Wisdom with Wes – External Hatred = Internal Hatred – 1-20-15

Snapshot_20140731_2I wanted to talk about a quote from today’s Voice Within message:

“Things will get easier when you can see that you have no more internal or external enemies to fight, and even the forces who strive to keep you down can be exposed and brought down from a purely loving perspective; the perspective of one who has no real enemies and has found pure peace and contentment within.”

Some conscious people are more than comfortable hating the elite, because they feel like it’s their duty as rebels. It makes sense to want to hate them as we expose and bring them down, but we’ll maintain the same divided condition that’s gotten us to our current point if we do.

We don’t need hatred in our society anymore, and we only need rebellion to an extent.

Rebellion’s healthy, especially in this day and age, but it can cause us to put up walls within if it’s taken too far. We’ll eventually rebel so heavily against everything we think is ‘bad’ or ‘wrong’ that we won’t have any allies on our side.

We might even rebel against the darker aspects of our consciousness we’re uncomfortable shining our light on (which was also mentioned in today’s message), and when it comes down to it, we’ll keep ourselves from any real or lasting inner peace.

It’s possible to talk about the elite without hating them, and as naïve as it might sound, we can even love them. We can show them as much love and compassion as anyone else, and any incapability to show them love says more about us than them.

Yes, they’ve done a lot of horrendous, truly dark things and we shouldn’t forget their heinous crimes, but we have no reason to let them steal our inner peace. They’ll win if we let them rob us of that, regardless of whether or not we eventually bring them down.

The game we’re playing here on earth is more spiritual than physical, and the best way to bring down the elite is to consistently embody a higher vibration. They thrive on the vibrations of fear, hatred and chaos, which is why they’ve created so much of these qualities in the world.

Even when it comes to bringing them down, let’s not let them steal our peace, love or spirituality.

They might have taken a lot from a lot of people, but they should never be allowed to take those from us. They’ll only succeed if we let them, and however hard inner peace can be to sustain, that’s exactly what we’ll want to do if we want to decrease their power and influence.

Can you show love and compassion for the evilest force who’s ever walked the earth?

Stay aware!

Wes Annac

2015, http://cultureofawareness.com


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