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Igniting the Heart Space in Preparation


It is necessary to re-align at all moments of all moments. I have blogged previously about the need to remain in the heart space and the challenge this may present at varying levels. The old 3d earth created construct is also changing and shifting as all that we as a human race accepted now begins to dissolve and to re-align itself.  The dissolving of the old 3D earth created construct is often perceived as a complete disintegration of all that is available and a new construct being put in its place, this is a huge distortion for it is the construct that causes many of the perceptions that we have in this our human form.

Taught from birth to create in a certain way it may be challenging to first of all become conscious of how we try to construct and then to disengage from this behaviour.  Challenging also when the outer waking reality that was taken for granted as being “solid” and ” real” begins to shift and alter as we begin to shift and alter.  In TRUTH there are two pictures for want of a better analogy. The internal picture, this is found within our heart space, this is our inner knowing and feeling and the outer waking picture which is “populated” by the rest of the human race. Balance is found when we work to stabilise the inner in respect of what is shifting in the outer.  The human logical mind does not like this as it assumes that it is the outer waking picture that needs to be aligned with at all moments. This is what we were taught within the old 3d earth created construct and many are trying to continually shift back to this way of creating.

This is not possible for it is not TRUTH, the construct is not what is real, the construct is the result of a frequency bandwidth which was then taught to the human race as the only reality that existed.  This will continually shift and change as more and more in their human form begin to detach from running said frequencies.  There are many who are still allowing the old 3d earth created construct to teach them that this dissolving is an “event” where a huge veil will be lifted and ta da we get to see behind the magic curtain. This is simply more distortion for what is “behind” the magic curtain JUST IS. In TRUTH there is no magic curtain other than the manipulation of the human eyes.

The human eyes can be manipulated into seeing whatever the belief that is running within the human vehicle. This is why there is “evidence” for all various theories that are running at this time across the whole human race. Yes there are ETs, yes it is all a conspiracy, yes there is nothing but human life, yes there is nothing happening, yes all is happening etc. Whatever the belief that exist THERE WILL BE evidence for ALL JUST IS. What is filtered out is TRUTH for TRUTH JUST IS, just because a portion of the human race believe something does not make it a TRUTH, it just means that this is a shared belief. Just because a portion of the human race reject something does not make this TRUTH either, is simply means they are running a different belief system.

As we can see in the above example it soon becomes a melting pot of confusion and this is deliberate. This is how the construct operated, to force us to work from the human logical mind which cannot experience, it can reference experience but it CANNOT experience, we do not think “love”, we FEEL love and this is an important distinction. Many are feeling at this time they are caught in a loop, with nothing altering and this is the part of the transition process that will attempt to hold fast.  Only by FEELing the frequency changes and allowing the belief to show itself can we move into expansion. After all we did not incarnate into this life with all the answers, many are attempting to remain in situ demanding answers before making a move, this is akin to holding your breath until someone explains how the lungs work.

There is no book of answers, there is no magic formula other than the LOVE that IS and to allow it to flow freely through the heart space.  Living is an experience, it begins to slow down and to stagnate when we fall into the reference of “construct”, allowing the belief that we have to know something before we step into it.  The evolution of the human race is the IGNITING of the HEART space in TRUTH, it is the expansion of this human life by allowing the miracles that sit on the very edge of our vision to move towards us to be born through us as we open up to new possibilities and experiences.

I have blogged repeatedly about TRUST and FAITH in SELF, this is vital and many are allowing others around them to erode these traits, the only person who is in charge of your life experience is you, no one else on this planet has a better idea of who you are than you. The old 3D earth created construct sought to detach this knowing from us, teaching us to reference and to compare ourselves to those who share this planet with us. This sees many stuck in a loop of “if only” which is an illusion. Each person alive on this planet is here for a particular reason, this reason is deep within the heart space, seeded there prior to incarnation, beyond the reach of the SOUL construct as the SOUL construct only inhabits the SOULAR PLEXUS, it has NO access to the heart space in TRUTH.

To IGNITE the heart space is to take the step that you may fear the most, to open the heart and to FEEL the support that flows through said heart space as you connect fully to GOD, to SOURCE and to the part of your spirit that did not incarnate into your human vehicle.  This is the ONLY way to know TRUTH for you exist beyond your human form, you sit with GOD for he created the universe and all within said universe.

At this time many are searching for the answer to something that only GOD knows for there is never a question that arises that does not have an answer, as ALL JUST IS we do not create without a complete creation.  Just because we cannot see the other part of our creation does not mean it does not exist, it only means we are filtering out that which we have created.  For many at this time there is huge anxiety and huge frustration as they FEEL the shifts but cannot see it with their human eyes, this is due to the “time lag” that affects the human energy system, the human logical mind will default to the last reference points used unless we make a conscious decision to let thse reference points go.  A bit like looking at the stars in the night sky and assuming that they are still in place, we view them as they were due to the time lag involved in relation to light.

At this time we are asked to clear our vision, to clear the cache if you like and to view the picture in TRUTH. This is done by igniting the heart space and allowing the filters to come up for clearing.  In the old 3d earth created construct we are continually taught to reference “memories” and the “past” this keeps us in the loop of the old reference points. If you find yourself looking out on to the same “view” simply ignite the heart space and clear the lens of your vision. Then allow the expansion to FLOW into, around and within you. For ALL JUST IS and WE ARE in TRUTH.

“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”.



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