roseramblesdotorg – AN UPDATE – This Time Period, between now and the Spring Equinox, will see the Final Dissolution of Non-compatible Energies – 2-23-15

seablueOh My Gosh! Finally…someone comes forward with an anticipated time by which the higher vibrational rates of mankind will cause a lasting and positive change for mankind with love and positive thoughts abounding, with enormous abundance for all, and the release of new technologies designed to offer clean and effortless living…and eating…for all!

If you read spiritual news, you will see many are gearing up (feeling) positive change is happening quite soon. No one knows when “the blink of an eye” will happen, but we sure can be certain of what must take place before then, and those changes are occurring NOW folks. This is why Cobra and many others are calling for human action…on the spiritual plane.

So…take a deep breath, read this article and recognise how you feel, and…



So much has happened in recent days that it has been all but impossible to process it in any coherent way. That is beginning to change and I can offer this brief update.

For over the past twenty five years I have been deeply enmeshed and involved in the creation and anchoring of the male/female balanced pattern of the new Elves. I have shared how this pattern has gradually been brought downward through the levels to the very last level where is has been established at the immortal 3D physical level in a way that includes both the pattern of the new elves and the pattern of the new humans.

Over these years there has been a massive war and struggle between various factions for dominance and control over Gaia’s future. What this message shares is that the struggle is over, the future is secure in a balanced way for all living things, for new elves and new humans. Physical manifestation of these new events has begun. A truce has been proclaimed. An accord has been struck which all sides can live with.

For me personally this comes as quite a shock as this intense period of my life has completed and the new has not yet opened in front of me. Astral activity has changed from global situations and events to local personal timeline stuff. In other words I have been retired and an entirely new cycle of activity has begun and it is much more personal and private than what I have been accustomed to. I have stepped into a new world as a new person and am in the process of bringing new people into my life as well. I have no idea how all of this will unfold, I only know that it will unfold physically according to the divine plan of my own creation, my creation and the creation of those I share this divine plan with. For all divine plans are collective plans, created by many for the good of many.

This time period between now and the spring equinox will see the final dissolution of non compatible energies, energies that are not compatible with the final version of this totally new Unity Grid pattern which includes the two patterns of the new elves and new humans. This time period also signals the final combustion and burning out of the repressed energies of the shadow and higher self aspects within the human race. This closure will open the path to healing and rebuilding of a new world based on love, a balanced and healthy love between males and females and a healthy human ego and self esteem.

It has been a wild ride! At times overwhelming! But now a new future awaits. I have already stepped through the door. See you all there!


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