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It’s been hard to get some of my posts out.  I don’t drive myself like I used to.  In fact, my guides once said I had equestrian energy.  I was literally like the horse in George Orwell’s Animal Farm, the one who worked himself to death.  I’m learning not to do that.

Dancer LegsSometimes now, I grow tired or distracted and I rest my body and mind.  I may stop writing to do something else that I don’t have to do, but whatever is my highest delight at the moment.  Sometimes my highest delight is to work all night at something, because I’m enjoying it.

I’ve always tried not to let anybody down.  Now I have a level of detachment.  Not that I don’t care about people, but I have my life and they have their own.  We don’t need or depend on each other.  I…

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