Wisdom with Wes – Why be Depressed? – 2-7-15 – ( P.S. , We Love You Wes, and Your Work for Humanity)

Snapshot_20140731_2I was bummed out for a long time yesterday (Friday the 5th) over things that have to do with the blog and the gradual decrease in views that seems to have taken place since 2012, and I let my sadness bring me pretty far down.

I had myself convinced I was doing something ‘wrong’ or I wasn’t doing enough to generate interest in the blog or the newsletter (I make my living from both of them), and I worried a lot about the future.

I was worried I wouldn’t be able to keep my family afloat if something didn’t change, and I spent the better part of the day victimizing myself and wallowing in depression.

My focus was nowhere near love, awareness or spirituality, and I let some ancient negative feelings come to the surface that I thought I’d already worked through. It took the re-realization that love is infinitely more powerful and important than abundance or recognition to get back to a centered and lively place, and once I finally realized this again, I catapulted back into love without a second thought.

I learned yesterday that if we let ourselves, we can pave over our love and replace it with stress or fear about our survival and our sustainability. It’s easy to let survival concerns replace our growing love and awareness since surviving is so important, but the results are devastating to the spirit.

Not everybody struggles with depressive thoughts or feelings, but some of us do sometimes and it can be hard to climb out of them once we’ve let them in.

I’m learning that we’ll have to be strong and go out of our way to re-reach that loving, centered, active place again if we want any degree of love, happiness or wholeness in this life, and I took something very valuable from my experiences wallowing in my self-created negativity yesterday.

I’ve learned that instead of getting upset about something (like not having enough views on the blog), we can stay positive and work even harder to achieve our short and long term goals.

This blog will eventually pick up more than it already has, and being upset over something that can’t be helped at the moment is as effective as doing nothing at all. Plus, it makes you feel worse!

Accepting the situations we find ourselves in is more helpful than getting upset about them, and with acceptance, unconditional love and sustained activeness, we’ll realize how infinite we really are. And we’ll do it without the self-created negativity that’s hindered us so much in the past.

Will you accept the situations you face and/or try to improve them with a balanced perspective?

Stay aware!

Wes Annac 🙂

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  1. Pain can be a gift ,when it presents itself it is not at all welcome.but when looking from a perspective of a far distance one can see that pain can be a gift.one that leaves no other choice but to change and looking back on it , it may have been the motivating factor that given you a truely wonderful gift


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