there are many corrections being made on Earth that need to be made and that some of that will be negative in terms of what’s happening here on Earth. And then we’ve also heard your message of joy and jubilation and having our awakening and our eyes open. So can you elaborate on this a little bit in terms of going to happen in the next year or so?


(One Who Serves ) We can assist in this in some ways yes. Understand that as the times continue on here, as you are moving in the direction of your ascension process, there is a letting go process that occurs within this. And this is causing some consternation in many aspects in many different ways physiologically, mentally, emotionally. And people are having these expressions of the change that is going on within their bodies, within their emotional bodies and within their etheric and astral as well. And these things will continue on as this process continues to move ahead. But understand that as these things are happening, there are also changes that are going on within the Earth herself and within the aspects of the frequencies that are also moving in a higher direction here, in terms of higher vibration. So there will be those, as you become more and more aware of what is happening then the truth is coming out more and more, and more is being revealed.


And as it is being revealed to you, you are aghast, you might say, at some of the horrors and things that before were covered up and you did not know of these things – they had not been revealed. So as more and more is revealed, you become more and more aware of “other than Love and Light” and all of this. And so it is difficult in this aspect. Now the earlier ideas and concerns of the catastrophes and calamities and all of this is not the case anymore. It will not happen except to those that are expecting that to happen and, in many respects, wish it to happen. Be careful of what you wish for, you see? They will have that aspect as they are asking for it, it will come to them. So know though that as you yourselves, those of the Light, are moving in that direction and into higher vibrations, there cannot be those types of catastrophes so nothing to worry about. Because it is all about moving into these higher frequencies where there is no worry, where there is no fear, where there is no concerns of lack and limitation. Where there is only Love and Light and togetherness and oneness and compassion and all of this, you see? Does this answer your question? (Yes, thank you).


(One Who Serves): Any other questions here?


Question: So does it help if we send love and light to some of these darker organizations like the Roman Catholic Church or I know we did for Montauk. Is it really good for us to get together and meditate and bring light to these places that maybe the changes won’t be as severe here on Earth?


(One Who Serves ) Yes but also understand we have been working with you to do these things. We do not want you to become, what is your saying, “bogged down” by this so that you are focusing only on attacking the negative and the dark forces and this type of thing. It is important to do that at certain points as we have been expressing with you but it is also more important to continue to spread the Light and the Love wherever you can and do it in this way, you see? (Yes) And not directly attacking those organizations. (Thank you). Would there be further questions here?


Not this time, okay, then we are going to close down our part of this and we are going to say that you have been told what is coming the next week. The following week after that, we are preparing another guest speaker, you might say, and the James even does not know who that will be yet at this point. But this is coming there are certain things that are going to be developing that will call for this one to speak to you.


Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.


And I have something to share with you at the end for the group here. A few weeks ago I shared about physical discomforts and physical activities that might be going on with those in this group and those who read these words and listen. And yes they hit you full flow, haven’t they? (Yes, yes) And that was the reason for the pre-education, let us say, of that. And there is more of this to go on that will continue to take place in your physical bodies for they are changing at those higher levels. Your emotional bodies, your spiritual bodies, all of these are being affected as you come online to these additional chakras, as well as for the refinement of your bodies to be able to fill more and more with those fifth dimensional energies and frequencies.

And yes, this one too has had her share of rebalancing and healing and energy shifts. And all of you are on that leading edge that you discussed earlier. On one hand, it is good for you who are able to share with others and share what’s happening and understand it more deeply. And while it feels like what you call sickness it is indeed not but glorious transformations from who you were, to who you are, and who you are becoming. And while this is frustrating because no one in this room, or those who read these words, have any interest at all in prolonging this misery physically, however, this is part of the path. It is part of the path and part of the reason that those of you in this room, and those of you who are ahead of others in this experience, that you are experiencing these opportunities at this time. And we strive to stay positive about this because the information can be interpreted to some as horrible, something painful.

And yet you look around the room here and you see the sunshine on your faces and you listen to one another as you share. Be diligent, be vigilant. Let only those things that enter your mind continue to support you as you move forward on your path. And yes, there are some in this room that can manage to read the situations and go forward, without having it take them or hold them. Others of you are not capable of doing that and so the best choices that you can make for yourselves is to allow only what you can change moment to moment every day. And this is a time of awakening, a time to close one door and opened this other one more fully. And while the educational process seems to be transformational it can also seem confusing and frustrating. We acknowledge that with you. And this is the reason that we have all been called together today to, again, have conversations about these physical, mental, emotional activities actions upon your body – and spiritual ones.

As you have called forth and calmed down the changes and welcomed them from all aspects of who you are individually, you will indeed find that they manifest in your life a little differently for each one of you. For each one of you has different gifts, each one of you has different understandings. And so it is only readily, perfectly yours to experience it at this time. And while you may, at days and times, feel that this is an overload on your system, calm back, settle back, move back into a place that you are comfortable. Pull in, knowing that the next energy round will take you again to that newest place. And you will stay there until it is time for you to be relaxed and to be able to manifest and exist in that new higher dimension. This is a wondrous time for changes in love.

It is a wondrous time to leave through, and leave behind, those concepts of disease, concepts of anger, concepts of anything that takes you away from that who you truly are, Which is a wondrous Divine Being expecting and accepting that which you are experiencing right now in right here. Remember to call yourself into the present moment. Remember to leave behind those symptoms or symptomology that you experienced, even the day before. Remember that these are wondrous times and the more quickly that you allow yourself to fully step into those shoes of the new “are” that you are. That’s a lot of “ares” I know, expecting to move into that newness of who you truly are, you will see all of these symptoms fade away and you will be able to accept the newness of your new body, your new aura, your new energy fields, your newness in all ways and that means turning away from those things which pull you back; and turning towards those things that pull you forward.

And we know that we talk so often of “be in the now” and holding the present moment, but even that is too, too little for this time. That which is yours is that promise of the future that now you have one foot into solidly and you are stepping fully and completely in over the next matter of a couple of weeks to month. It’s all part of the process, it’s all part of who you are and what you’re experiencing and it is part of the wonderful magic that is present on this Earth now. Stay focused my friends. Stay focused on the good. Stay focused on the possibilities. Stay focused on that whom you are at this moment in time, in this room and this place, one filled with Love, expectation, opportunity and even more than anything else, magick. I’m going to let you go this week our love and our blessings.  Namaste.


Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco

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