Removing Dark Cell – Canceling Contract – Sananda – Jesus, AA Michael – 1-28-15

Dr. Kathryn E. May


Sananda/Jesus gives step by step instructions on how to remove the Sleeper Cell which represents the ancient contract all incarnated beings signed when they came to this earth plane. The Angelic hosts and all of the Galactic are celebrating this monumental moment in world history when lightworkers around the globe demand the Sleeper Cell contract be “null and void”. ArchAngel Michael follows up with the Ho’oponopono prayer to aid in the healing process of removing the remaining dark thoughtforms which we have wired into our brains since birth and replace with Christ Consciousness of Oneness.

Q & A Segment: What is the sleeper cell, New World Order, revocable and irrevocable life contracts, Connection to God, callers share their experience with removing the sleeper cell

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