Bob Fickes – Ascension – Becoming Light Body – 1-22-15

Our Global Group Meditation produced many exciting results. As I was reading your experiences, I saw many signs of Ascension. Ascension is happening even before we are ready for it.

Enlightenment happens when our Consciousness becomes Infinite. Ascension happens when we bring the higher frequencies of Light into every cell of our body. The more we can feel the Spiritual Electricity of Light (Life Force in the form of Ki), the more our cells will adapt to that vibration and transform into Light. Where Enlightenment is happening to our Consciousness, Ascension is happening to our physical body. We are changing the physical matter of our body into Light. The final result of Ascension is to fill our physical body with so much Light that it becomes a Light Body!

Every time we meditate and bring in the Magenta Flame, the molecules of our body begin to vibrate faster and faster until they are no longer physical. Physical existence has the weight of karma to slow it down and cause us to feel pain. All pain is due to our body consciousness being limited to the narrow range of perception within the field of physical existence. The gods and angels never feel pain. The molecules of their bodies move so fast that we normally cannot see them. We can’t see them because our attention is only directed to concrete perception. We have failed to learn how to look beyond the physical and observe pure energy and Light.

The doors between the worlds (higher dimensions of existence) have opened. This means that our perception can more easily observe pure energy and waves of light. All physical matter is composed of pure energy. Matter only appears solid because we have slowed down our perception and only focus on concrete forms. With a little training we can teach our self how to look beyond the concrete form and see into the waves of energy and light that move constantly through all material existence. To put it more simply, we need to adjust our powers of observation without focusing on the concrete forms. The secret is to not focus!

Relax your attention and look into the mirror. Instead focusing on the physical body, blur your focus slightly and through the corner of your eye notice the field of energy that surrounds your body. You will see waves of energy similar to heat rising off the road on a hot summer day. Don’t try to look directly at it! It will disappear! Focus makes everything concrete! Relax your attention and you will start to see waves of light surrounding your body. The more you can learn to observe the light, the more your body perception will change.

Now close your eyes and imagine that Light is entering every cell of your body. Don’t focus on your body. Observe your body like a light bulb! When electricity moves through a light bulb, it begins to glow so brightly that the bulb disappears and only the light remains. Think of your body like a light bulb. Allow your perception to let go of noticing your body and just observe the light spreading in all directions. Practice this every day and your body will begin to feel lighter and vibrate with more electricity. This electricity is pure Life Force. Your body will become more healthy and you will live longer. Eventually you will go beyond the range of pain, disease and death. This is Ascension! It Is happening right now even though you haven’t noticed it before. Enjoy the Light!

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