Owning Your Life – Ascended Master Serapis Bey – Channeler Julie Miller – 1-17-15

Serapnis Bey

Serais Bey   –   Owning Your Life

Channeler:  Julie Miller


It is your thoughts that shape the mood of your day that can last many years. If your mind is clear and lacking of impure thoughts and feelings, joy becomes your ever-permanent shadow.

We witness so many dear souls blaming others for the misfortunes they have met so far on this journey of life. Many shy away from realizing that it is their own thoughts that wears the darkened cloak of despair.

Even if you take a wrong turn and find yourself in unsavory company, it is you making the choice to go in that direction. All your actions, thoughts, feelings, words even if written, your intentions and choices are your responsibility.

Yes there are some things in life you cannot control, but you can control how you react and respond to them.

It is well determined and understood that people tend to blame everything else for their mistakes rather than taking the time to recognize the truth. And what is the truth? Since the truth varies from person to person, it is imperative that you get to know your own truth instead of worrying about what another person is doing.

The truth is your thoughts determine how well you are going to progress or how deeper your stagnation will become. Where is the joy living as a victim of your negative thoughts with no intention of ever changing?

Without change, there is no growth or development and if there is no growth or development, how can you truly say you are grateful and appreciate the journey you have experienced so far?

Hard times will come and they will go, just as your feelings. You will get negative feelings every now and then, but let them come, welcome them as the visitors that they are and let them be on their way.

It is up to you to learn how to discipline your thoughts because eventually your thoughts become actions. By becoming more disciplined with the formation of your thoughts, you gift yourself the ability to make mindful decisions that attract joy, peace and happiness into your life.

By taking the effort, even to change the smallest of negative thoughts or ways, you are bringing great improvement to your life that will reflect well in other areas of life that have a tendency to flow into your tomorrow.

Disciplining your thoughts is not difficult, you simply become more mindful of the words that are in your mind and of the mental imagery you sometimes refer to. Remember dear ones your thoughts quickly become words and actions. If your mind is always in a state of chaos, then you are prohibiting joy to purely express through you.

Every word you think holds energy. Just imagine how much more power they have when you speak them or act upon them. It is you that must choose to be in control of the negativity of your thoughts or to choose to think positively as much as possible.

There are many truly discerning individuals among you. They are able to interpret your body language even if you do not say a word. What you think often comes through in your stance, gestures and mannerisms.

Your intentions can speak without a word even spoken. It is important dear ones to use your words when needed, but to handle them carefully as they are powerful. The mere impact of words has the ability to alter thoughts, feelings and some of the natural aspects of some people.

It is vital to your own growth and development to understand what ignites your passion. Take some time to think about what words have impacted you and your life. Do you make use of positive affirmations or inspirational and motivational sayings?

They may be someone else’s words, but they do help you to grasp what you may have ignored of your own Self.

A thing about actions is that they tend to become habits. Some good habits to have are of gratitude and forgiveness…to see every experience as an opportunity to learn of yourself and of the world around you.

But some actions build on negative habits such as wearing masks to suit a certain audience for social approval, or you make fun of another person’s weakness because you are unable to look at your own.

Actions can become positive or negative habits and each one is able to be changed. We know you do not wish to live your life in a grim, sour sort of way. You are meant to live from a peace and loving state of mind and it is you that has the power to make this happen.

Do you have any habits you wish to be different, made better or to be rid of? Do you occasionally wonder how others think of you? Depending on the energy you emit from your thoughts and actions; others will draw up certain conclusions from what they observe.

When you speak, what you say and many times what you leave out makes a big impact on what your character demonstrates. Your words and actions are what builds distinctions. Is it easy for others to determine what you stand for and why? Is it easy to tell if you are mentally and emotionally mature?

Is it easier for others to pick out your faults rather than your strengths? There are many more questions that can be asked and you can think of a few more to ask yourself as long as you are willing to be truthful and honest and ready to face your truth.

If you are paying attention and are aware, you will be able to recognize when your character is constant or inconsistent. It is a well-established understanding that every dear soul has a different outlook on the world around them.

Now the world around you is a product of your thoughts, actions and habits, and some habits, actions and thoughts were obtained from conditioned behaviour that stemmed from living a certain way, entertaining a certain way of thinking, living and being. Conditioned thoughts and ways of being can be changed.

Once you are able to identify what was a conditioned habit, thought or action, you can begin preparing to bring in positive changes that will provide you with a different, new outlook on life. Life is not meant to be seen just from a black and white perception when the world is made of colour.

If you wonder why life is what it is for you, take an inward look, explore the roots of your thoughts and ways and discover the absolute fact that you can break free from negative thoughts, actions and habits and ways you adopted from living a conditioned life. Make changes dear ones.

Take responsibility for your all your actions, all your words, and all your choices; for they are yours and no one else’s. It is hard work that requires you to become a bit more disciplined and committed to change but it is vital for your personal development and growth as well as for improving your general well-being for life.

This is your life. You may share your life with others, and they may influence you, but when you make a decision, it is your decision, not theirs.

Don’t blame others when things go wrong or you make a mistake. Own up to your error, learn where the problem is and move on wiser from the experience. Own your life, live it day by day with love and passion in your heart of all life that includes yourself.

And so it is…

I AM Ascended Master, Serapis Bey through Julie Miller

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