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Rosalie Parker


Teleportations of enhanced advisory functions continues to engage alternative pathways

21 Feb


Teleportations of enhanced advisory functions continues to engage alternative pathways.

My first thought was that this is about communications to the Light Forces.  Teleportation, meaning instant movement, like in telekinesis / psychokinesis, which is probably possible under the right consciousness abilities, doesn’t seem right.  I am settling on the lesser known meaning of teleport, which is regional telecom networks giving access to wider networks or satellites.  So with that meaning, we have data networking along alternative pathways.

Unfortunately, I never did take that much interest in networking, or I could expound on alternatives.  But you probably wouldn’t want to hear it.  Let’s just say that advisory communications are still in place, despite efforts to break them.

But wait, I’m reminded of David Wilcock’s statement¹ about recently declassified information of the Light Forces having build a “whole nother” (Texan for “another”, but noting the hugeness of the effort) timeline and then switching us over, so that we made a lot more progress in the Transformation than it had appeared.

There’s a lot of difference between telecom networking and timeline maneuvers.  The ET technologies so far surpass ours, that maybe that latter is easier for them.

What do you think?

Fabrications of alternative pathways by shadow representatives has concluded.

Shadow reps:  Resistance Forces that Cobra speaks about.  Could be telecom.  I’m going with parallel realities.  That would mean that those realities used to fool the Cabal are ended.

Partitioning of Elementals proceeds prior to final unification.

Is this about splicing timelines / parallel realities?  Elementals, meaning basics, I think.  Of course Elementals also means elemental forces, or it could be nature spirits like sylphs or undines.

I’m still thinking parallel realities.  Some kind of splicing before the timelines are rejoined?  Some kind of energetic setup?

Ferrites of essential energetics come to surface.

Ferrites => magnetic.  The masters of energy who have fiddled with realities have done energy work to attract, to ferret out what they want to clean out.  Oh, that must be right, with the play on words!  Or at least close to being right.  Ha ha.

Precipitation of time squelches proceeds anew.

That’s funny.  Time squelch is about telecom signal to noise ratio.  And again, I think it is about some maneuver to squish up time, like David was talking about.  Fallout from that maneuver.  Meaning we have been progressing on the main timeline much faster than on the fabricated one, and the Cabal’s time is up that much sooner!

Fantasy?  We’ll see!

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One thought on “Rosalie Parker – More from GaiaPortal ~ What Does It Mean? – 2-22-15”

  1. the truest truth was entrusted to the one feared by all.
    spiritual awakening became charlatan castration
    the resulting algorhythms manifest the ultimate hex
    thrice fold to the 12th house exponent of source logos
    carried by scarab and dove
    the holy ghost will expose the qliphoth
    but be light refused by those fearing the host
    establishing the lion’s oath
    while all oppose its singularity
    as the time allotted by the harvester
    is spent raising Hell
    when atonement alone was the memo sent
    denied by most
    realized by the abraxas alone
    and plagiarized by those who refuse to reveal this answer
    orchestrating dissonance
    to be muted by my golden silence
    liars lust for my sacred fire
    and conspire against the true blue hebrew
    resurrected as a consequence
    to their dubious intentions to initiate the innocent
    under the guise of their simple yet venomous rhetoricc.

    take heed. this voice sings truth from diamond realm ashram
    for all are now witnessed from anahata spectrum
    deposing isis replaced by abbadon.
    the phoenix is the black swan
    this is the will of Sion.


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